Is the x39 world coming to an end?

The internet is awash with stories of Putin shutting down exports of ammunition to the U.S. in response to events taking place in Ukraine. Blogs are making unsubstantiated reports that such a mandate has been handed down from the Kremin, however I’m unable to find any credible news sources to confirm these rumors. I’ve not been able to find a press release from the Kremlin nor any mention of it elsewhere in the main stream media.

Infowars is reporting that distributors (not importers) are reporting a massive run on Russian ammo after hearing the unsubstantiated rumors of an ammo embargo. Of course distributors are going to be wiped out, people are doing what they always do — panicking and hoarding. It’s a seemingly endless cycle we’ve endured for the last eight years or so… and here we go again.

We are our own worst enemies at times…

James Yeager posted a video saying things could get ugly if Putin shuts off exports of x39 ammo, and when I say x39 I mean 7.62×39 and 5.45×39. Keep in mind that Russia isn’t the only source of x39 ammo, it’s manufactured all over the world including places like Romania where Century Arms has previously sourced their 7.62x54R, 7.63×39 and 5.45×39 Red Army Standard ammunition. James also reports that no shipments of ammo are on the water and that it could be 4 months before more arrives, assuming it ever arrives.

Wanting to get the scoop straight for the horses mouth, I called Wolf Ammo (which is an American company by the way) this morning to see what I could find out about the status of imports. I was told that ammo is “on the water”, as are VEPR AK’s, and is headed towards the United States as I type this. I was also told that they have heard no news from Russia that their export agreements have been canceled or otherwise impeded.

Wolf imports ammo from a number of countries including Germany, Taiwan and Serbia — not just Russia. I was informed their corporate planning includes contingencies for events such as what’s currently transpiring in Russia. In short, they assured me that ammo will flow to the U.S. as Russia isn’t the only source of affordable x39 ammo in the world. Wolf isn’t going to close up shop should Putin halt ammo exports, they’ll simply source it elsewhere.

About the only thing that will change is the price, and that’s our own fault. Look at the current state of .22LR ammo. People continue to mindlessly panic buy the popular rimfire cartridge despite the fact manufacturers continue to produce it at the same volume they always have.

Again, we’re our own worst enemy at times.

So now the rush to hoard x39 ammo is in full swing despite the fact there’s no shortage of it flowing into the country. I’m already hearing reports out of Nevada that cases of ammo are up to $1,000. I urge you to think twice before you run out and buy ammo at grossly inflated prices.


MAC is an avid shooter, former MCSF Marine, NRA member, Oath Keeper and is commissioned as a Colonel by the Governor of Kentucky. Known for his videos on the Military Arms Channel, he also writes for The Bang Switch, for Shotgun News (Be Ready!) and freelances for Guns & Ammo. MAC has been a life long shooter who has an interest in all things that go "bang" but gravitates towards military type firearms.

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  • peterK

    Reminds me of when flappy bird got pulled and phones with it on were selling for thousands. Wish I’d been quick enough to get in on THAT free money, haha. :)

  • Kyle

    How about 9×39? We need some of that. Mainly the platforms that run it though…

  • Matt

    My local big box has 10 spam cans just setting on the shelf right now

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  • John C Sell Jr

    And while it is higher in price, there are US companies make x39 ammo as well. The 7.62 is the most plentiful in that realm but 5.45 is being made and I’m sure if the demand really did hit, US companies would start making it more too.

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  • Tony M

    This is fear mongering to inflate already high prices! STOP IT NOW!

    • UpyoursLibs

      I am going to have to sell my first born to pay for ammo now :(

      • Pete Argabright

        I already did :D

        • Ergo

          sold the lot of em off for medical experimentation?

          • Pete Argabright

            nah, I wanted to buy a WASR 10

            • Ergo

              if you had wanted an arsenal it would have taken 2 kids

            • Pete Argabright

              Satan tried to sell me a Vepr for my soul.

  • Christopher Sine

    I just look on slickguns, and found plenty of places that have x39 in stock. I wouldn’t sweat it.

    • dmichael66

      walmart usually has it…

  • hitmhard

    No panic buying here! I only have 100 rounds of 7.62×39 and won’t go rush out to buy any either.

    • Justin Myrick

      You should. 100 rounds is never enough of any caliber.

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  • Ryan

    James Yeager is a joke sometimes, just trying to stir the pot

    • D

      James Yeager is always a joke.

      • Ryan


        • UpyoursLibs

          I 2nd this statement…

          • Karina

            I 2A this statement.

            • Pete

              I trademark this statement.

    • Ryan Coleman

      Id never take James Yeager seriously. his videos are beyond what hed want to say educational and into douchebaggy.

    • Dirt Grub

      I heard he needed some fast cash to pay for a new toy so he came up with this little plan. He sells ammo you know

      • R5

        I’m sure he still has some from that “movie” he’s making….

