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Only a few days ago James Yeager posted his video claiming 7N6 was banned from import, however he provided no evidence to support his claim. People wanted proof, I wanted proof, so I started digging. What I found was an email sent by the BATF to an importer who was trying to gain some insight as to why their Form 6 for a 5.45×39 shipment from Russia hadn’t been approved. In that letter the BATF said a handgun had been manufactured in 5.45×39 and no further imports would be allowed unless it was for a government buyer. I shared that information here on TBS and you guys spread the word to every digital corner of the World Wide Web.

Matt Salmon ATF Letter

This is a copy of the letter sent to the BATF by Congressman Matt Salmon. We must urge other Representatives to make similar inquiries into the BATF’s action.

We had caught the ATF midstream trying to make a regulation change thus banning 7N6 surplus from ever reaching US shores again. This gave us an unprecedented opportunity to stop the ATF dead in its tracks.

Many of you knew what to do with this information and started calling your representatives demanding action. Others were distracted by forum posts that falsely claimed the whole story was fabricated by distributors trying to drive up prices on surplus ammo for profit.

Enough of you raised your voices that Congressman Matt Salmon from Arizona sent a letter to the BATF demanding they explain themselves. This is an outstanding accomplishment given this news broke only two days ago, however we’re going to need to do a lot more to win this fight.

Now is the time to make your voices heard. We CAN stop this ban from becoming permanent but it will take everyone reading this to do their part. Here’s the battle plan.

Get people talking about this and let them know we can stop this from happening. Make posts on forums, Tweet this blog post, post it to your Facebook and G+ walls, get the word out!

Find your representatives and contact them by following this link:  http://www.usa.gov/Contact/Elected.shtml

I suggest you send them the following email, or one similar to it:

Dear <Representatives Name>,

I have recently learned the BATF has halted the importation of Russian made surplus ammunition known as “7N6″ or 5.45×39. This ammunition has been legally imported for years and is popular with American sportsmen and shooters because it is a cost effective alternative to more expensive commercial offerings.

I ask that your office contact the BATF and demand an explanation as to why they have stopped allowing the import of “7N6″ 5.45×39 ammunition and urge them to revisit their decision.

Thank you for your continued support of the Constitution and our 2nd Amendment rights.


<Your Name>

I also urge you to contact the NRA, GOA, SAF, NAGR and other gun rights organizations and demand they get involved. A couple have already said they aren’t interested in joining the fight to save 7N6 and it’s up to us to convince them otherwise.

We stopped Dianne Feinstein and her cronies from passing a second “Assault Weapons Ban” after Sandy Hook, and many thought its passage was inevitable. We can stop the BATF from banning future imports of 7N6, all we have to do is take action. Let’s get it done.


MAC is an avid shooter, former MCSF Marine, NRA member, Oath Keeper and is commissioned as a Colonel by the Governor of Kentucky. Known for his videos on the Military Arms Channel, he also writes for The Bang Switch, for Shotgun News (Be Ready!) and freelances for Guns & Ammo. MAC has been a life long shooter who has an interest in all things that go "bang" but gravitates towards military type firearms.

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  • Ronin

    Thanks for looking out for Gun Owners best interest and providing a way to voice opinions to those who matter, not just gripe about it on forums. Messages sent!

    • Military Arms Channel

      Thank you for standing up and fighting for our rights. Too many people will sit by and accept whatever happens. We must not. We can not.

      • stat Eng

        I have one of the wackiest senators but huge 2a. Jim inhofe. He has been emailed along with my other senator and congressman.

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  • fixer

    Way to Go Mr. Salmon. My former rep in AZ.

    • Yossarian


  • Brian Steele

    I would like to know which gun rights organizations said they were not interested. I will not support a rights organization that does not defend our rights!

    • Military Arms Channel

      I may bust out those organizations in the future, if they don’t listen to us and take up the fight. I guess they will bust themselves out if they continue to sit on their hands.

      • Undefined

        In the future?

        They need to pick a side NOW, not at some point down the road.

        • Military Arms Channel

          No, my point is that now isn’t the time to attack these groups. Now is the time to convince them to join in the fight. If they don’t stand with us, then the ridicule will be heaped on them. However, it’s up to us, their members, to tell them we need them to take action.

