GA: Guns in bars, churches and schools, OH MY!

Georgia_Gun_Bill-0761dGeorgia Governor Nathan Deal signed a new bill into law Wednesday that will greatly expand, or should I say restore, the Rights of Georgians to carry firearms in more places than they have been allow to in many decades.

One of the most encouraging portions of the new bill prohibits police from asking for a permit simply because someone is peaceably exercising their Right to keep and bear arms.  Something I would love to see every state adopt.  IMO it’s no different than stopping someone who is driving just to ask for a drivers license.   It’s fishing at best and in most cases simply flat out harassment.

Opponents of the new legislation are out in force with the “sky will fall” predictions.  One of the old standby lines is “guns and alcohol don’t mix”.  It’s a simple one liner for a simple minded person and meant to stir up emotion among those ignorant of existing laws in other states.  If the sky was really going to fall, why hasn’t it in Indiana or dozens of other states?

I’ll simply point to Indiana as our comparison state.  At 18 you can get a license to carry a handgun. You can carry, openly or concealed, into a bar at 21.  You can carry into virtually any local government building and if the municipality tries to prevent you, you can sue for monetary damages.  You can carry into churches…. for decades upon decades.  Hold on a second I’ve got to check something…. ok I’m back, the sky is still up where it belongs.  I’ll keep checking, after 90~ years, it’s bound to be ready to fall any day now.

Among the new (read restored) Rights of Georgians, citizens in the armed forces can get a license to carry at 18 as opposed to waiting until they are 21.  While I am pleased more Americans will be able to carry, I deplore the notion of second class citizens.  That is exactly what this new law does, tell those between the ages of 18-20 that their lives aren’t worth as much.  Many states don’t place such draconian restrictions on young people but unfortunately many still do.

Georgia joins a few other states this year in (re)legalizing hunting with suppressors.  Georgians will also join numerous other states where it is also legal to carry into an airport, excluding the “sterile” areas.  The TSA director issued a statement calling it “disturbing” and a “dangerous idea”… it appears the director doesn’t realize that it’s already legal in several other states.

My hat is off to Georgians for getting what is overall a very good bill off the ground and passed into law.  I’d also suggest their is more work to be done in the next session to eliminate certain restrictions when it comes to churches and especially college campuses.

The new law “respects private property rights” according to the Governor.  One must wonder how an accommodation open to the public that cannot discriminate against someone based on things like gender, race, religion or other protected civil liberties can some how claim “private property rights” when denying someone their birth right to self defense.  Its absurd.   A person has a Right to self defense as much as someone has a Right to be black or be a female.  In the mean time I can only suggest you avoid such establishments like the plague.  They don’t deserve your patronage or your money.

Enjoy the victory Georgia, just don’t rest on your laurels for too long there is still a lot of work to be done.


As an Oath Keeper Joe is known for his staunch, unwavering defense of Liberty and the Constitution. His background in medicine, from the streets as a FF/EMT to a level 1 trauma team, bring a unique perspective to TBS team. As a life long firearms enthusiast you may also recognize him from his work with MAC and as founder of 13C Gun Reviews.

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  • Kelly Harbeson

    Good news. Now Florida needs to get with the program. Hunting with a suppressed weapon confers no unfair advantage, it only reduces conflicts with one’s neighbors.

  • Robert Beezer

    It’s funny how pundits online are losing their gords over the fact that “drunks will be carrying in bars!!” when Virginia has allowed carry in bars for over a year and there hasn’t been a single incident. It’s comforting to see some states make strides for civil liberties when you look to other corners of the nation and see things like the SAFE act not budging…. Good stuff Joe!

  • mrBlaQ

    Yo, libtard in favor of guns here. I don’t care what tool you use, if you’re gonna murder someone you’re a dumbfuck. And, that’s kind of the bigger problem. There’s a lot more dumbfucks in the US than there are firearms. I don’t think that means we should take rights from responsible people. I’d sure like it if there were less dumbfucks. I don’t know how to fix all that; education? outreach? community service? Fuck, I don’t know. I just hope we as a people can learn better respect for each other. To be more proactive (raise our children right) than reactive (put our parental failures in jail).

