5 Minute Tavor Trigger Job

One of the most common complaints I hear about the new Tavor rifle is the rather heavy trigger pull it has. While I agree the trigger pull is heavy, I haven’t found it to be any heavier than triggers found on rifles such as the FAL or HK91 and yet these rifles have diehard followers who would shout “BLASPHEMY” if you dared to criticize any part of the rifle. But the Tavor is the new guy on the block and as such must earn its stripes by accepting the nit-picking it’s destine to receive. Couple this with the fact Americans have been spoiled by the AR15 and think every combat rifle should have a 6lbs trigger, when most of the worlds military rifles have something more like 8-10lbs triggers, and you have a recipe for a flame fest aimed directly at the little Israeli upstart.

Fret not, I’m here to inform you that the Tavor can be quickly and easily modified to have a 7lbs or less trigger. Even better, you don’t have to add any aftermarket parts. All that’s required is that you remove an extra spring in the trigger pack that’s there to improve reliability in adverse conditions and the trigger pull will drop by 4-5lbs. The function of the rifle will be unchanged as the spring you remove is redundant and isn’t required for normal range use.  I would not do this modification on a rifle that is intended for defensive purposes.  At worst the trigger won’t reset if water, mud, sand or debris from normal shooting get into the trigger bar channel.  If a trigger reset failure occurs, simply push the trigger forward with your shooting finger.

I know, you’re saying “impossible” right now. You want to see it with your own eyes… Ok, wish granted. Click play and enjoy!

Note: I’ve confirmed with IWI this will not harm your rifle and it is a redundant spring added at the request of the IDF for adverse conditions.  This modification also technically voids your warranty.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dizuRNL0HIs]


MAC is an avid shooter, former MCSF Marine, NRA member, Oath Keeper and is commissioned as a Colonel by the Governor of Kentucky. Known for his videos on the Military Arms Channel, he also writes for The Bang Switch, for Shotgun News (Be Ready!) and freelances for Guns & Ammo. MAC has been a life long shooter who has an interest in all things that go "bang" but gravitates towards military type firearms.

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  • legersois

    Thanks a lot for this ! It will influence a future purchase.

  • Ross

    Outstanding, will be doing this with my FDE Tavor when it arrives.

  • Matt

    Hey, is that an EOTech I see?

  • Mike Oliver

    “That is nice!” I found myself laughing at your reaction to removing the trigger. Excellent piece. I don’t even have a Tavor yet, and can’t wait to try it out. You are definitely right in seeing if there is a negative effect to removing the spring. Would be interesting to see over a longer period what, if any, effect there is on the function of the rifle. Great job, and love the Blog!

  • Lane

    Great video! I just picked up a Tavor and this exciting news. I am very hesitant to make any permanent modifications to my firearms, so I really appreciate this tip with the step-by-step instructions. Thanks!

  • Mike

    Definitely going to do this when I pick up my Tavor. I’ve heard modifications like this void the warranty on an FS2000. Will IWI maintain the warranty after this spring is removed?

    • MAC

      IWI has told me that doing this technically voids the warranty however at this time they are being flexible. It likely depends on how many people call up to ask for a free spring they’ve lost vs. manning up and buying a replacement.

      • Mike

        Makes sense. I’ve only ever had to send in one rifle in for warranty work. My ACR needed to go in twice for Bushmaster to fix stuff. That said, I’ll still go ahead and do the mod on the Tavor.

      • Ross


        Can one just detach the spring from the sear and leave it in the hammer housing without removing the roll pin and spring? or could this cause the hammer to bind up?


        • MAC

          You can, but it does dangle precariously close to the other trigger components. I wouldn’t leave it in there dangling and fire it. The possibility exists it could damage the spring.

          • Ross

            Copy, thanks Mate.

  • Big E

    Thanks a lot- this video is gonna cost me $2000! Ok, not really, I was already gonna buy a Tavor- but now I feel even better about it.

  • Mike

    Part of me still wants to believe it was put in there for a reason… If this is going to be my go-to gun… do I want to sacrifice potential reliability for a lighter trigger? The tavor I shot had a good trigger, good enough to influence me to order one when I got back from the range (still waiting).

  • Meiden

    How about changing it to a less stiff spring?…

    could retain some reliability but the trigger would be around 9/10?

    • MAC

      I would think someone could order a bunch of custom springs that are a couple pounds lighter ands sell them online. It would reduce the trigger pull a bit and reduce the likelihood of a reset failure.

