Americans back government down

April 12th, 2014 should be declared a national holiday that celebrates the 2nd Amendment and liberty. Today is the day that Americans stood against government oppression and backed government thugs down that were sent to harass rancher Cliven Bundy and to confiscate 1,000 head of his privately owned cattle.

The Nevada Bureau of Land Management (BLM), and an unspecified number of state and federal law enforcement, surrounded the rancher shutting down all public roads leading to his ranch. The government went so far as to setup “1st Amendment” zones where protesters were instructed to stay. Such out of control thuggery brought hundreds of patriotic Americans to Nevada, many of whom were armed, to make a stand.

The war of words heated up when Clark County Commissioner Tom Collins warned protesters that they had “better have funeral plans.”

As more and more armed concerned citizens appeared on the scene, the government had a serious decision to make. They could either escalate the situation by mobilizing more law enforcement, or perhaps even going so far as to activate the National Guard to counter the armed protesters who were increasing in numbers with each passing day, or they could withdraw their troops.

With hundreds of armed government agents and citizens facing each other down in a situation that was degrading by the hour, the government had to know all it would take is one small spark to ignite a conflict of proportions not seen since the Civil War.

After carefully weighing their options, government forces made the right decision and ordered their agents to retreat.

“Based on information about conditions on the ground and in consultation with law enforcement, we have made a decision to conclude the cattle gather because of our serious concern about the safety of employees and members of the public,” BLM director Neil Kornze said in a statement.

As the BLM statement was read out loud, the crowd of citizens erupted into cheers. Hell, when I read the news this morning I erupted into cheers too.

This event serves to highlight precisely why we have a 2nd Amendment. What happened today is why Dianne Feinstein and her band of gun-grabbers want you disarmed. Gun control isn’t about public safety or saving the children, it’s about preventing us from standing against government oppression and defending our liberty.

If hundreds of armed Americans weren’t streaming in to stand toe to toe with government goons, you can rest assured this victory would have never been possible. Before large numbers of militia responded to the scene, groups of protesters were being roughed up by government thugs. Women were thrown to the ground and unarmed men were tazed as the government struggled to assert its control. Once armed citizens started to arrive in force, these thugs were forced to back-off and stop using their Gestapo tactics.

In the end we have set an astounding new precedent. Those that faced down the government in Nevada this past week have shown they can in fact be backed down. Americans don’t need to take it on the chin when the government grossly over steps its bounds — we can stand up to them and say “NO”.

My hat is off to those of you who moved quickly to support rancher Cliven Bundy, you guys make all freedom loving Americans proud.

Update 4/13

This video details the background information on the situation in Clark County, NV. For those that think Mr. Bundy is little more than a scofflaw who is deserving of the action taken by federal agents (BLM), you might want to watch this video in its entirety.


MAC is an avid shooter, former MCSF Marine, NRA member, Oath Keeper and is commissioned as a Colonel by the Governor of Kentucky. Known for his videos on the Military Arms Channel, he also writes for The Bang Switch, for Shotgun News (Be Ready!) and freelances for Guns & Ammo. MAC has been a life long shooter who has an interest in all things that go "bang" but gravitates towards military type firearms.

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  • Mike

    MAC, agree this “ended” favorably. For now. But with this government, this isn’t over by a long shot.

    • Military Arms Channel

      It will never be over, but what these Americans proved was that we can make a stand and we can win. This is but one victory in a war that we must wage every day for as long as we live.

      • Mike

        Yeah, agree. However, if the BLM gets back out there in another week or two, how many patriots will return to support freedom? And if they only stay for a few days before leaving again, and then they return in another few weeks? The BLM can do this indefinitely. The people cannot. Support needs to be more organized than it currently is in order to guard against supporter fatigue. If the BLM continues short-term, episodic seizures like this, support will run out quickly by causing fatigue among supporters.

        To me, the most disconcerting aspect of this entire event is that it was perpetrated by bureaucrats who have the backing of their own internal LE force. Bureaucracy: stealing freedom one little piece at a time until it’s gone.

        • MrSatyre

          LE are, to me anyway, indistinguishable from politicians. They probably start their careers with the very best of intentions (and we all know what Ben Franklin said about intentions, right?), before eventually being the very ones they swore to defend us from.

      • IAmMe

        Problem with that is, Governments will never ever truly back down, and eventually after all else has failed, the only way to make a stand is by going kinetic. Something no-one really wants to admit, but that fact remains………it is inevitable.

      • Mike

        Uh oh, MAC. Could it be? Could the feds have lied to everyone?…

        Something to continue to watch…Guess we’ll find out! The video you linked to in the update is right on the money. Fantastic.

  • Mitch

    I wouldn’t count the chickens just yet there are reports that swat teams are suiting up and standing by still

  • C.j. Singleton

    I cheered myself horse today I was on my way home when fox news announced the stand down. The militia and the protesters need to stay Cliven and his family are going to need protection for the rest of their lives if all those witnesses leave the thugs will come back and murder the whole family don’t be surprised if you see the headline “cliven bundy died last night of a heart attack” any time in the near futer. We just put a halt to a 5 billion dollar deal Harry Reid’s son had with the chicoms and several million dollars the blm would have made by selling fracking rights some string pullers are not going to be happy

    • drummbob

      My thoughts exactly. I hope we’re wrong.

  • Bozeman

    We should keep the back slapping to a minimum. The American people got a win in NV but we should learn from the confrontation. Analyze the details and see where we could have been more effective. The GOV, no doubt, will see this as a black eye.
    This WILL happen again.

    • Alvin York

      Next time they will come in bigger numbers too.

      • Disorderly

        Or through less noticeable means

        • mig1nc

          I wouldn’t be surprised if the identities of the armed citizens was known to the government that they become victims of some trumped up charges one by one and fall off the radar.

          • rwolfrn

            Don’t coward now. The time is upon us.

      • MPohio

        So will we!! Oh, we outnumber them by at least 100 to 1 ;)

        • Michael Zak

          100 to 1? id hope that ratio is much more than 100-1….

          1 million – 1

          • Emlot Googlebee

            There are more than 365 federal employees, Michael.

            • Michael Zak

              im not saying all of them is corrupted Emlot.

            • Tim Blosser

              As a government employee, I appreciate that. ;-)


        • Tom Lodato

          Right brother ! Next they’ll be saying “voting” is the way to be heard!

        • patriot

          we should all remember that numbers do not matter. 1 American can take out hundreds.

