Choosing a Sight for my Tavor

I picked up my first Tavor about a month before it officially launched.  When I picked it up from my local gun shop (Blythes Sports) I rummaged through their red dot sight cabinet looking for the perfect sight for the new rifle.  I wanted something quality and something that looked at home on the rifle.  The SRS seemed to fit the bill, so I bought it.  Boy, was that a mistake.  Find out more from this blog post about my issues with the SRS.

When I picked up my second Tavor, a FDE model, I once again began a quest to find the perfect optic.  So far I’ve been considering the Aimpoint T-1 Micro, EOTech XPS-2, Trijicon ACOG and the Aimoint Comp M4.

In this video review I talk about the Comp M4 and tell you if it will be the sight of choice for my rifle, or not.

Be sure to share your comments below.  If there’s a sight you think I should be considering, post it and let me know!



MAC is an avid shooter, former MCSF Marine, NRA member, Oath Keeper and is commissioned as a Colonel by the Governor of Kentucky. Known for his videos on the Military Arms Channel, he also writes for The Bang Switch, for Shotgun News (Be Ready!) and freelances for Guns & Ammo. MAC has been a life long shooter who has an interest in all things that go "bang" but gravitates towards military type firearms.

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  • http://N/A John H.

    In the X95-Tavor evolved article,the photo shows a M21 optic mounted. I am curious as to why this optic is not on your list of sights being considered for your personal Tavor(s)?
    I run the mepro on my K.I.S.S carbine and have found it to be a good choice other than the minor washout issues inherent in most if not all FO/tritium sights. And it looks right at home on the Tavor. Just saying…:-)

    • MAC

      I tend to lean towards battery powered sights. Check out my latest video (Sight for the Tavor – Aimpoint Comp M4?) where I touch upon the subject of why I choose LED over Tritium. I’m not opposed to Tritium sights, I just tend to favor the LED/battery sights. I would like to get more experience with the Mepro sights down the road.

      • Josh

        Would it be possible to do a review of the Aimpoint Pro? Or would it be similar results as the one you did on the M4?

    • Ryan A.

      Great review as always, but I’m interested in hearing why you dislike magnifiers. When I can finally find a Tavor I’ll probably put my EOTech XPS2 on there. I had considered putting my Accupoint 3-9X on the top and a reflex on the 45 rail (possibly with an offset rail). Though I’m not sure if the Tavor can be fired very accurately with variations in degrees with the magazine well back there, but I can’t see why not.

  • Jared Saltz

    What keeps you away from the Mepro M21? Sure, it’s bulkier than a lot of the other RDSes out there, but it’s certainly “authentic,” extremely inexpensive (check out Sportsman’s Exchange prices on that one), and I’ve been VERY pleased with mine. Took a class with my brother, him toting the T-1 and me with the M21 and they’re both very high quality.

    Otherwise, I guess you could wait for Mepro to come out with their ACOG-clone, which looks pretty good as well.

    • MAC

      The biggest problem I have with auto brightness adjusting on most sights such as the M21 is the dot washing out under certain fairly common circumstances. Stand indoors with your M21 and aim at a target outside in direct sunlight. The dot washes out. Aside from that I do like the Mepro sights and am very interested in the MOR. Unfortunately the MOR is out of my price range.

      • Jared Saltz

        I haven’t gone from extremely dark looking at extremely light, but I have shot from under a shelter/shooting house into extremely bright sunlight without washout issues. (I also didn’t run into the issues other people had with the halo-effect like you’re describing.) If you’ve used it already, then definitely go with your experience. If you haven’t, then I’d certainly recommend giving it a try; can’t be worse than your Trijicon experience!

        Good luck with whatever you end up with.

  • Tim

    The problem I always had with this style Aimpoint sights is the control (brightness) knob getting turned accidently. I am a left handed shooter which makes it worse as the control knob is typically on the right side. Letting the rifle hang on the sling as you did something else it would brush against clothing or gear and the knob would turn. So I would try to mount the sight in a manner to lessen that happening, but I never found a really satifactory way to do it. The T1 of course does not have this issue.

  • Matt

    So far, of all the red dot optics I have used, my favorite is the EOTech XPS2, followed closely by the Aimpoint T1 Micro. However, I have a unique issue when it comes to choosing optics, I am an extremely cross-dominant shooter. My left eye is far more dominant than my right eye, but I am right handed and shoot right handed. This is not an issue for me with handguns, but when it comes to shooting rifles, especially those equipped with optics, it becomes a concern.

    Due to the severe left eye dominance, I have a very difficult time looking through a tube optic while keeping both eyes open. The EOTech design is by far the easiest for me to use, and the shortness of the T1 micro keeps it in a close second. The longer the tube, the smaller appearing the tube, the worse it is for me.

    My 1st choice, for a rifle that does not need to be stored with the optic turned on at all times, is an EOTech.