  • zoomgo

    Are you trying to tell me James Yeagar is trying to stir the pot? Impossible! :)

    • Flyingguns

      James Yeager is a fucking idiot to think he is. Knowing his antics and lack of experience in the sourcing of ammo, I wouldnt put it past him

    • Military Arms Channel

      I don’t know if James was trying to stir the pot. He seems to have been reporting information from his sources. I don’t know who his sources are. I decided to go straight to the top of the food chain to get my questions answered.

      • zoomgo

        And it’s much appreciated MAC. James on his FB pages cites John Farnam, whom after a quick google, is another instructor. To what credibility this instructor has concerning a nation’s leader’s ability to halt export of goods, seems very low… I think it winds up to 1) being paranoid 2) trying to stir pot

      • stat Eng

        Here I tulsa walmart has tons of 7.62.

      • Jake Gaston

        Thanks MAC

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  • Joe King

    I just checked and found wolf steel ammo for $220 per 1k rnds available.

  • maze

    I thought I read awhile back that Obama was allowing foreign trade agreements that allowed the import of ammo to expire? I do not recall when these treaties were set to expire. A round about way to dry up ammo supplies without having to enact any legislation or any outright bans! Take that away, and throw in the fact our only lead smelter in this country was shut down due to Obama’s EPA regulations…and I would say that is a big chunk of ammo sales over all. If we cant make ammo, and we cant import it, Obama has succeeded in basically a backdoor ammo ban!

    • ying lin

      the lead smelter you are referring too only smelted raw ore into lead. Per sierra bullets that will not effect ammo non of the manufacturers use brand new lead . They purchase their lead from recyclers and there are plenty of recycling smelters operating in the us

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  • Dondgeon

    This is ridiculous.

    Mac, release a video explaining how buying 22lr puts you at extreme high risk of contracting amoebic dysentery. Then shelves will fill up.

  • stat Eng

    I think James is a buddy of yours Tim but I think is part of the panic problem.

  • nickolas nussbaum

    The red army standard says made in ukraine on box, but any way i think your right mac no ammo sources have been cut yet but if it was, like you say plenty of other countries to import from and hotshot 7.62×39 made right here in the usa. And there’s still russian ammo out there i picked up a few boxes of wolf at my local fishermans&marine warehouse they just got a case in that night so new they hadn’t put up price tag on the shelf yet. So im not worried and im not gonna hoard or panic buy and pay a inflated price when they become scarce just enough to fill my mags,and i urge anyone who sees this comment to do the same and not hoard or panic buy ammo.

    • Military Arms Channel

      These are the two I have, and both are marked Romania. I’m sure they’ve sourced their ammo from Ukraine as well. Just as Wolf imports ammo from multiple sources, so does Century. The point is, ammo is readily available outside of Russia and Ukraine.

      • GWolf

        I just got some Red Army a standard in marked Ukraine. The primer and case mouth on it are not sealed like the Romanian made Red Army Standard. Box is the same except country of origin and it’s imported by Century.

  • Nick Cotugno

    james yeager is a nipple head. herd this same shit in a post on today. its seems like internet bullshit. just saw two cases on the shelf of my local wally world that’s been sitting for 3 days.

  • patrick

    Yeager is an idiot. Horrible representative for gun owners.

    • EATitCNN

      Pinky…is that you?

  • Daniel Holt

    And if you think about it, Putin would never stop a source of foreign currency influx to his country and he’s a smart cookie. He’d love to keep the US trade imbalance right where it is.

  • ensitue

    I am a former purchasing agent, it was my job to buy materials for the operation of a large factory, avoiding shortages and price hikes which are sometimes manufactured themselves

    I see no reason to think that personal stockpiles are a bad thing under any circumstance no matter what prompts their accumulation. Those who stocked in 2008 did not suffer from the price gouging after SH and did not contribute to the Panic.

    American shooters have been at the mercy of Politically driven shortages since the Clinton Administration and now suffer outright Oppression, there are sufficient reasons to “Panic” without the Ukraine Crisis. More resources, in more private hands increases .guvs task exponentially.
    We need beans as well as bullets

    • Mike Vee

      ^^^ +1

  • Alan

    500 Rounds of 7.62x39mm Ammo by PMC – 123gr FMJ
    Regular Price: $370.00
    On Sale: $345.00

    • dmichael66

      just a little bit… why buy that when you can buy Tula for .25 a round at Walmart… ?

      • jebova2301

        Only advantage I see is that it is reloadable.

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  • Pinky.

    James Yeager…. what a fucking joke. He’s one of the biggest lil bitches i’ve ever seen. I stopped listening to him two years ago.

    • EATitCNN

      LOL yeah okay pinky. He’d snap you in half.

  • Jon Mathews

    Why not just manufacture x39 here in the U.S.??? Create new jobs and new national exports and more US GDP!! Heck, for all you anti-immigrant folks, we could put immigrants to work for minimum wage and have our own abundant supply of x39!!! Oh wait, Obama is raising national minimum wages. It wouldn’t be profitable. Forget I mentioned it.

    • Diraphe

      Alot of US manufacturers do produce 7.62x39mm; in re-loadable brass casings too! One minor downside is they tend to load .308 diameter bullets and most rifles chambered for the cartridge have bores of .311. It works but sometimes your groups loosen.