          • Donald Baker

            Small chance of success, more than likely to die. What are we waiting for?

      • n0truscotsman

        With bigger guns and more soldiers

        It happens every time.

        • rwolfrn

          What makes you think the military is on the feds side? I can tell you it isn’t. Been talking to military officers all day.

          • n0truscotsman

            soldier was a deliberate word i used for federal law enforcement or law enforcement in general because that is what they are dressed as.

      • rwolfrn

        We will have bigger numbers too Alvin. That is being arranged right now.

      • Apache County Resident

        Next time WE will come in bigger numbers too.

    • greg elmo

      The price of freedom; constant alertness, constant willingness to fight back. L Ron Hubbard

      • Apul_MadeeqAoud

        As much as that guy was a giant A-hole, you have to admire the Scientology tactics that actually harassed the IRS enough to get them to grant them official religion status. They went after individuals and made their life hell. Its a brilliant tactic and is what the government does to us. There’s no reason we can’t do it back to them if it comes to that.

    • Adam Wyatt

      Great thought! AAR the hell out of this. But, they will likely find those who stood up alone in a few months and slap them with charges. A bundle of twigs are strong but a single twig will break…

    • Donald Baker

      I heard this isn’t over but a hoax that it is.

  • Ed

    So, this may be a “victory” but i have a slight issue with the central issue, the guy had several court orders to stop grazing his cattle, and was not paying the taxes. I see that as a bit of an issue. The Gov. may not have handled the issue very well, but Bundy was not in the right any more than your government. Admittedly I’m a Canadian, so your views may differ, but personally, I don’t think either side was in the right.

    • Michael J Chand Sr.

      its his land he already pays taxes to the gov for that why should he have to pay for letting his cattle roam on his own land that has been in his family since the 1800s even before the BLM ever came along ?

      • Nick

        Shand, it is NOT his land, and it never was his land. It is and always has been state land. Having said that, I’m glad this ended with a win for the people.

    • Joseph Harris

      The land’s grazing, watering and improvement
      rights were given to Bundy before the BLM existed, and under
      “Preemptive Rights”, the Government could not alter its contract with
      him. That is why they used the tortoise excuse in 1993 to limit his
      herds and charge him for something he already had. It forced most of the
      other ranchers out because of the new legislation. It was the only
      way they could do what they wanted, because international treaty was the
      only thing that would trump Preemptive Rights. The issue is the Government changing the law without oversight and breaking other existing laws in the process.

    • MrSatyre

      His family had been ranching on that land since well before the BLM existed. He stopped paying (what many consider to be unlawful in the first place) taxes for lands he no longer had access to. All for a tortoise.

    • Lyle P Smith

      So why do you pay the natives then?

  • Michael K

    The framers would be proud.

    • Alex

      The framers actually wanted the ability to put down armed rebellions. It’s in the preamble.

      • AntiCitzenOne

        Doesn’t say armed rebellions by any party. “domestic enemy” could mean either The State or citizens of a State.

        • Alex

          “Domestic enemy” appears nowhere in the preamble. But that would require you actually read it. “Domestic tranquility” alludes to Shay’s rebellion, which was one of the main motivators for calling together the constitutional convention.

          • AntiCitzenOne

            Of course it doesn’t appear in the pre-amble. It doesn’t specify that the militia should be called out against citizens or the state, but it’s left open to interpretation.

            Let’s put this another way. What’s going to happen if The State/Federal Government is the one endangering domestic tranquility? Are they going to call the militia out on themselves?

            • Alex

              The constitution gives the federal government the authority to raise an Army because they could not get individual states under the confederation to volunteer men to fight.

              This is so that insurrection and insurgents can be swiftly put down by the federal government. There is nothing LEGALLY binding in the preamble, the preamble states the intent of constitution.

              Again, you would know that if you simply read it.

            • jhoss

              The Preamble, The Constitution, The Bill of Rights and the notions that people are represented by their elected officials are not ever considered by any democratic representative in local, county, state or federal government. They think they have law enforcement on their side to jam whatever they perceive as politically correct down our throats. Let me tell you that you have a lot of friends in law enforcement that would stand and fight by your side even from this cesspool I live in, Chicago, IL, home of the socialist fools that are leading their sheep to the slaughter.

      • Alvin York

        Yeah, because they were worried that Loyalist would rise up and try to force us back under British rule. That’s why they also gave us the right to bears arms. Arms means Military style weapons.

        The Founders would be very proud. after all what the BLM did was in violation of the enclave close of the Constitution which states the Feds can only have authority over purchased land for forts, magazines, arsenals, naval-docks and other needful buildings. Not land bought to protect turtles.

        • Alex

          Shay was a loyalist? Last I checked he was a veteran of the Revolutionary War and was fighting against unfair economic persecution.

      • n0truscotsman

        Sure, but with the 2nd amendment, there is a double edged sword.
        “to ensure domestic tranquility” cuts both ways, especially since governments have a bad track record of ensuring domestic tranquility. This is coming from someone that dislikes anarchists too.

  • Jank

    So a person repeatedly breaks the law and doesn’t pay the BLM for access to the grazing lands and we applaud those that arm themselves to protect him? Should we applaud gang members when they guard a house to prevent the police from coming to arrest a crack dealer in our neighborhood? This wasn’t about a solid citizen being roughed up. It’s about someone breaking the laws because he doesn’t agree with them.

    • Ven

      Unconstitutional laws aren’t laws at all, bud. You need to open your eyes.

      • Alex


        Yeah, nothing better than insulting the intelligence of someone to convince them to see your point of view.

        10th amendment, look it up bud.

        • MrSatyre

          Said the kettle to the coffee pot.

          • Alex

            I’m sorry, instead of mumbling under your breath, maybe provide a point to the contrary. This is a STATE issue on STATE managed land.

            You can say “unconstitutional laws aren’t law” all you want, but they are still enforced, and they still have legal standing until they are challenged in the courts.

            If you really want to help start putting together a legal team to sue the state of Nevada.

            • skusmc

              It’s been through the courts. The BLM’s position, as upheld by the courts, is that “the public lands of Nevada are the property of the United States because the United States has held title to those public lands since 1848, when Mexico ceded the land to the United States”

              The territory in question has never belonged to Nevada, nor Clark County, but has always been a territory of the United States. The Nevada Constitution as drafted confirms that this territory was not granted to Nevada upon statehood;

              “Third. That the people inhabiting said territory do agree and declare, that they forever disclaim all right and title to the unappropriated public lands lying within said territory, and that the same shall be and remain at the sole and entire disposition of the United States;”

              Nevada State and Clark County authorities are on the side of the BLM, with Clark County Sheriff’s office offering to help round up the cattle, so it’s not a State vs. Feds issue. It’s an issue of a person using land that doesn’t belong to him. It’s not his property. He has his own 160 acres, and no LEO ever stepped foot on it.