          • Corbin

            What are they good for (other than taking our $30 yr) if they are not constantly working towards protecting our 2nd amendment rights? Typical corporate bs. I swear the NRA spends more time and money sending me mailers to get me to increase my contributions than what my membership costs each year. Maybe they should spend that money on members of congress like big oil and the military industrial complex does, then we will see results.

      • JB

        They’re not interested because it doesn’t profit any of the corporations that they truly represent. For some of them, it’s not We the People.

      • Chad Hendricks

        I respectfully disagree. You should out those “gun rights” organizations NOW to light the fire under their asses. Enough negative comments and reactions should spur them to pulling their heads out of their asses. It worked with Guns & Ammo magazine, it worked with Recoil magazine, it will work with them.

        • Military Arms Channel

          My strategy is already working. One of them has already done an about face. It’s not just my responsibility to do things, it’s yours as well. Who will light a fire faster? One guy and a blog or thousands of members demanding action?

          • Misirloupowerslide

            I agree with MAC , right now we need to give them a chance to stand with us … the more the better , if all is said and done and they stood their ground against us THEN we bring down the hammer. but right now we must stand united no matter what first impulses were

    • Cuba Pudding Jr.

      I’m going to assume the NRA was one of them. They haven’t given support to imported arms in the past, especially Warsaw Pact-type weapons and ammunition. They surely didn’t give a rat’s ass when surplus 7.62×39 was banned.

      • Deutscherw1969
        • Eestcoast45

          A” Clinton” you mean a “Bush”

          • Military Arms Channel

            Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush and now Obama… all of them screwed gun owners in one way or the other. This isn’t a Republican or Democrat issue. This is a people vs. an overbearing out of control government issue.

          • Sam Spade

            Both are douche bags. However the Clintonistas are bigger douche bags.

      • http://www.mistymanormercers.com Eric Vought

        “I’m going to assume the NRA was one of them. They haven’t given support to imported arms in the past…”

        To the extent that some of the NRA higher-ups are connected with the arms industry, they may feel it is not in their interest to fight for access to *surplus* arms and ammunition. That is something where we will have to watch them carefully and keep up pressure.

        • Deutscherw1969

          So NRA’s opposition to the Feinstein’s proposal to ban firearms on the basis of “sporting purpose” or ammunition by the same is really just a ruse to confuse us?

          • http://www.mistymanormercers.com Eric Vought

            “So NRA’s opposition to the Feinstein’s proposal to ban firearms on the basis of ‘sporting purpose’ or ammunition by the same is really just a ruse to confuse us?”

            Nope, just suggesting that their might be other interests involved.

          • Sam Spade

            The NRA sided with Bob Dole during the “armor piercing legislation.” They have done a better job this time around, but face it, they also backed the compromise that turned the FOPA from being an excellent law into a P.O.S.

      • Military Arms Channel

        I don’t want to bust chops at such a critical time, I want to give them the opportunity to do the right thing — the thing we pay our dues for them to do.

    • Bob

      Probably because they don’t make any money or a cut of the profit from imported surplus ammo .

  • Robert Beezer

    Make sure you send it to Congressman Darrell Issa too, he’s been dogging the ATF’s ass for a while now.

  • JTW

    My Representative is Dianne [Fiend]stein… :/

  • Joe Public

    the biggest mistake any real american citizen can make is to believe that YOU can’t do anything about it…especially when it comes to government or agencies authorized by the government.

    • Joshua Itkin

      agreed sir. we can do something. just takes a lot of little pushes from the people to topple the wall.

  • daskro

    Not to be pedantic, but is all 7N6 ammunition “Russian Made” ammunition? I was under the impression that much of the 7N6 ammunition actually comes from the Ukraine given that factory 270 is in Lugansk. It may be a political dead end to rally for “Russian Made” ammunition in leui of the recent international crisis with Crimea. It may be more conducive to rally for “Ukrainian” ammunition.

    • Military Arms Channel

      Much of it could be Ukrainian sourced. I guess a big chunk of Ukraine just rejoined Russia… so I guess we’ll have to wait and see how that plays out before we get into splitting those hairs. :)

  • Bryan

    I just sent one to both KY senators.

    • Military Arms Channel

      Thank you.

  • Joshua Itkin

    messages on the way. keep up the good work MAC. everyone appreciates it.

    • Military Arms Channel

      Thanks, brother.

  • stat Eng
    • matt RRC

      Thats from 2012…..

