Confiscation Becoming a Reality

Anti-gunners are always pushing for registration of firearms and their owners for a reason, it sets the stage for future confiscations, although they vehemently deny this. They would have us believe their registration schemes are for public safety, although it’s never been shown that registration has reduced crime in countries in which it has been implemented. They want us to believe they support our 2nd Amendment rights and only ask us to concede on “reasonable restrictions” for the safety of our children… it’s always about the children.

In 2010 New York City passed an ordinance that banned shotguns and rifles capable of holding more than (5) rounds. The city has mandatory registration of both long guns and handguns plus requires owners to be licensed as well. It was only a matter of time before the city decided to enforce the 2010 law and demand owners of most every type of semi-automatic long arm in existence to turn them in or face legal ramifications. feinstein quote round up guns

On November 18th of this year, the city of New York started mailing notices to registered gun owners stating they must “immediately surrender” their rifle and/or shotgun to their local police precinct, then instructed the subject to notify the city of the “invoice number” given to them by police for the transaction. The letter went on to say, “The firearm may be sold or permanently removed from the city of New York thereafter.” The subject could also offer proof the firearm(s) in question were either moved out of city limits or were modified by a licensed gunsmith to be compliant with the law.

I use the term “subject” to describe the former citizens of New York because as citizens with unalienable rights they wouldn’t be bound by such edicts. They have been subjugated.

People often times ask my why I’m staunchly opposed to registration or even “background checks” conducted by the federal government. I’m opposed because it’s not a matter of “if” confiscations will occur once the government has a database of gun owners, it’s only a matter of “when”, as we’re now seeing in NYC.

Yes, I said I’m opposed to background checks too. Why? Because the government isn’t to be trusted. They lie, they cheat, they spy, they extort, they murder and they do everything they possibly can to maintain control of the population. So when the government claims they’re not keeping records of NICS transactions, I don’t trust them. There is evidence that the FBI doesn’t destroy the data collected by NICS as required by law. Every once in a while someone in government slips up and leaks a glimpse of what’s really going on behind the scenes.  Take this 2011 news story as an example.

Scroll to the end of the article and read the 3rd paragraph from the bottom.

Police suspect the siblings are carrying “an arsenal of weapons,” after tracing prior background checks run by gun sellers and confirming that Ryan bought an AK-47 assault rifle at a pawn shop two years ago. Authorities say the rifle is similar to the one used in the bank robbery. Similar checks also show Stanley owns guns.

Did you catch that? They “traced prior background checks” and confirmed Ryan owned an AK that he purchased two years ago from a pawn shop. You see, through the NICS background check system and the requirement for gun shops to keep records of all firearms sales, every single gun owner is currently “registered” which allows the government to know exactly what you have and where you have it. The BATF can stroll into any gun shop in the country and demand the dealer open their books so they can investigate customers and see exactly what they’ve purchased. The BATF doesn’t need a warrant to demand to see this information and gun shops routinely make it available to them either by phone or when the agents show up in person.

When a gun shop goes out of business, by law the shop must mail the records to the BATF. I think we can safely assume the ATF doesn’t destroy them. I’m betting they digitize and archive them thus creating a secret backdoor registry.

We’re told that federal registration of gun owners is illegal, but yet it’s taking place.

We’ve been conditioned by the media and by gun-grabbers to believe that background checks are “reasonable” for public safety, yet until 1998 we didn’t have the NICS system. How did we ever get along before NICS? Were people being slaughtered in droves by madmen with guns before NICS? No… Long before NICS was implemented, the crime rate was dropping nationwide. There is no evidence that NICS has had any positive impact on public safety what-so-ever, yet we’re told it’s a reasonable encroachment on our Constitutionally protected rights.

NICS and 4473 forms combined are gun owner registration, pure and simple.

Join the fight against registration by becoming politically active. While organizations like the NRA fight many good battles on our behalf, they fall far short on this issue as they support the current background check system. We need to support organizations like Armed Citizens United that vow to fight against backdoor registration. It’s up to us to secure our rights for future generations. We also need to make sure we keep compromisers such as Brandon Webb off the NRA board of directors.


MAC is an avid shooter, former MCSF Marine, NRA member, Oath Keeper and is commissioned as a Colonel by the Governor of Kentucky. Known for his videos on the Military Arms Channel, he also writes for The Bang Switch, for Shotgun News (Be Ready!) and freelances for Guns & Ammo. MAC has been a life long shooter who has an interest in all things that go "bang" but gravitates towards military type firearms.