              The BLM acted absolutely jackbooted from the start. I’m glad they got the smack down from the militia, and I hope it sends a message to the alphabet agencies who are actually treading on peoples rights (like Andy Johnson in Wyoming. Look him up). But Bundy was in the wrong for the last two decades. None of his constitutional rights was ever infringed on. Saying he had a right to run a business on public land is like saying I have the right to cut firewood in my city park.

            • skusmc

              PS. Breitbart just did a really objective, fact based article on the whole thing, and linked court documents and supporting evidence, if anyone cares to look at it.

            • Greg Elmo

              The business end of our gun barrels is our legal team. Absolutely required to communicate to their gun barrels that we have the same rights they do. To remain free. At any cost.

        • xtex

          The State of Nevada was leading the effort to remove these cattle. The 10th Amendment, look it up girlie.

      • Jank

        First explain how the law is unconstitutional?

        • Alvin York

          The constitution restricts the right of the government to own land for Building facilities, Forts, bases and naval docks. Not to protect a turtle which the BLM has been murdering years ago. Not only that but the fact that Bundy isn’t the only 1 who has had land taken from him. Other ranchers have had everything taken from them even when complying with the “Law’. and why? Not to protect turtles but so Las Vegas can expand and the government can take more money.

          • Jank

            If that is the case then the only parts considered part of the United States is the original 13 colonies. The Louisiana Purchase…invalid. The treaties with Spain, Mexico, and Britain that gave is the West….invalid. The Property Clause of the Constitution gives the US government the right to own property and pass laws over its governance. All of which it owned before most states were even formed.

      • xtex

        How are laws that prohibit trespassing unconstitutional?

      • Dysmondad

        How is the Federal Government owning land unconstitutional?

    • VolkNasty

      Fuk you douche bag, go live in china.

      • MrSatyre

        That’s some nasty volk!

    • Brian Steele

      Well, to the point you brought up about not following laws. At one time slaves were permitted and it took those willing to stand against it to get that changed so you point is moot. Hell look at the Dread Scott case in the Supreme court. Jank, you are obviously a sheep and should go join your heard that is willing to stand for nothing.

      • Uncle Zeb

        So you support the forced federal regulation of agricultural methods and property management, as enforced by government military action in defiance of State’s individual rights?

    • Joseph Harris

      The land’s grazing, watering and improvement
      rights were given to Bundy wayyyy before the BLM existed, and under
      “Preemptive Rights”, the Government could not alter its agreement with
      him. That is why they used the tortoise excuse in 1993 to limit his
      herds and charge him for something he already had. It forced most of the
      other ranchers out because of the new legislation. It was the only
      way they could do what they wanted, because international treaty was the
      only thing that would trump Preemptive Rights.

      • Jank

        So Bandy has the deed to property? If so, then why are there court orders for him to remove his cattle? No deed, no rights to use the land.

        • Merrilee Crouse

          no deed should be needed. like an easement or a right of way. any property connected can use the easement or right of way. I believe as long as no permanent structure is placed upon it declaring ownership. If the goverment declared half your property thiers because they wanted to what would you do? walk away? Or fight it?

          • Jank

            Ridiculous argument. It’s ok for an individual to claim federal or state property as their own, but if they do it to you it’s “tyranny”?

    • JJR

      I’m with Jank, why are people celebrating a law breaking individual? The law is the law, because you don’t agree with it doesn’t mean it doesn’t apply, any other argument is invalid, period. Just like the tree hugging liberals have their anti gun agenda, this is simply an anti goverment “demonstration” by far right folks, this bickering is ridiculous, the amount of hypocrocy displayed by both sides is beyond stupid at this point, it’s embarrasing that so many good people support this guy simply to promote their anti Obama agenda.

      • Jwedel1231

        I agree with you guys. The guy was in clear and repeated violation of the law. The anti-government sentiment in this country is so high right now that no one thinks to look into the other side of the story, thus hundreds, maybe even thousands of people are swarming in to help protect a man who doesn’t deserve it. I don’t agree with the officers tazing ans tossing citizens who don’t deserve it, but what those people were protesting was pure ignorance.

      • Zeal

        JJR, how far will you be willing to follow the letter of the law?
        If laws are passed that keep you from speaking freely, practicing your religion, owning anything or doing anything unless you have an ok from the government will you follow them? I believe you will. And you are part of the problem..

      • Greg Goff

        this country was founded by “law breaking ” individuals, who tired of the tyranny of the king, and did something about it. this goes far beyond Obama as the feds have been building to this for years

    • orca

      In my United State of America we celebrate law breakers every 4th of July Our very country is based upon people who banded together to break British law because it was unjust, nothing has changed here
      It appears you are what is called a quisling defined as a person who betrays his or her own country by aiding an invading enemy, The BLM is the invader now just as the british were in 1776.
      It is clear you stand with them and against true Americans like those who just stood up to the traitors in our Government who have taken over our land

      • Jank

        So you owned the land prior to the US government? In most cases, if it wasn’t for the United States gaining control of the land through purchase or treaty WE wouldn’t have it to use or live on.

        • orca

          while true Nevada was part of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo and became part of the US it was not owned by the Us government. You are confused every piece of land within the US is part of the US but is not all owner by the US the land was allowed to be homesteaded by the simple act of living and working the property
          In the instant case on much of the land was aquired by the Mormons on the route to California from Utah
          This is exactly what happened with the land the Bundy ranch sits on
          In the absence of any governmental authority, some 50 Mormons and non-Mormon prospectors and cattle ranchers drew up the “Washoe code” to deal with land claims
          Ranchers like Bundy.
          The land was administered under what was then known as the Nevada Territory
          The provisional territorial government led to the creation of Nevada Territory by Congress in 1861.
          The 3 miles around the water source of a working ranch was a part of that system to entice homesteaders to move into the state
          At the time Nevada had less than the minimum population to become a state of 40,000 people.
          Statehood came in 1864 following a Carson City convention (July 4–28) and a public vote on September 7 (the population of 6,857 in 1860 increased to 42,941 in 1870), although Nevada had far fewer than the 40,000 people usually required.
          In 1880 the Bundy ranch was recognized and established
          Hope the history lesson helps you to understand the why of the conflict

    • Reliant Films

      It was never about the cattle. You need to do a little research. This was a government land grab, make no mistake. Just google Harry Reid Bundy Cattle Ranch. They illegally took rights of a citizen and used the courts to justify the means so that they could then turn around and build a solar farm. It isn’t even close to being the same as arresting a crack dealer and the simple fact that you would try and draw some kind of parallel between the two I find cheap and shows you are truly uninformed.

