480 Blacks Killed in Chicago since Martin shooting

You know things are out of whack when I read a Daily KOS article and actually agree with it. The Daily KOS is a well known far left blog that rarely offers commentary rooted in reality. However, on June 6th they posted an article that actually made sense for once and didn’t serve a far left agenda. I’m sure it was a mistake, but it was a welcomed one.

The entire nation is up in arms about the Tayvon Martin / George Zimmerman case yet no one is talking about the 480+ Black people killed this year in Chicago since the Martin shooting. The only reason we’re even talking about the Martin/Zimmerman case is because the media and Obama’s Administration saw an opportunity to politicize the story, make it about race, and use it to push their political agenda forward.  What’s their agenda you may ask? It should be obvious; they want Americans disarmed.

The media isn’t reporting on the continued whole sale slaughter of Blacks in Chicago because it doesn’t serve their agenda, as a matter of fact it cripples it. Chicago is managed by an anti-gun government headed by none other than President Obama’s former White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel. Rahm is a far left leaning gun grabbing loon, just like his former boss, and the main stream media will do nothing to cast him in a bad light. That’s why they’re keeping the focus on the Zimmerman case and ignoring the real tragedy, the slaughter of Black Americans in Chicago who are disarmed and unable to defend themselves. Meanwhile, across the country violent crime continues to plummet because Americans are able to own guns and fight back against the thugs.

Unfortunately it’s not just about banning guns, it’s also about keeping us victims and preventing us from defending ourselves. They want us dependent on the state for everything from work, food, healthcare to personal protection. Through dependency they can control every facet of our lives.

Using the Zimmerman case as justification, Obama, Holder and McCain now want to roll back the nations “Stand Your Ground” laws under the false pretense that rolling these laws back will save Blacks from being victims of violent crime. The only fly in the ointment is that the Florida “Stand Your Ground” law overwhelmingly benefits Blacks who have used deadly force to save their own lives. As I’ve said before, these politicians have no interest in saving lives. All they care about is banning guns. Even worse, they continue to push this agenda forward through race baiting, bigotry, lies and through their unholy alliance with the main stream media who is all to eager to lend a helping hand.

When will America wake up and see that we’re being lied to? When are we going to hold our leaders accountable their actions? How many more Americans must die before we take a stand against the establishment, force positive change and get away from the race baiting, bigotry and lies of current politics?

It’s time we stop talking about Zimmerman and start talking about the culture of violence in anti-gun strongholds like Chicago, New York City and Washington DC. We need to start talking about giving the citizens of these historically anti-gun cities their rights back (and their guns) so they too can enjoy the plummeting violent crime rates we see everywhere else in the nation.


MAC is an avid shooter, former MCSF Marine, NRA member, Oath Keeper and is commissioned as a Colonel by the Governor of Kentucky. Known for his videos on the Military Arms Channel, he also writes for The Bang Switch, for Shotgun News (Be Ready!) and freelances for Guns & Ammo. MAC has been a life long shooter who has an interest in all things that go "bang" but gravitates towards military type firearms.

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  • http://musingsofamiddleagedmadman.blogspot.com Jason Partridge

    Well stated… I know the country is going to hell in a hand-basket when you are asking these questions! I fear we are in for a very tumultuous next few years. Stock up on Ammo, food and water now, for we all may need to use it soon!

  • http://www.orange-road.com/blog/ Ken Hagler

    Also, if Obama is really so concerned about racial profiling and filing civil rights charges, then he’d be filling them against Ray Kelly for “stop and frisk” rather than calling him “very well qualified for the job” of KGB (excuse me, “Department of Homeland Security” in English) head.

  • Matt

    Amen Brother!

  • Logic Prevails

    It is not just lefties vs gun. It is politics vs citizens. If Romney had been elected it would be a different segment of Americans that would be under attack. If Ron Paul had been elected a different segment still. There are no honest men in politics because honest men do not rise to the top in our system. Just like in our community law abiding people abide by the laws which gives a distinct advantage to the corrupted that do not.

  • https://www.facebook.com/rVLn.4 Michael Wilson

    i totally agree. i believe that these territories need to occupied. only together can we do this. we have to unite under one banner, lets make it the american flag. and lets call ourselves americans. we need to be nice and ask tat teh bs stop, give a time period of 24-48 hours and if change doesnt happen, we stop asking and start the ugly task of removing people from power and declare freedom law! which means you have all your rights restored to you in accordance to the constitution, effective immediatley. im fracking serious, why can we not do this? is it time? now it is!!!!

  • Alex

    Spot on.

  • Wanderer

    When confronted about the situation in Chicago most of the pro-gun control types will simply hand-wave it by blaming Indiana’s “lax gun laws”, which is interesting since despite said laws Indiana’s homicide rate is noticeably lower than Illinois’ as per recent figures. Was there ever a study done to prove their claim that the majority of criminals’ guns in Chicago come from Indiana?

    • 33AD

      Statistics/study not required. Mainstream media will suffice.

  • Snake

    One day we(society) are going to look back and say why didn’t we see it coming, how come no one told us, why didn’t we do anything about it? It will be too late, it will happen and the oblivious will be shocked and stand in line to be RF chipped.

  • http://gravatar.com/mbaird42 mbaird42

    I’ll tell you why they’re not paying attention to gang wars: it’s because the guns being used there are illegally possessed. They can’t use it as an excuse for gun control because it shows the failure of gun control. Here they have a chance to use a lawfully owned and carried firearm to show how CCWs and Stand Your Ground creates vigilantes and turns those states into the Wild West. It’s sad really. And the media doesn’t help, only reporting on the stories that help push their agenda.

  • Gee William
  • Josh B

    For anything to really change, the way we put these people in power needs to change. I am really starting to like the idea of turning the government into a jury duty system type thing. That way, instead of having a bunch of people the lie and take money from people to lie to to get elected and re-elected simply because they have a power complex and want to control others, we have a bunch of people that don’t want to be there at all. Then they will hopefully be able to keep their heads out of their asses and do what is best for the country, not their wallets. Also get rid of the 2 party system. When people can’t automatically be lumped into a certain group, they would have to do at least a tiny bit of research into the issues. But we know that none of this will ever happen.

  • Steve S

    I wrote the White House last week in response to the Fed’s Trayvon verdict…..and essentially told the President to keep quiet about it and let the courts do their job.

  • Douglas

    One website indicates FBI statistics for 2011 were 12,664 homicides nationwide. 6,329 of the victims were black. Blacks comprise 13% of the population but are represented by 50% of the homicides. Something is wrong in America.

    • Rational Skeptic

      Nothing’s wrong, it’s rolling the way we got it started: on the backs and necks of black and brown people. America has ALWAYS tried to kill more non-whites than whites, so as far as I can see we’ve just gotten really good at it. Is it wrong to get better at something you’re constantly practicing?

  • Rational Skeptic

    …And unlike George Z, the people who did the killing will go to prison. See, white men can kill black men (it’s how this country got rolling!), and black men can kill black men… We just can’t allow blacks to kill whites: that’s grounds for a murder conviction!

  • Jonathan

    That really is the truth. I can’t name a national news organization that actually reports the cases and facts without trying to appease the current regime.

    As far as the nation becoming the Wild West goes; I cannot think of more than a handful of cases where someone with a CCW and a legal gun were involved in a shooting. Much less in a vigilante style, Death Wishesque killing. What the left will never understand is that the laws, no matter how strict, will never hold sway over the lawless; they will only ever hurt the lawful citizen.