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  • Aka Aka

    The problem with this is that it only serves to drive otherwise legal gun owners to illegal firearms dealers putting more money in the hands of criminals. It does nothing to stop crime or help the population, these laws have nothing to do with public safety and everything to do with limiting freedom and making sure the people don’t have the tools to revolt should it ever become necessary, and I am not saying it is.

    • Aaron

      No duh. Bloomberg isn’t satisfied with his wealth, so he has extended his power and uses it for oppression. So have many of our “leaders” in DC.

  • Knightslugger

    Per Title 28, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 25.9(b)(1), (2), and (3), the NICS Section must destroy all identifying information on allowed transactions prior to the start of the next NICS operational day.

    • MAC

      That sure sounds good, doesn’t it?

      • Knightslugger

        Sure does. Notice that a successful trace was obtained through the gun SELLERS though. FFLs are to keep those records on hand for 20 years i believe. If i was looking for a history of a weapon, i’d send a heads up to all FFLs in the greater area for information on that serial or person. seems reasonable.

      • Ajohn

        Sounds as good as the 4th Ammendment but the NSA seems to have not read that one. Agreed MAC.

      • kk

        It sure does, however only your everyday citizen is required to actually follow the law.

    • Robert Forant

      And they are also supposed to get a warrant to snoop on peoples phones, e-mails and private social media data. But we have all seen how conscientious they are about peoples rights. Don’t think for a second that they would not hold this data.

  • Prairie Patriot

    It’s getting close. Tempus fugit.

    • le sigh

      As much as I want to protect the 2nd amendment, people like Prairie Patriot make me shake my head at the stupidity of tea party revolutionaries.

  • Misa

    This is why up here in Canada we fought hard to get rid of long gun registry. Registrations one and only purpose is CONFISCATION.

  • NateMA

    Mac, just curious, when did you start believing the government was evil and not to be trusted, before, after, or during the time you were receiving a federal paycheck as a Marine?

    • EOFVet06

      A trollin’ we will go, a trollin’ we will go…

    • Boris

      Nat, clearly Mac joined the Marines prior to the un-vetted, illegitimate, interloping, Muslim friendly, Christian hating, pathological lier in chief Obama was elected (on a wave of opiated euphoria not seen since Western Europe in the 1930’s). That catastrophe, and five years of buffoonery since, has caused tens of millions of Americans to become distrustful of our government. And Nat, I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for a cure for stupidity.

    • B. E. Smith

      Speaking as a former government employee, sometimes being part of the machine is all it takes to open your eyes to the truth of how UNtrustworthy the government really is. I’m glad I’m no longer part of it!

      • MAC

        Exactly. The things I saw, and the things I learned our government was willing to do, forever changed how I viewed my government. If you blindly trust our government, I pity your naïvety.

        • Jordan

          I try to tell people this everyday. Its getting harder and harder to believe my generation will learn to stand on their own at this rate.

    • John Adams

      You sir have obviously NEVER spent a day in uniform. Receive a check? How about EARNING that check. Service to our country in one of the Armed Forces is not like welfare where you sit on your ass all day long and wait for the mailman for the monthly allotment check. You sir are an ASS!

  • Jason

    That’s why 80% receivers are the way to go, no NICS, no serial numbers, no nothing. Buy an upper at a gun show with cash, buy parts from multiple places, no one will know what you have or how many.

  • James Dutton (@ADrivebyPoster)

    None of you are going to do anything but post on the internet, you wont protest, you wont try to remove judges and politicians from office, in many cases you wont even vote. But I bet you know what Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian are up to don’t you? Put your money where your mouth is and register to vote if you aren’t already, Go to sights like register and find out what your congressman is up to, and tell them how you feel about it. But you wont you will just sit on here typing “From My Cold Dead hands” and “Molon Labe” while they pass more restrictive laws banning all weapons and carry your guns out the door.

    • Ed Kern

      Who the hell is Kim Kardashen?

      • le sigh

        Ed Kern actually wants people to believe he doesn’t know who that is, even accidentally. That’s how you know he’s full of shit, I don’t give a fuck about fake hilton-esque hollywood types, but youd have to be blind not to know WHO they are by proximity.