    • Greg Goff

      His family was grazing this land 100 years before the BLM existed and as it is not federal land, the BLM has no jurisdiction. the Bundys have broken no laws. Get your facts straight

      • Jank

        I’m pretty sure the federal government owned the land prior to Bundy when it was ceded to them through treaties, purchase, etc. If it was truly Bundy’s property he would have a deed that can be traced back to the government titling it over. Just because his family grazed cattle on that land prior to the existence of the BLM doesn’t mean it was his land.

        • Greg Goff

          the federal govt has never owned it. it is state land. you folks that think the govt should rule our lives wont like it when they come after you too

  • jed mercer

    Hopefully this small victory will not be short lived.
    The patriots who took this stand are to be congratulated by the rest of the nations patriots who could not attend.
    Perhaps a message has been sent and the government will take note.
    The American people are not allowing freedom to be trampled under the boots of our so called liberal leaders.

  • Dr. Chemist

    First, this “standoff” isn’t over. They are feigning a defeat and regrouping. Proof of this is the no fly zone, drone spottings and the fact that SWAT has been seen in the area gearing up. As it is said, it will get worse before it gets better (if it gets better).

    • Donald Baker

      Ok so it is not over yet.

  • xsailor

    We the people…..

  • EL

    Combine this with the noncompliance movements in CT and NY in response to horrible and restrictive anti 2nd Amendment laws, I think people might be figuring this thing out.

  • chrisdev01

    The image of the two Militiamen belongs to me and was used without permission. I hold the copyrights to that photo and request that the image be removed from your site as soon as possible.

    • Alvin York

      Fuck you and your Nazi copyrights.

      • Alex

        Are you seriously like 12 years old?

        You can’t claim to have respect for private property, and then attack someone for requesting that their intellectual property not be used for someone else’s profit..

        Please stop talking.

      • Doug Jones

        Don’t be a tool. A friend of mine knows those guys.

      • reilly

        are y’all REALLY going to argue over a copyright!?
        or will you just take it down and save the hassle and stand together like we just did?!

      • Karina

        Fuck YOU and your inability to respect private property.

    • Tyler

      I agree, it should not be used without permission. You wouldn’t want pictures of your kids or a deceased family member of friend used.

    • tony

      You should have added a copy right water mark. Your claim is completely baseless without it.

      • armedohiocitizen

        Actually it’s not. It just means it’s not registered with the Copyright Office.

    • dR0Ck
    • Michael Cleveland

      then why did you put it on the internet with out a copyright watermark?

    • Cyndi Williams

      Just wondering… You must have posted this photo online for them to have access to it. So, did you get permission from the two gentlemen to use this photo for your personal use? You have the signed agreement, right?

      • Ken Hagler

        A signed model release is only needed when a photo is used for commercial purposes (in other words, advertising). No release is needed when a photo is used for editorial purposes (in other words, photojournalism) or fine art purposes (in other words, selling prints for people to hang on their wall).

        (My _other_ expensive hobby is photography.)

      • chrisdev01

        The author respected the copyright and he removed my photo. The author and I had an amicable discussion regarding the matter and the OPSEC reasons that the photo could not be associated with the events in Nevada.

        Yes, we do have permissions (and restrictions) on file for each person in our group.


    • Isabella Grace

      Since we are all in this shit together . It seems you are not. All you are worried about is your freaking picture. That globalist America if I ever seen it

      • chrisdev01

        Really? Do you have a job or provide a service? Do you get paid for it? How would you feel is someone told you that something you created did not belong to you?
        I’ve been in touch with the aithor and he completely understands why I requested that my photo be removed. As you can see the author did remove it.

    • beancrisp

      Prove it.

      • chrisdev01

        Thanks for your input, the author respected the copyright and he removed my photo. The author and I had an amicable discussion regarding the matter and the OPSEC reasons that the photo could not be associated with the events in Nevada.

        Have a great night!

    • Kirk Baker

      I would like proof of your copyrights to that photo. otherwise shut your piehole and stop acting like a 12 year old douchebag…. It is just a picture and not even a picture of you or anyone you know but random men on public land. So Zip it!!

      • chrisdev01

        Thankfully the author respected the copyright and he removed my photo. The author and I had an amicable discussion regarding the matter and the OPSEC reasons that the photo could not be associated with the events in Nevada.

      • GestapoKitteh

        Apparently you don’t realize that if you take a picture, you automatically hold the copyright to it. Doesn’t matter what the picture is, who is in it, etc. If you take the picture, it is yours, and anyone that uses it without your permission is in violation of your copyright. Maybe you should learn a few things before proving yourself to be an idiot.

    • John Pavoncello

      Wow, all you folks who are supposed to be supporting American rights, and you bash a guy for his fundamental right of private property. Just because a photo is posted on the internet, does not make it public property, with or without a copyright notice. Should be proud of yourselves.

  • Joseph Harris

    any interested……..The land’s grazing, watering and improvement
    rights were given to Bundy wayyyy before the BLM existed, and under
    “Preemptive Rights”, the Government could not alter its agreement with
    him. That is why they used the tortoise excuse in 1993 to limit his
    herds and charge him for something he already had. It forced most of the
    other ranchers out because of the new legislation. It was the only
    way they could do what they wanted, because international treaty was the
    only thing that would trump Preemptive Rights.

  • dead cat

    Could somebody give me the other half of this story, another news story that tells why the government was trying to get his cattle.

    • PragmaticPatrtiot

      Calvin has been letting his cattle graze on land that became protected at some point because of a turtle. No one wins here, if we have rule of mob against a voting public no one wins. This is essentially a bunch of macho bullshit about freedom and guns and crotch grabbing. End of story. Thank god the redneck faction of the U.S. is in its decline.

      • Lyle P Smith

        You are a Traitor! Your grandparents would be ashamed! Thank god their is real men left in America! Oh and your mother calledshe wants her panties back!