      • Bill

        If it wasn’t for the liability I’d do it myself but.. someone would likely have an unrelated malfunction or get their warranty canceled by IWI and start screaming and suing. Shame but true. Whiner nation.
        Great call on the mod though. However , why knock out the roll pin ? They’re hard to put back and it’s not in the way so..any particular reason to remove it ?

  • Adam


    Maybe I missed it but can you please explain your relationship with IWI for us in a YouTube post?

    I’m sure a Tavor is a great weapon.

    But, it seems like perhaps there is some skin in the game for you. Which is fine. Nothing wrong with finding a product you like and getting involved with it beyond an honest review. But, am I amiss for thinking there is something more than that or did I just fall behind a post?

    Everyone has sponsors and everyone deserves to be paid for their services. I just want to know where the ‘love’ is coming from.

    At least I know Earnhardt is pushing Chevy, Mountain Dew and the National Guard because he is getting money from them.

    Can you please explain your relationship with IWI for us? So, that we can better understand whether it is a sponsorship/advertiser relationship or you spending your own $$ to go half way across the planet to play with guns you like.

    Good Luck

    • MAC

      I am not sponsored by IWI or any other gun maker. I don’t get paid for my YouTube reviews or my blog posts by anyone other than Google/Adsense.

      While its a fair question, one I’ve been asked many times and have answered, I always find it curious why some think my interest in a particular firearm has to be fueled by a sponsorship. I’m flattered some of you think my channel is that big or that I’m that influential in the industry, but I’m not.

      Do you really think companies like IWI, Glock (which I love), Arsenal (love their AKs) or any other big manufacturer of weapons would pay a YouTuber to hock their products? I don’t know any YouTube channels that are paid by a gun manufacturer to sell their products… and there are some far larger channels than mine such as Hickok45.

      Do you think Glock pays Hickok45 to wear Glock hats and talk favorably about Glocks too? I know for a fact they don’t.

      IWI hasn’t offered to pay me to support them, nor has any other firearm manufacturer. IWI hasn’t written me a single check, but Google has. The irony there is that Google is anti gun. :)

  • Adam

    Well, maybe you should ask for the money then.

    The difference that I see between MAC and Hickok45 is Hickok45 does not peddle specific products in the same manner. You hawk products (which you mention by name) on your channel and that is very different from Hickok45. Hickok45 will mention “NCSilencer”, etc. while not selling their product per se.

    There is nothing wrong with making some money through influence.

    Glock doesn’t need people like Hickok45 to sell their wears. They (Glock) use far more insidious tactics to sell their guns to the American taxpayer which then gives Glock the ability to sell to the American civilian based on the caché Glock bought through the local police department. Having witnessed Glock’s salesmen attempting to get contracts with my county I’m sure they are more slimey that a wet frog.

    Make money. Take the $$$. There is nothing wrong with making your efforts and the information you provide pay a wage.

    It just appears as though your enthusiasm for a product is greater than just a guy that “likes guns”.

    If your motives are as true as you claim good for you. But if you are turning down money like you also claim then I question your motives just the same. Especially since we know there is no free lunch. It costs money every time you pull the trigger. If you are willing to dump your time and personal money in to videos great. Then hide the Tula Ammo labels over stacking them in a photogenic pyramid. State your motivations for going to Isreal. And only speak of things in a generic/general form.

    Good Luck

    • MAC

      It’s hard to turn down money that’s never offered. Again, what makes you think manufacturers are paying YouTube channels?

      I don’t shoot Tula, I shoot Wolf most of the time.

      Hickok mentions every single product by name. He gives full details, usually 20-30 minutes worth, and covers everything from the name, make, model, caliber, weight, materials used in construction, etc. If I mention “NCSilencer”, I’m “hawking it”. If Hickok mentions it, he’s not “hawking it, per se”. Interesting.

      It’s apparent you’re only here to fling baseless accusations and to cause trouble. What I thought was an honest question now appears to be nothing more than agenda driven trolling.

      Good luck to you too.

      • Brian

        Sounds like a SLIMY little troller to me too. Keep up the great work MAC!

  • Matt

    Wait, you mean I am not going to get rich, retire early and get free guns and ammo for the rest of my life? That’s it, I’m out of here…


  • http://yonitheblogger.wordpress.com yonitidi

    How is the Tavor holding up minus the spring?

    • MAC

      It’s still working without issue. I was shooting it yesterday over the holiday.

      • Mike

        Mine is holding up well. I can definitely feel the difference. MAC, have you noticed the trigger has a “rougher” feel to it after the spring is gone? I’ve yet to run into any functional issues, just something I noticed.