    • Rence

      You hit the nail on the head in your last line. Raise our kids right. I got my first rifle at 9. at 12 i was allowed to take it out target shooting on my own. I’ve had CCW permits since i was 18. I’ve had 1 accidental discharge in my life, and luckily as i’d been taught, i had the muzzle pointed down.

      I’ve owned every fashion of firearm other than black powder. Total crimes committed with a firearm (other than speeding): 0. Maybe its because i was not raised in a real urban environment, many apartment complexes have more people than my whole town did, i cant say for sure. But what i can say for sure is that i was raised around firearms by a responsible gun owner/hunter/lifelong shooter and taught from a very young age how to use them, when to use them, but most importantly, when NOT to use them. Should i ever become a father and teach my kids as well as i was taught, i’ll have no qualms about giving my kids guns of their own. Im also sure that none of my kids will ever be victims, and if i do it right, they’ll never be offenders either.

      • Anon

        No, you had a Negligent Discharge. FTFY.

        • Rence

          Semantics. But if you feel the need to hold it against me 25 years after it happened, thats your right. I’m sure its not the only thing i did when i was 14 that would still piss someone off if they knew about it. So you can call it negligent, I cannot argue, but at the end of the day its a .22lr in the dirt that made me a much more conscientious shooter and even more aware of firearm safety. i’d call it 4 cents well spent.

  • Maximus Max

    Do you know how many mass shooting have been stopped by an armed citizen shooting the perpetrator? 3%. THREE PERCENT!

    WE need more people carrying all the time! It’s our DUTY.

  • 33AD


    Hey Liberals in Georgia – news flash for you…there were already people carrying guns in bars before who didn’t adhere to the law. Now, law abiding citizens will be afforded legal protection for their demonstration of this right.

  • 4x4moses

    I wholeheartedly support the new laws in Georgia. As for carrying guns to church, I’ve got no problem with that. In fact, during the civil rights era a lot of pastors here in the south were preaching against discrimination and violent racism, and packing heat in the pulpit!

  • James Brown

    Good news, but I saw feinstein, head, and explode and got my hopes up.

  • Michael Wheeler

    The airport carry has been law sense 2010 the new part in the law codify s it in law. It also prevents the county from arresting people if they forget a firearm is in their bag at the TSA checkpoint. It has not been illegal to forget a firearm in your bag but the local gun grabbing county has been arresting people over this. This should all be fixed now. A night in jail because you forgot your weapon is in your carry on i just abuse and had no legal standing but it was happening anyway. The bill was watered down significantly in the Senate. It originally decriminalized campus carry to not more than a 100$ fine (like church’s will be on July 1st). Church’s were to be treated like all other private property however the Senate changed it to (opt in) so churches are off limits until they opt in to allow carry. Thank you for the great article and I enjoy reading your page keep up the good work. God Bless.

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  • David C Hill

    I personal believe that if i want to have people carry guns on not carry gun into my bar or other private property it should be the decision of the business owner no one else

  • Joe Weber

    The leftards are going full retard over this… Other states have long legalized the carrying of firearms in more places than GA. Nice to see GA getting on board with what has long been the norm in other states.

  • Bran Dav

    I have had the great honor of training with many people in my local area of Columbus, Ohio, and have never seen a downside to training and legally carrying a firearm. I carry my firearm as a tool and it never leaves my side (or appendix) durring the day. In the great state of Ohio we have the right to carry a concealed handgun inside bars and other establishments. We have been honored to utilize this right for a couple years now and have not experienced an increase in firearms related incidents or accidents. As a CHL holder in this great state, and as an NRA certified instructor i find it my duty to inform, educate, and train the proud law-abiding citizens around me on a constant basis. The facts are clear and remain evident that when people are responcible and “properly” trained crime drops. We should all remember and take pride in knowing that our freedoms were earned in blood with the very same tools that are under attack in our modern political circus. Educate, Train, enjoy your freedom!