        • Martin

          I’m pretty sure he (pragmatic)wrote that as the other side would have…

  • Antonio Salguero

    April 12th should be a national holiday, but we have more too be happy about even after the BLM have backed down. Right now there are people in the San Diego ATF office, protesting for their action against Ares Armor. This is a great day for the 2nd Amendment and freedom.

  • Rich Guy

    Reminds me of the battle of Athens….Georgia, U.S.A.

    • Evil_Jim

      Tennessee, not Georgia.

      • Rich Guy

        Whoops… My bad. Thanks for the correction.

  • Rich Guy

    Police stacking up on American CITIZENS.

    • GestapoKitteh

      You act like this has never happened. What about a group of bank robbers who are holding all the tellers hostage? Are they no longer American Citizens?

    • Andrew B

      Here’s a video of the feds backing down:

  • The Oracle

    This whole ordeal will be used as propaganda to advance gun control. Mark my words. This can be turned into “Crazy gun nuts threatened peace officers with assault weapons”.

    • Luke Meter

      By now I think we can all agree that there’s nothing that WON’T make liberal gun weenies piss and moan about freedom. No biggie, they’ll whine to themselves and we’ll just keep on keeping on. If anything, this may just show the little lefty panty waists that people aren’t just going to roll over because their end all be all government says so.

  • myoplex

    There is an emotional welling in my heart to reading this MAC. Have you heard anything about what is going on in my city Albuquerque, NM? Our police force been shooting people left and right, people are actually more afraid of calling the police for help than crime itself. Have a look:

    The justice department has had to step in because the killing got so bad. Literally shooting unarmed citizens. I hope the people in my home state have the balls of the folks in Nevada! God save the Republic!

    Side note, I think your fans would love to see a full on review of your Sig 556 classic pistol! Especially not that you are back on the “Sig train”. I picked one up myself this week and am excited to take her out for a spin.

  • 3RD

    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the sole purpose of the Second AMendment.

  • Tylek T’sarran

    This was no victory. This was no tipping point. This was one BABY step in the right direction, and a slap in the collective face of those “in charge”. The fed holds MILLIONS of acres of land illegally. Until and unless we corral them back in DC, -=AND=- they forsake ALL claim to state land; we have have won nothing. States must also be won to ‘our side’ and stand up, else this will be lost in time as “What could have been” the moment. Currently BLM is trying to gain more land along the Tx.Ok. line. This can not be allowed. I believe organizations such as the Oath Keepers, Constitutional Sheriffs, Militia, Alternative media, as well as those free thinking intellectuals still not in the corporate pocket will be critical to the success of this endeavor. There are many times many tactics available, and it would be my suggestion to use ALL non-violent options immediately and on a wide spread scale.

  • orca

    total agree mac we have won a battle but as you know the war moves on

  • M Allen Prepper

    my biggest concern is that the pull back is only to defuse it short term. I am seriously concerned that they will regroup, replan, and when they do return, it will be with a massive force and quickly, at night, when they think they can overcome.

    • Lyle P Smith

      maybe its time to dig in!

  • ZeroMustGo

    “The war of words heated up when Clark County Commissioner Tom Collins warned protesters that they had “better have funeral plans.”

    I hope he has unemployment plans. That SOB needs to lose his job immediately.

    • n0truscotsman

      I also thought that this was the United States, where one can protest peacefully without worrying about being killed or stomped by a jackbooted grenadier.

      What a fucking nosedive we have taken…truly a tragic story.

      • Natalie Gibbs

        All thanks to our “wonderful” Negro POTUS. This man is a criminal & is the ringleader of the thugs.

        • Darkstar

          Don’t make this about race. All that does it provide fuel to the race-baiting(snitch) Al Sharpton and his cronies. This is about his incompetence, lack of leadership, and lack of respect for the Constitution.

          • Janine Susan Velasquez

            Despite what about 98% of the American dumb as dirt public thinks, Barack Obummer IS NOT BLACK, NEGRO OR A MAN OF COLOR. He is a raving jack-ass looser who demonizes and says things bout the Black People because while posing as black he can say what he likes. If the black race as a whole ever figures this out there will be quite the stomping to be seen.

            • C.Z.

              With respect, you would further your cause by pointing out real policies rather than calling names and suggesting the President isn’t a man of color (as if that mattered in any way).

          • Texhouston

            And ultimately it is about race. Blacks cannot operate in a whie western culture.

            • Donald Baker

              Actually they can, I don’t support Obama I do like his idea of taking care of fellow Americans, good idea bad timing.

        • Colion Noir

          Would that apply to me?

          • Logic Prevails

            You’re not POTUS yet Colion. Get on the ballot so we can change that.

        • n0truscotsman

          Actually no.

          I dont blame Obama one single bit.

          He is a center right political figure that is no different than his predecessors.

          In my opinion, the BLM was being rather light handed compared to their comrades in the BATF. It is a miracle that nobody was shot and there are two sides to every story. Bundy’s pattern of behavior makes me less sympathetic as a land owner myself.

          So can we avoid judging somebody by the color of their skin? for FUCKs sake, I thought we were over this 0__o

        • C.j. Singleton

          I saw more than a few black people taking part in this protest don’t give our opponents the opportunity to call us racists

        • C. Z.

          With respect, you would seem more credible by pointing out real policies rather than just throwing out inflammatory language and drawing attention to the Presidents race (as if that were evidence of anything).

  • J Oswaldo Garza

    yes we can !!

  • Rommel Dumantay

    After this incident, we can all expect a renewed and more vigorous onslaught of gun grabbing frenzy from the left. Now that they have witnessed what an armed citizenry is willing to do to fight for their God given rights, these wolves will not rest until all of America is disarmed and lay defenseless.

  • Chris Cox

    “Gun control isn’t about public safety or saving the children, it’s about preventing us from standing against government oppression and defending our liberty.” EXACTLY

  • Wes

    I couldnt be more proud at the moment… I get teary eyed hearing news like this. Makes you proud of where your from. To know we can stand together and win without firing a shot

    At the same time Bozeman is right. This will happen again. and as soon as the first shot gets fired from either side it wont be all fun, games and threats it will be combat. Combat on american soil means martial law, restrictions and blah blah blah. The thing that scares me the most is that the government is fully aware of those ramifications.

  • Embermage

    Amen, Mac, but pass the ammunition…

  • Stephen Legette

    I applaud Those That Stood For Mr. Bundy’s & His Rights, You can Believe the FED are already trying to come up with another Plan. When the TRUTH comes Out You will See there was Some Good-Ol’ Boys Politics Going On, And It had Nothing to do with Turtles.