        Ed Kern’s such a fucking liar.

        • Ed Kern

          Easy tiger. I was just being ironic.

          • Ed Kern

            Also, I figured some friendly jest was more tactful than a criticism of the original comment

    • B. E. Smith

      JAMES DUTTON, I agree that many of the “threats” and “tough talk” are just that – words, not actions. But, many of us follow constitutional issues quite closely, and take very seriously the WRONG direction our country is going. I regularly correspond with my state and federal representatives. I vote. I support and belong to many organizations which have a powerful voice in the fight. Don’t assume we’re all pretenders – some are, some are not.

  • Mike

    While I don’t doubt their intent are there any verified stories of actual confiscations taking place in NY?

  • Ed Parker

    We are going to need a lot of rope.

  • Crowbrother

    I agree with MAC…”Yes, I said I’m opposed to background checks too. Why? Because the government isn’t to be trusted. They lie, they cheat, they spy, they extort, they murder and they do everything they possibly can to maintain control of the population. So when the government claims they’re not keeping records of NICS transactions, I don’t trust them. There is evidence that the FBI doesn’t destroy the data collected by NICS as required by law. Every once in a while someone in government slips up and leaks a glimpse of what’s really going on behind the scenes.”

    Since retirement from the Army, I have been helping my friend who is an FFL and shop owner, when he needs it. Not too many months go by that my friend does not have to do a “trace” on a firearm, where he has to physically search his records for the information dealing with that firearm. In several cases the “trace” information was over 10 years old or older. He thinks it is a test to see if his paperwork is good, but THEY have to have the information on said firearm to ask for it and confirm. NO REGISTRATION my butt!!! They have it ALL on EVERYONE of us who own.

  • Boris

    Even though Pelosi and Feinstein are very old ladies, they’ve been sudsing like a couple of out of balance, worn out Maytags over gun confiscation.

  • Suburban

    Pennsylvania State Police keep records of the sales of handguns, which the idiots in the PA Supreme Court ruled was not a registry, which would be expressly prohibited by the Pennsylvania Uniform Firearm Act. So now I make a habit of voting in all the state and local elections.

  • rawmade

    What the hell are you even on about?
    If you are all for these laws and reg why are you even reading this site?

    • Matt

      Because he is a troll. Just ignore him. There is nothing rational about anything he says.

  • le sigh

    Rational Skeptic is just another racist, homophobic bigot.

    I honestly hope you die from a slow, painful type of cancer, Rational Skeptic.

    You deserve everything bad that has, or will happen to you. Everything.

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  • EOFVet06

    Did you get board on Huffington Post? Why don’t you watch some MSNBC and calm down.

  • Thomas R Burnsed Jr

    Rational Skeptic is a troll that would push you into a mass grave or oven to save his tail. Reminds me of the character in The Matrix that wants to be hooked back up to the dream machine.

  • Klingon00

    Fortunately, in most states, private sales are still just that. Private. They may have a record that I bought a certain firearm at one point, but theres no way to prove I still own it, nor who now owns it. This is why Bloomberg wants to close the gun show “Loophole” so badly.

  • William

    What is everyone so afraid of, only 1.2 million violent crimes reported in the U.S. each year? On second thought, I guess it’s true, the police can’t be everywhere.

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    You can add concealed carry licensing as well as NFA items to that list as well. Concealed carry license is basically a big registry of people who own guns and therefore would be on a disarm list should confiscation occur. NFA items are all actually registered and therefore a registry which is supposed to be illegal.

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  • deprazor

    We need to put a stop to this! How can we do it Mac?

  • Joey @ HousersGunsmithing

    You actually bring up a lot of great information regarding the “dumb gun laws” that politicians are putting into place. The government should actually put more emphasis on creating training programs so people actually understand firearms and understand what they should or should not do with them. The most important thing is just securing them correctly and unfortunately that doesn’t always happen which is how guns can often get into the hands of people who would use them maliciously.

    I have thought about how this will affect the trade of gunsmithing as the two are linked together pretty closely. It’s unfortunate that because people aren’t being responsible it could actually pretty heavily affect the economy. I suppose its entirely possible that a stricter policy may be put in place by the ATF to make it more difficult.

    I know that I have worked on my own firearms just from the standpoint of learning how to correctly take them apart and put them back together for routine maintenance of cleaning.