      • stat Eng

        I know. The nra I saying this has been in the works since then. Just the response they gave me.

  • Lance

    isn’t just about 7n6. It’s about the bigger picture. Take this to
    court. Lift the ban on 7.62×39 steel core. ATF should fear a court
    battle. They are clearly exceeding their statutory authority. An honest
    judge would agree.

    • n0truscotsman


      I challenged the ban on BOTH calibers with my elected representatives. We might as well kill two birds with one stone and wipe off the last stains from the 94 AWB era.

    • SaVZ58

      I suggest we remember to preface our correspondence with, “This is not about banning any one caliber or even about armor piercing ammo. It’s about the President’s promise to act if Congress won’t . We must fight.” Or something like that.

  • Paul O.

    Rep contacted.

    • Military Arms Channel

      Good to go, thanks.

  • SLF F

    E-mails sent, Thanks for all you do MAC.

    • Military Arms Channel

      Thank you!

  • Bob Owens

    It has been brought up in the House Oversight Committee today, during the ATF Storefront testimony with ATF Director Jones.

    He did not have an answer… of course.

    • Undefined

      Who brought it up?? Is there a transcript available?

      • Bob Owens

        I’m listening to the audio, and didn’t catch a name. I expect both video and audio will be available.

  • Alejandro Martinez

    Messages sent!

    • Military Arms Channel


  • David Cribbs


    • Military Arms Channel


  • Ben Griffith


    • Military Arms Channel


  • gaston_kalash

    Just sent one to Rand Paul

    • Military Arms Channel

      Lucky you. :) Thanks.

      • John Angelini

        Casey, Robert P., Jr. – (D – PA)
        Toomey, Patrick J. – (R – PA)

        are now informed…

  • 4x4moses

    Both Senators and Representative have been contacted.

    • Military Arms Channel


  • Tyler Hart

    Thank you for rallying the troops and serving as our “town crier” of the firearms community MAC. I have contacted Senators McConnell and Paul representing the Commonwealth of Kentucky. It’s time to use our own tactics to combat these draconian and unethical bureaucratic decisions. This may have happened in 1994 with the Chinese Steel Core Ammunition ban, but we have communication, community, and manpower on our side now.

    • Military Arms Channel

      Thank you. I want to do everything I can to get our community focused and fighting in an organized effective manner. I thank each and every one of you who take the time to write the emails, make the phone calls and fight the fight. Together we are legion.

  • Joshua

    I’ve contacted the my state Governors office, as well as the offices of our two Senators

    • Military Arms Channel

      The more the merrier, and thank you.

  • RobertSnyder808 .

    I just sent emails to every republican representative in my state that would allow an email sent to them

    • Military Arms Channel

      Outstanding, thank you.

  • Greg_Mid_TN

    E-mails sent!

    While I do not own a fireman that uses that ammunition, I feel it is important for us all to come together to fight these bureaucrats. Else they will pick each of us off separately.

    • Military Arms Channel

      Big thank you. Hopefully one day you will know the joy of owning firearms. Even if you choose not to, thank you for standing for our rights.

  • Andrew Wiggen

    Just sent letters to my Congressmen and Representative. Not sure it will do any good since GOA grades them all F or F-.

    • Military Arms Channel

      Thank you for doing it.

  • BjornTheBrave

    Guys, being a non-US citizen and just for the sake of solidarity, would you appreciate my participation in this initiative by emailing the US ambassador overhere? Or would you consider this modus operandi to be pointless?

    • ArmedNerd

      It’s never pointless and we need all the help we can get. Go for it!

  • SpazC

    Messages sent all the way down to the state level, I figured the State AG couldnt hurt!

    • Military Arms Channel

      You’re right, it can’t hurt. Thank you.

  • William Miller

    The fact that any of you even care about this just shows your ignorance. Stop asking permission for your constitutional rights. If they say no, just ignore them. Very simple. Screw gun bans, CHL’s, etc…

    • Military Arms Channel

      How do you plan on ignoring an import ban and still getting the ammo? How about you fight for your rights?

  • Erik
  • Jb

    Contacted rep and nra. I guess if the nra dose not care about this issue I should look at supporting one or more of the other groups that do care. I guess we will see.

    • Military Arms Channel

      Thank you, and yes — I would support some of the other groups. I am a NRA member, but many times they anger me with their actions, or inactions. Either way, it’s good to support other smaller groups that tend to fight the smaller fights, especially in the courts.