  • Stephen Legette

    I applaud Those That Stood For Mr. Bundy’s & His Rights, You can Believe the FED are already trying to come up with another Plan. When the TRUTH comes Out You will See there was Some Good-Ol’ Boys Politics Going On, And It had Nothing to do with Turtles.

  • Lentenlands

    This is the best piece of news I may ever have heard in my lifetime.


    A victory is a victory no matter how small, we need to carry the momentum from this victory on to the next battle, we are far from out of the woods yet, but this was a step in the right direction, peace through strength in numbers, is a lesson we all understand, so next time, we need to kick it up a notch, and I thank the good Lord above, that no fed agents posed as Bundy supporters, and caused us to lose the moral high ground…. MARANATHA!!!

  • Jake Gaston

    After everyone goes home, will the family be arrested?

  • Drew Fletcher

    I’m honored that I’m in that photo and that it was chosen. However we weren’t sent to Nevada but a lot of brave patriots were able to go.

    • Guardian

      This event has revived my interest in finding an organization with fellow patriots. A local organization that I just contacted has the same picture on their site.

      • Drew Fletcher

        You have a link to that site?

        • Guardian

          It’s one of the images that rotates on the home screen.

          • Drew Fletcher

            Yup that’s us

            • Guardian

              Well maybe we’ll meet someday. I sent a message through the contact us. Hopefully I can find the time between work and school. Luckily, I’m almost done with the school part.

          • Drew Fletcher

            Yeah thats us

  • Ewilk
  • Michael Zak

    Finally some faith resorted. But it shouldnt be just Nevada, it should be EVERYWHERE! GET RID OF THOSE CORRUPTED PRICKS OUT OF THE HOUSE/COUNCIL!

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  • CrazyOtter

    How many of you really read the whole story. The dude stopped pay the permit for grazing his cattle. The land he was grazing his cattle on was federal land and home to endangered animals. This had nothing to do with the government just taking cattle to because they can. The rancher was in the wrong and stories like this is why people have a hard time telling truth from lies.

  • game sniper

    I agree we should learn from this lesson, and learn what we can do better. The government thugs will also be taking note, and next time will be a totally different game. One battle won but the war will never be over, and that is why we have a second ammendment.

  • mauser8mm

    I want to thank everyone who heard the cry and came to aid in this crisis. I cant imagine what it must have been to have been staring down the barrel of a federal agents gun, and all the while making him stair down yours. While also having the wisdom and control not to fire. This was a triumph for liberty and Testament that the Second Amendment defends all others. This is not yet over but, what has been cast will lay the ground work for the future. Yes this will happen again perhaps CT. The GOV has a long memory and can wait this out. I also want to say that the current outcome could not have come out any better, and this was truly a blessing.

  • Tara

    Thankyou to all who stood there ground God bless you.

  • McEsteban

    Just to be clear, what EXACTLY did the government do wrong here? It seems that a lot of people are declaring a victory against tyranny, and maybe, but what exactly was that tyranny?

    • Christopher Joseph Greer

      The government went after a rancher who’s family had land grazing rights there before nevada was a state. He had paid his fees, improved the land, built roads, waterways and fences; and used the land for several decades peacefully. The nevada state government created a new alphabet agency (BLM) that informed him he wasn’t paying enough and drastically increased the fees without any consultation or legal recourse. This same agency wanted him to lower the number of his herd to a point where it wouldn’t have been sustainable, a request he refused. This agency has ties to Harry Reids son who is part of an investment group that wanted to use the land to build a solar farm, but this rancher (the last one left) was in the way. They used the excuse of an endangered desert tortoise as an excuse, even though the recently had to euthanize over a thousand of those tortoises due to overpopulation. Had other real Americans not shown up to support the man and his family I have no doubt they would have been killed. That might not seem like tyranny to you, if that’s the case I would suggest a move to one of the crime free liberal utopia states. For me, I’m thankful that others stood with this man and his family; all are patriots.

      • McEsteban

        Just because the man’s family had grazing rights from before the state existed doesn’t mean that the circumstances of those rights can’t change. Actually the only way that this is tyrannical is if the Reid connection really is the true reason and not just something ginned up to raise outcries. Bundy stopped paying his fees long before Reid may or may not have wanted a solar farm there. You may be correct, but not everything in your explanation adds up, but I would understand that if I had sources and proof which I currently don’t. If you are correct then yes, that is tyranny. I am not convinced that you are correct however.

        • Eric Vought

          “Just because the man’s family had grazing rights from before the state existed doesn’t mean that the circumstances of those rights can’t change.”

          No, but the circumstances would have had to change in a lawful manner and that is what I have not been able to adequately determine. A federal bureaucracy cannot make law. The BLM also has no police powers in and of itself, so they clearly overstepped their authority in enforcement. My guess is that they had to try to enforce the seizure themselves because local/state law refused to help them, just as two states (NV and UT) refused to help them sell or move the seized cattle, but that first part is only a guess.

          • McEsteban

            How do we know that the circumstances changed in an unlawful manner? And I believe, though I could be wrong, that the BLM has enforcement capability, similar to a park ranger. If they didn’t have that, I don’t see why local or state authorities would step in and enforce a federal law. This idea that the government did a dirty dealing here and everyone including local LE and other cattle ranchers seems unfounded.

            • Eric Vought

              “How do we know that the circumstances changed in an unlawful manner?”

              Federal code is just regulation, not law. Regulation cannot override law any more than law can override the Constitution. So, if the BLM has no more than their own regulation arbitrarily reducing the grazing allotment and increasing fees, it does not have force of law and does not override the 3-Mile Water Law or the Taylor Grazing Act or the traditional/customary use going back to the formation of the state. Further, if grazing rights are subject to the Takings Clause, then there are more hoops for them to jump through and compensation must be given. There are a lot of potentially conflicting laws in play here.

              “And I believe, though I could be wrong, that the BLM has enforcement capability, similar to a park ranger.”

              There seems to be quite a bit of debate as to exactly what police powers the BLM have: . This is not a new issue in Nevada or elsewhere, but it is a confusing one.

              “If they didn’t have that, I don’t see why local or state authorities would step in and enforce a federal law.”

              Local police enforce court orders for people and organizations all the time who don’t have their own private law enforcement. Any party with a judgment or court order can go to the Sheriff and ask for it to be enforced. In many cases, it is *required* that certain judgments, orders, and warrants be served and enforced by the county Sheriff because the Sheriff has the responsibility to ensure that appropriate process has been followed. That is why you will often see a representative of the Sheriff present even when state or federal police serve them.