  • Mark Roberts


    Going to pick up my TSB18 tomorrow.

    Do you know the best channel to get a left hand bolt?

    I guess I should ask if you think the left hand bolt is is nessasary…I am a lefty and my wife (an avid shooter) is a righty…so in want to find a happy medium so we both can employ the weapon.

    Just looking for your opinion on at if you don’t mind.

    Semper Fi

    • http://www.military-arms.com MAC

      I’m not sure where to get a bolt to be honest… I’ve never picked one up!

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  • Cary

    Thanks a ton, that video was the answer to my Tavor prayers. Is it ok to post a link to this on my own gun blog page? Thanks again and Semper fi.

  • Ragsdale0509

    If MAC’s “5 minute trigger job” video for the Tavor isn’t good enough for you, here’s good news: Geissele is developing a trigger!

    Here is the email reply from Stan Fanelli:

    We have a trigger in development for the tavor rifle.

    Thank You

    Stan Fanelli
    Assistant Assembly Shop Manager
    Geissele Automatics
    1920 W. Marshall St
    Jeffersonville PA 19403
    Phone 610-272 2060
    Fax 610-272-2069

  • mitchell

    Hey MAC, in case this hasn’t already been discussed.

    In the TAVOR Armorer’s Manual (available online), that extension spring and roll pin that you removed in your “5 minute trigger job” are not even present in the photos of the hammer mechanism assembly. There is no hole for the roll pin and no cutout for the spring. I suspect that this spring wasn’t added to increase reliability, but simply to increase the trigger pull for guns that would be sold in the USA.

    Just speculation. Thanks

  • Tony

    How is shooting without the reset spring holding up Mac I saw another you tube person said his trigger doesent reset 3 times out of 100 rounds but he just pushes the trigger forward. Have you experienced this after shooting all these months.

    • http://www.military-arms.com MAC

      So far I’ve had no issues with reset, not a single failure thus far… knock on wood.

  • Mark

    Can you put the spring back in if need be? Thanks

    • http://www.military-arms.com MAC


      • Attilio Cavallino

        You mentioned that you were considering on having the tavor your goto rifle over the ar15. What is your feelings on that now.

  • Mike

    Mac, Thanks so much for the 5 minute trigger video…I am sitting at the computer with my new Tavor in my lap. Can’t wait to pull out that spring. I love the bullpups, but have always disliked the Plastic on Plastic creepy triggers on my AUG and FS2000. The FS2000 can be improved by adding a NEUtrigger conversion…works great.

  • https://www.facebook.com/tylercochiloko.carlson Tyler Cochiloko Carlson

    MAC, excellent video..thank you!! Don’t pay any attention to the trolls. Fact of the matter is, there isn’t a lot of information on the Tavor as a platform out there.

    Think about it– a quick google search and you can find more information about the AR-15 platform than anyone could read in a lifetime. We don’t have all that data for the Tavor yet, and it’s an awesome platform with a LOT of potential for future systems based on it (X95 & Meron rifles). Might as well start doing our homework.

    All that to say, MAC– I think you are doing an awesome job of reviewing newer weapons on the market…you do very fair reviews and yes, your videos are mostly about new items on the market I thank you for that– I thank you for not re-hashing old debates and designs that we’ve all heard about a thousand times…keep up the good work!!!

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  • jim c.

    call IWI. get a RA#, tell them you want a left handed bolt. $109.00+shipping. they will covert the whole gun over , plus check the head spacing.

  • Luis

    Ok just checking a total of six months and lots of rounds (how many aprox if you don’t mind?) with no problems ?

    • Military Arms Channel

      I have a little over 1k rounds through the gun with no issues so far. I take the rifle with me to all sorts of events, like the IV8888 event earlier this year, and let folks shoot it. No problems. Fortunately Timney is releasing a trigger upgrade for the rifle at SHOT Show which I hope to get my hands on. That should be a solid solution for those looking to find a more permanent solution to improving their triggers.

  • Jimmy Drew

    Mac, thanks for your honest responses… I own a Tavor IDF and broke it down for the first time. I’ve searched the net but can’t find any information on how remove the Meprolite and put something else on or add a rail. I love my M4A1 but really enjoy the IDF model too of the Tavor. Any help would be appreciated. I will put on the ejector cover though when they get some in. ;-) I’m a lefty and sent my IDF to IWI.. they did an excellent job… and got it back in 3 weeks and not a scratch. With the right hand bolt and the barrel wrench. Thanks for your great work…

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