  • myoplex

    I’m all over it MAC! Take my mil-surp ammo…. HELL NO!!!!

    • Military Arms Channel


  • http://rumblestripradio.com rumblestrip

    DONE! Thankfully my Congressman (Dingel, though he has supported some 2A issues, is retiring) and one of our Senators, Levin, also retiring, now if we can only kick Debbie Stabenow to the curb!

    • Military Arms Channel

      Thank you!

  • Slovko

    Hey MAC, I just got an email from GOA on this issue which mentioned how you broke the story. Well done sir! I’ve contacted my representatives and hope others do the same!

    • Military Arms Channel

      Once I was sure it was real, I wanted to get our grass roots motivated to fight the ATF tooth and nail. Thanks you for standing with us and fighting the good fight.

    • SaVZ58

      The thanks belongs to commenter “Lance” (varickm on AKfiles) for consolidating all the rumors, letters, and emails, making sense of it all, and exposing it to the heavy hitters like MAC. Great job all.

      Next step: Let’s each be prepared to part with a few bucks toward the GOA and assorted promising Representatives, beyond our own state borders.

  • stat Eng

    Well guys you made an impression on GOA. I just got an email outlining what you said on this blog.

    • Military Arms Channel

      Good! I know they shared my original post about the import ban. I hope they stand with us. I’m a fan of the GOA and I hope they take up the fight.

      • stat Eng

        Me too. Thinking about joining them along with my NRA lifetime membership

  • Chris H.

    Done Tim, thanks as always!!

    • Military Arms Channel

      Thank you, brother.

  • Fredo

    Sent to my Rep (Burgess) and both Senators (Cruz & Cornyn). This is nothing more than another BATFE attempt at backdoor gun control.

    • Military Arms Channel

      Thank you, and you’re right. The ATF is serving the Obama Administration who is doing everything they can to legislate through bureaucratic fiat.

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  • Mike

    Done…Representative Jack Kingston, 1st District Georgia, just got an email from me on this. Thanks for the heads up. I’m sure I will get one of those nice form letters back from his office, but at least it puts it on their radar.

  • JB

    Senators and Congress person’s contacted.

  • Brer Rabid

    Done – I’ve sent this to all of my Texas representatives

  • Mung

    If wise beard man commands, I must obey. Letters sent.

  • Michael

    The ATF must go through the proper channels in order to make a change in their regulations of what is considered Armor Piercing ammo. This Arbitrary decision to halt the importation of 7n6 ammunition is in direct violation of their own regulations and must be “Approved” by higher authorites first. This ban directly effects monies earned through taxation within business and commerce guidelines. If they happen to get approval for whatever reason, WHICH THEY WON’T, A DATE HAS TO BE SET FOR THE BAN TO TAKE EFFECT. The ATF is in violation of import rights for denying all importation request for 7n6 ammunition, which is why you see nothing on their website about a ban or the reason for which the ban was implemented.

  • Michael

    Besides we have been importing this 7n6 ammo for over 30 + years without incident! We must challenge this so called illegal ban in congress with a vote and due process and vigilance or this shit could get really scary when they decide come after everything else! They must follow procedure on any changes to policy or they are in direct violation of the law of government of the people for the people.

  • Billdozer77

    I’ve sent two separate letters to my Congressman and both Senators. Been on the phone a few times with GOA as well as SAF (member of both). After a 15 minute conversation with SAF (who seemed to be unaware), the gentleman told me he was taking it to the General Counsel and that he would get back to me. He called me back 5 minutes later and stated that after further review, this didn’t seem like a “fight we could win”. They’ll not get my support any longer and I’ll focus my efforts with GOA. They have been made aware of this as well.

  • Devil_Doc

    District 2, Wa. Done.

  • BeGe1

    I also urge you to contact the NRA, GOA, SAF, NAGR and other gun rights organizations and demand they get involved. A couple have already said they aren’t interested in joining the fight to save 7N6

    Ummm, don’t leave us hanging on this! Which organizations have said they aren’t interested in said fight? I’ve got just as much of a bone to pick with them as I do with the ATF.

  • David Cribbs

    Well, here is where Senator Joe Donnelly (D) lives. I am not surprised. He tries to talk out of both sides of his mouth, while not supporting freedom.