  • Apul_MadeeqAoud

    Now THIS… was a *PATRIOT* act.

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  • Natalie Gibbs

    Still makes me so proud. We American tax payers have taken a lot of cr*p from our government, but when push came to shove, we stood tall & didn’t back down. Right on fellow Americans, couldn’t be more proud of you this day & what you have accomplished. And yes, I never owned a firearm before now, but I will be armed soon, take lessons & know what I will most certainly need to know to protect myself.

  • James Yahnke

    Activate the National Guard? My money would have been on National guard standing with the people! That’s why Mr. Obama wants to de-fund National Guard!

  • dan

    I have a feeling the feds will try to assert control again and lame duck fucktard obama will say something negative about the American people

  • Janine Susan Velasquez

    Tom Collins had better make some arrangements of his own. Like standing in line to get unemployment once his term of office is up…if he lasts that long.

  • blehtastic

    Notice how they shut it down right before two of the biggest gun channels showed up? TheHossUSMC and James Yeager. They were trying to keep this from turning into an Indy media nightmare.

  • Deej S

    ive got a suspicious feeling this was a “testing out” of how u.s. citizens will respond towards a tyrannical government. i have no doubt all the protesters there were being investigated by fbi, cia, dhs, and who knows who else. i hate to assume those ppl will be denied their rights in a no-knock raid against them

  • xtex

    Wasn’t he grazing his cattle on land that didn’t belong to him? Isn’t that some kinda trespassing? Private property rights need to be protected, too.

    • Eric Vought

      “Wasn’t he grazing his cattle on land that didn’t belong to him?”

      He was grazing his cattle on land that the law gave him the right to graze on going back to the formation of the state of Nevada and he (or his family) had improved/maintained the water sources in accordance with that law since 1877. State law conflicted with more recent federal law and with federal regulation, but there is a very valid question of whether either of them validated his preexisting rights. It also does look like BLM’s enforcement of the rules is rather inconsistent and may be more based on deep pockets than protecting turtles.

      I don’t honestly know who was in the right over the property issue. BLM’s handling of it was… stupid, but that is normal for BLM. I am also extremely disappointed in the county sheriff and the NV governor for not intervening to mediate the dispute and keep the peace.

  • Crucible Arms

    Anyone who thinks Bundy “won” doesn’t understand the difference between a skirmish and a battle, let alone a war.

  • Pingback: BLM- vs - Bundy Ranch -

  • Bryan Wilkins

    Does anyone know who the guy in the video is?

  • rwolfrn

    This is why we have to take both houses in November and push the newly elected officials to dissolve the BLM and 73 other agencies as well.

  • McEsteban

    A lot of people seem to be happy with mob rule and the rights of the individual to nullify the laws that they don’t like. They even stand on top of the founders while doing it, but in reality, the founders were against mob rule and the whims of the people overly swaying the rule of law. I totally understand reasons to not like all levels of government at this point, but no one won here. You are wrong if you think the government was wholly in the wrong and that the outreach from “supporters of liberty” was a pious event. As wrong as the governments actions may have been, celebrating the fear mongered and distorted response sets everyone back.

    • Darkstar

      Government is a necessary evil. Our Founding Fathers recognized that and put the Bill of Rights in place to limit their abilities to do exactly what they are doing today. But where the Govt overstepped and why armed citizens came to help was when the LEO’s and BLM tried to quell the protesters outside the Bundy ranch by tasing and beating them while they practiced their 1st Amendment rights. This whole thing should have been settled in the courts instead of the BLM using local LEO’s to do their bidding and seize private property just because they said so from a “conservation effort” that they made up and has been proven false time and time again by other Gov entities (Army Corps of Engineers among them). The BLM tried to take it by force because they wanted to. How is that not messed and completely unconstitutional?

      • McEsteban

        I believe the federalists the anti-federalists argued over the role of government and the federalists, who argued the government is more than a necessary evil, won that debate. We can are argue the validity of their claims, but the fact of the matter is that was the result.

        Were the tased and beaten protesters really innocent and in no way acting threatening or disruptive to law enforcement activities? We can argue whether the SOP for tasing people is good, but the government operated on well recognized and practiced application of nonlethal force as far as I know. Do you assert otherwise? As for the courts, this has been argued and ongoing for 21 years and Bundy has never once changed his tune. Maybe the government wasn’t the most amicable, but Bundy was objectively not amicable because he didn’t pay his fines and denied that federal land was indeed federal land. An individual doesn’t get to nullify the law. Which to me, means that the BLM operated within their right. He refused to pay, the government negotiated for several years, negotiations didn’t work, and Bundy starts losing property because of it. How is this wrong? We can certainly discuss whether or not the BLM should be allowed to enforce federal regulation (the whole point of why they exist), but as the laws stand, they didn’t do anything wrong. What evidence do you have to support the claim that the government’s claim of a conservation effort is false?

  • Redhawk44cal

    Forgive me if I take a slightly off the cuff view of something that is clearly ridiculous in the extreme.

    If I read this correctly Mr Bundy raises cattle, cattle which are produced to FEED PEOPLE, lots of people? So this is all about the cattle which FEED PEOPLE endangering what is in effect (the following is for comedic/sarcastic effect) self-propelled crunchy meat pies?

    I live in England (good old Blighty) and I thought we had some of the most inanely irrelevant self-important non-elected bodies anywhere in the world! But at least ours don’t go this far!

    On a more positive note at least the US govt is consistent, it screwed the indigenous people of North America for a couple of centuries, so has to find new ways to screw someone/anyone.

    For those who take offence at my last comment, don’t forget I’m on the outside looking in!

    P.S I’ve probably seen more of America than most Americans in my travels and would be happy to live there if only you had beer that is drinkable.

    • someguy119

      Come to Wisconsin, we’ll set you up proper.

      • Redhawk44cal

        Thank you someguy119 for your kind invitation it is very much appreciated, however I’ve tried the beer’s your fine State has to offer. My taste-buds still haven’t forgiven me!

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  • Chad Baker

    Isn’t this WAY too early to call this a win?

    I’m concerned that this isn’t a victory for the good guys but a pivot by the government. They back down, supporters go home, the government comes back in a more calculated strategic way, supporters are unable to help, communication is shut down and the next thing we hear is that the Bundy family is killed by the FBI for “resisting”.

    Can anyone tell me that this is good news and not the calm before the storm?

