Antiquated Training and Trainers

Not all training classes are equal, and neither are all trainers.  Recently, my sister-in-law took a concealed carry training class to get certified so she could get her carry permit here in California-stan.  Initially, she took a beginners class just for women with my wife, mother, mother-in-law and several friends.  They all had a good […]

All Russian firearms imports on hold

I’ve confirmed with multiple sources that all Russian imports related to firearms are on hold. All form 6′s (import licenses) are suspended until further clarification can be obtained by ATF as to what is and isn’t affected by sanctions. This includes parts kits, military surplus firearms, Molot VEPR’s and of course Saiga firearms. At this […]

Obama bans Russian AKs

You have likely heard the news that the Obama Administration has taken the step of imposing sanctions via Executive Order on all Kalashnikov Concern products. This means anything built by Izhmash or any company that has financial ties to Kalashnikov Concern will be impacted by these sanctions. Izhmash is the manufacturer of Saiga brand firearms and […]

Considering a Law Enforcement Career?

When I started writing here at TBS just over a year ago, I started my related Facebook page so that I could interact with readers.  Via that Facebook page, I have received a number of messages from folks considering a career in law enforcement, asking me questions about the career choice.  I mentioned the thought […]

MSM Propaganda Machine Churning Out Garbage

Ermahgerd!!!   Oh, the humanity…  For the children!  Not one more! and so on… (For people, like my wife who is currently staring at me like I’m an alien, who aren’t familiar with “ermahgerd”, read up and watch the video) There is just nothing quite as amusing, at least to people who know the slightest bit about […]