    Thank you for taking the time to contact my office about Second Amendment rights. Like you, I am a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and have consistently voted to protect the rights of law-abiding gun owners. However, like responsible gun owners, I believe it is only reasonable for us to consider ways to reduce gun violence and protect public safety.

    Whether a gun owner or not, we can all agree that we can take steps to reduce violent crime without sacrificing the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens. My concern has never been with those who follow the law, but with those who do not. For this reason, I have opposed proposals to ban assault weapons and continued my longtime support for national recognition of Indiana licenses to carry.

    We, however, also know that too many individuals with criminal records or serious mental illnesses are getting guns by exploiting loopholes in the current system and, in the process, endangering the lives of others and the rights of law-abiding gun owners. In fact, history has shown that Congress often begins reexamining gun laws after someone who should not have a gun in the first place uses that weapon to commit a crime.

    To that end, I supported the Manchin-Toomey amendment to S. 649, the Safe Communities, Safe Schools Act of 2013, to improve the background check system, and to prevent terrorists, criminals, and the mentally ill from jeopardizing the rights of law-abiding citizens. This amendment would require instant background checks for sales made at gun shows or over the Internet, but would ensure that parents, friends, and neighbors could engage in private transfers just as they do now. In addition, the amendment reaffirmed current federal law that no information obtained in a background check could be used to establish a federal registry of firearms.

    As we seek answers to the problem of gun violence, I hope we can also have a serious conversation about mental health, particularly the needs of many of the men and women who serve our nation in the military, as well as veterans. It is my strong belief that we can better identify risk factors that often lead to violent behavior and even suicide.

    As Congress continues to debate proposals to responsibly improve our gun laws while also protecting the Second Amendment, I will be sure to keep your thoughts in mind.

    It is a privilege to represent you and all Hoosiers in the U.S. Senate. Your continued correspondence is welcome and helps me to better represent our state. I encourage you to write, call, or email if my office can ever be of assistance.

  • Bob

    I bought a rifle for this because it is cheaper ammo to shoot than trying to find 22’s

  • otto burgess

    done and done! press on everyone!

  • twr

    I am in the market for a 74…then I read this news and I briefly reconsidered. That is when it hit me that this is how they ban guns without banning them. Sure, the caliber will always be available, but the financial incentive is now gone, possibly crippling the market for that firearm. It is also likely an experiment gear toward banning m193 and m855 (they were designed for war, after all). Any gun group that would ignore this is foolish and should feel the shame in there extinct membership roles. I would also like to remind all of you the there is a midterm election coming up.

  • SpazC

    I’m glad I bought a crate early in March on pure impulse ( which I rarely do) I was killing time in my hotel looking at gunbot and saw .15/round and bought a case without even owning a 5.45 rifle.

    Ordered my WWak74 a week later. Got lucky I guess. Commercial is still cheaper than 5.56 and 7.62 for now, def don’t regret the decision.

  • Ron

    i just found out about this crap. I will be writing letters and making phone calls asap. I will even take a day off work if I have to. I have sent emails to all my friends informing them to take some action. If the NRA tells me they won’t touch this, then I am done with them.

  • Gavin Quantrill

    Finished reading the entire thread and just wanted to add that we need to *plaster* the NRA’s Facebook wall (follow link below). They are taking some well-deserved heat from members including myself. This was their response: “the NRA strongly disagrees” with the ATF ruling. Well a “strong disagreement” is not good enough – they need to FIGHT this effectively in court, and I think they will, if ALL of us light a fire under them, as well as our elected officials. Again, thank you MAC for bringing this important issue to our attention. https://www.facebook.com/NationalRifleAssociation?hc_location=timeline

  • gaston_kalash


    Here’s a link to the at official letter with the manufacturer of the supposed pistol made years ago.

  • JanZizka

    NRA is going to be getting an earful (given past history, I am just going to assume they are one of the “not interested” parties), emails already fired off to reps and written letters in the works (though email is okay, an actual paper letter tends to get more attention, and if your congresscritter has one of those little form contacts on his website you’d be better served to get ahold of them in another manner as those get the least attention of all). Not sure what else I can do.

    Oh, and for those who just shrug and say “I don’t have a 5.45″ or the like…fair enough. However, do not expect any sympathy when (not if, when) your turn to get hosed comes around.

  • Scar

    I doubt Sherrod Brown will do anything about it, he voted FOR the UN Arms treaty last year. But I still emailed him