  • Brad

    You still need a battery in the SRS to run even if it is dead to close the circuit for the solar power. (Straight from Trijicon rep that came into work)

    • Brad

      And you need an elcan specter DR for that thing

      • Trevor

        I agree, the Elcan Specter DR looks great on a Tavor-21. I think Dugan Ashley had one on his Tavor for that ridiculous bullpup video. The only thing I don’t like about the optic is the $2,000+ price. Despite being expensive, the optic has the best of both worlds being 1x and 4x with the flick of a switch. At the very least, it’s worth a look.

        • Brad

          Yeah, aside from them being incredibly heavy (which they have to be to be so robust) they are prohibitively expensive. I still want one. And MAC could sell some of those optics and buy one!

          • Nathan House

            I ended up putting an Aimpoint PRO on my Tavor. I’ve been very happy with the look and performance of the optic so far. My only trouble is shooting with both lens caps closed. I understand the concept, but when putting it into practice on the range, something is going on with my eyes that’s causing me to shoot to the left of the target. I’m sure my left (non-dominant eye) is taking over and the parallax is causing me to be off paper at 25 yards. With both lens caps open, I’m shooting quarter-sized groups. Anyway, I love the PRO for the Tavor. Anything in EOTech works great too, and wasn’t as low to the rifle as I was worried about initially.

  • Jared

    If you’re worried about the asthetics of the EOTech XPS2-0 on your FDE Tavor, you should take a look at the FDE EOTech XPS2-0. It may be enough to change your opinion on the EOTech.

  • Steve

    I have been considering the Aimpoint PRO for the Tavor. Any thoughts on that one?

    • Matt

      Steve, I am currently using an Aimpoint PRO on my patrol AR. It has been a very sturdy optic. It has bounced around in my patrol car for 18 months now, and has not lost its zero. The controls are easy to use quickly, comes with everything needed to mount it, battery life is fantastic and the price is hard to beat. I’ve got not nothing bad to say about them at all.

    • Snake

      PRO is an exceptional sight and the killflash scrwes right in, batt life is excellent, it’s tough, flip up covers, 2MOA dot. Great price, great buy.

    • elle bean

      I just got my SAR-B16, and have trial mounted the AimP-Pro. It seems to me that the sight (with the factory QRP base mount) is too low for direct eyeline through the glass. In other words my eye is higher than the straight line axis through the middle of the glass cylinder of the sight.. I have not shot the gun yet nor zeroed the red dot but seems un-natural that i cannot get my head/face inline with the sight. SAME with the stock flip up sights- O cannot get my face low enough comfortably to look at the top of the sight post.

      I understand “zero parallax” with these sights, but it seems weird that I am looking through the aimpoint at an angle. The only way to make this sight inline with my eye is to ad a 1/2″ to 1″ pic rail spacer, but then the sight over bore comes close to 4″. Do I just

  • bub

    the t1 micro is the goto optic imo. almost no downside that i can think of.

    • Chris

      Just wish it used a AA battery.

    • Snake

      Only down side ,4MOA dot…

      • Bub

        They offer micros w/ 2 moa now.

  • WV Cycling

    @MAC – After watching over a dozen of your videos, I wonder how you afford may of these toys?

    You must have chosen the correct career field~

  • Nathan House

    This was the perfect topic for me! Thank you! I’ve just picked up a Tavor and I had strongly been considering a Comp M4. I love my EOTech 552 (which is on it now), but I’m highly attracted to the extended battery life of an Aimpoint, as the gun’s primary role is home defense. QUESTION: what are your thoughts on the Aimpoint Pro? Smaller battery, smaller price tag. Smaller battery life, but when you’re comparing $0.0000001 per minute vs $0.000000001 per minute of operational energy use, I don’t see a compelling case to spend $300 more for the M4. Thanks for the time.

  • JRo

    Mac, do you have any experience with or opinions about the Leupold Prismatic?

    • MAC

      I don’t have any experience with it, but it does look interesting.

  • Alan Dennis

    Great review Matt. When I first bought my Tavor I bought the CompM4 to go with it. I found it to be a great optic for the Tavor. However the optic just doesn’t look “at home” on the Tavor. But I Ended up liking the Aimpoint so much that I put it on my LWRC M6A2. I now run an Eotech XPS2 on the Tavor with G33 magnifier. It looks better (I know it’s silly to worry about the looks) but between the two I really prefer the single dot of the aimpoints. The Eotech reticle is a little too busy for me. I suppose the search for the perfect optic for my Tavor continues as well.

  • Alan Dennis

    Oops. Brainfart! Great review MAC!

  • Chip Conwell

    MAC, any updates on the sight for your tavor? Price and weight aside, you seemed to like the elcan quite a bit. Have you settled on something? Thx!

  • Chuck Billy

    Mac, are you using a LaRue QD mount for your T-1 micro on your Tavor? If so, is it the 751 model? I could not tell for sure on the videos.

  • Joe Cirino

    Just want to say because of your gifted skills in communication and product review, I bought a Tavor in FDE and it has become my go too rifle, along with the VP9! Damm you, I also have 3 Hazzard4 bags because of your subtle mention. Lol.