  • Goodfella

    I’m loving all this love for “Rule/law breakers.” What’s funny, most of the people that support this/ or participated in this most likely condemn Chelsea Manning/Edward Snowden. Before you go saying, “their revealings endangered American lives,” What do you call this situation? LOL oh and these guys messed with the system from the inside out, without even showing a weapon. Not for gun-control, but don’t make this about anti-gun control because it is not. There are other ways (Manning/Snowden) to fight the establishment, What is this? 1861? We have the internet for knowledge, books for ideas,and time for the start of a process. The Barrel of gun should always be last resort, this situation was not a last resort…. unless they shot first. “But they were harassing and tasering us..” What? Did the Occupy Protesters (The same ones I’m sure most of you can’t stand) bring their guns out too? They took the beatings and went back to the drawing board by which I mean, those are ideas are now implemented on individuals who are now working to change the system for the better, in any way. Before bringing your gun, think, and do it critically. Peace.

    • Donald Baker

      Action speaks louder than words brother. In the film industry we say “show me, don’t tell me.”

  • rld2mad

    What are we all going to say when groun beef costs $100 per pound because of this type of government overreach? The only reason a loaf of Wonder BRead costs $2.99 is because everything government looks at costs more. At the end of the day the goverments goal is to rid the country of the profit producing sector known as the private sector.

  • Donald Baker

    Ok well is it over or not. I just saw a post that said it is not over and that the gov put this out so that we the militias numbers won’t grow. I am completely confused.

  • Goldmouse

    The Only reason they Backed Down was because an election is coming up and the Socialist Democratic Party can not afford to lose the senate. After the Election if the Socialist Democratic Party still control the senate then the Federal Thugs will return with massive force and it will be a Blood Bath. So if you Want to Keep the Victory then Vote the Socialist Democratic Party out of office.

  • American

    Chrisdev01…. haha haha

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  • magicman2276

    Obama doesn’t want a Waco 7 months before a midterm election that he was already in danger of losing the senate. If this would of happened 8 months from now it would have been a lot uglier.

  • BjornTheBrave

    The people should not fear their government. The government should fear its people.

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  • Y’all Scare Me

    I own guns not because I fear my guv’ment, but rather because I fear the hypocrisy, fear-mongering, and venom with which most middle-class religious Caucasians view the world.

    I wonder how many of you would be the Governer’s right-hand men in Woodbury, or how many would volunteer to round up any “non-desireables” in your Nu Perfekt Conservative Amerika.

    When Black folks get shot for not immediately complying with a cop’s order, you blame it in the perp for not listening. When a White man decides to stop paying the bills (he must be a unique snowflake to have such a special exemption), you get all wet in the panties. Can someone PLEASE post a list of rules that clarifies when I’m supposed to respect the law and when I’m a patriot for ignoring the law. And if your knowledge of Constitutional law comes from television, radio, or the internet, please don’t bother sharing, kthxbye.

  • Drmaudio

    I am not sure Mr. Bundy was in the right, I am, however, positive that the government response was wrong. Regardless of the infraction, the spread of jack booted tactics like no-knock warrants and escalating militarized standoffs must stop. This is a definite win for liberty.

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  • Dysmondad

    Bundy’s cattle were on Federal lands. He owes us over $1 million in fees for grazing rights that he has stolen. He is a thief. This was not a victory for the 2nd amendment. It was a black eye as an ignorant, violent mob subverted the rule of law.

  • Blade269

    This issue is SO important and I am so proud of this day and those individuals (and I use that word intentionally) that stood their ground. As was so clearly stated in the article – this is what the founding fathers intended when they put the right to bear arms as the second amendment, second only to freedom of speech. This is exactly what the founding fathers fought in the revolution – the unrestrained authority of government. It’s truly a shame that it came down to an armed showdown, and I am truly thankful that calmer heads prevailed and the government backed down (as it should have). This isn’t a bunch of looters or malcontents, this is a group of concerned citizens (individuals) banding together to stand against an oppressive government. I don’t watch the news much any more, so I’m not sure how this incident was covered outside of Fox (I didn’t see the Fox coverage either) but I’m betting it wasn’t covered at all. This could very well be one of the most important domestic stories of the year. As proud of this action as I am, I do fear what could follow – that the wrong lessons will be drawn by the Federal Government. What should be going on is to review those policies that “allow” the government to take what doesn’t belong to them – confiscation. Instead, I fear that the lesson will be “the next time we do this” and how to prevent/blunt the ability of citizens to stand together in the face of oppression.

  • DF
  • Sedona2A

    You think it’s over, I see a 3 am raid in the cover of darkness. FBI, BLM, EPA you name it. You’ll wake up one morning, turn on the “NEWS” and hear ” A daring midnight raid took place at the Bundy Ranch…..

  • mcian

    It’s a single win… this is just beginning and it’s going to get worse. We are at a pivotal time in our history as a nation and what transpires next will determine whether the Republic dies or survives. Needless to say I see bloodshed in our nations future if we are to truly regain what we have so negligently allowed to be taken. Choices, each man and woman of voting age needs to make one…

  • orca

    The BLM has no police powers granted to it by federal law they must rely on local law enforcement under federal code.
    So whats with the weapons and armed federal agents they were a violation of federal law
    The applicable statute of the U.S. Code — 43 U.S.C. Section 1733, Subsection C — is specific, stating “When the Secretary determines that assistance is necessary in enforcing Federal laws and regulations relating to the public lands or their resources he shall offer a contract to appropriate local officials having law enforcement authority within their respective jurisdictions with the view of achieving maximum feasible reliance upon local law enforcement officials in enforcing such laws and regulations

  • Airman596

    He doesn’t have a legal leg to stand on, but I’d rather be wrong with Cliven Bundy than right with Harry Reid.

  • Mike

    Video isn’t showing up for me, anyone able to post the link in the comments?

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  • anonoymous

    way too support a racist pig

    • anonoymous


  • mjcrites

    The government hasn’t backed down. The court order that gave the BLM permission to remove Bundy’s cattle from BLM land is still in effect. The cattle will be removed and anyone that pointed a gun at anyone is going to get a knock on the door or a surprise at work in the coming months.

  • curtis faulkner

    The Feds think they own the American people and will do to us as they did to are Indian brothers years ago control us tell us where to live take our land .They are controlling the doctors now I see 8o year old people suffering now they cant get there meds the feds took the DEA license away from the doctors .In no way this story goes with what happened in NV. but think about it it a little at a time they are taking .MILLITARY VET CURTIS