    • Gwolf

      It is made here by a number of companies but as said it’s usually brass case and quite a bit more spendy. Some AR guys turn their noses up at shooting steel case ammo in their ARs. I’d say a lot of AK guys are the opposite and prefer to get the cheap steel case stuff from Russia or Ukraine.

  • Lou

    I just snagged 1k rounds for 235 shipped. I saw AIM surplus was sold out but it was available everywhere else I looked online. It is also still in stock at the local stores. A large portion of our x39 is made in other parts of Europe so even if Russia were to stop exporting, there will still be plenty of ammo.

    • Lou

      Nevermind, I just looked at my favorite sites again and the only thing left in 7.62 was brass cased PMC and the 5.45 has gone up about $100.

  • phu que 2

    9×39? Really? That caliber is so rare, I doubt in can be readily found anywhere in the US. For those that don’t know what a 9×39 is, well, it is a 7.62×39 cartridge necked out to take a 9mm bullet.Pretty remote. A quick search of the internet did not come up with one hit on the ammo.

    • Reef Blastbody

      Yeah, the only 2 weapons chambered for the 9X39 that I can recall are the (uber-cool, IMO) VSS Vintorez and AS VAL, both of which are integrally suppressed, full auto, and may as well be made from pure unobtanium as far as we proletariat are concerned. They’re specialist weapons generally reserved for Spetsnaz types.

  • VDMA

    James Yeager is a flippin’ idiot.

  • Kyle

    James Yeager and infowars. Please MAC lol.

  • William Barnett-Lewis

    Infowars? There’s the whole problem in a nutshell. Let me know if someplace sane starts saying there’s a shortage.

    • Steven Hadden

      You obviously didn’t read this article. Infowars only discussed what distributors were reporting.

      • William Barnett-Lewis

        I read it while holding my nose. Infowars is, as always, full of crap and anyone who believes one word published there deserves nothing but derision.

        • RPM Motorsports

          William Barnett-Lewis = Sheep with head in sand.

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  • Wally

    Someone, please tell me this isn’t happening?

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  • Wesley

    I’ve never liked James Yeager. He likes to think he’s more important than he really is.

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  • Mike Vee

    I’m glad there is no rush for 7.62 x 54r – the forgotten caliber. My Mosins and VEPR love the commie surplus from the 70s – 80s.

  • UpyoursLibs

    you really have to appreciate people that take their time to look at the info and make educated, calm and calculated statements to REPORT a situation… Yeager seems to be impulsive and rather childish. I do see he has the passion for our cause, but he is a loose cannon of the biggest order! Makes you wonder if he does more harm than good.

    • Rick Gabriel

      My thoughts exactly.

  • Keith Smooth Lefebvre

    If you’re paying more then 22 cents a round for 7.62×39 you planned poorly.

    • GWolf

      Exactly. I had a couple of cases at the house prior to this but when the Ukraine situation started to flare up I ordered some more cases a week or so ago. Long before Yeager or anyone sounded an alarm.

      Maybe it was unnecessary, but then bottom lines is that I have ammo and I got it cheap. It’s not like I won’t use it. Looking at SGAmmo this morning, the usual brands I buy, Bears, RAS, Golden Tiger, are all gone.

      The day after Sandy Hook I went and bought a few cases each of .22 LR and 5.56. I just knew that there would be some panic BS and prices would skyrocket.

      Course, some people might say I’m part of the panic problem. Maybe so, but I got cheap ammo and they don’t. So they can hate on. I don’t flip it, I use it.

      I also don’t wait until a blizzard is on the way to get a Kerosene or food. Some people are ants and some are grasshoppers.

  • Spudgun

    7.62 and 5.45 x 39 were the only cartridges that could still be found at somewhat normal prices… until now, apparently. Debunking the rumor probably isn’t even going to help now; we panicky gun owners are perfectly capable of creating shortages and jacking up prices all on our own.

  • Michael Stratton

    Does this mean odds of USA made 5.45 ammo went up?

  • Steven Hadden

    This article doesn’t get it. The problem is NOT with Putin shutting off exports to the USA. The problem is with OBAMA closing down imports from Russia.

    • Jack Flag

      That’s certainly a possibility. Just like Clinton with Chinese ammo/arms. Of course we still get every other possible crappy thing made from China (though not all of it is bad). But there’s no credible proof of that either. The many blogs and Yeager’s “source” are probably getting the same “information” from the same gold/silver blog.

    • Rick Gabriel

      What now? Do you have a source for that info? There are plenty of other places to source x39 ammo from. Russia is a big player sure, but there are plenty of other countries importing x39, and there are quite a few who produce it domestically here in the US too, at least the 7.62 variant.

    • mikesmith909

      What specific sanctions or trade agreements are you referring to when you say “Obama closing down imports from Russia”? I curiously await this answer.

  • Betty Blue

    What’s Yeagers background anyways? Is he even former military? He seems to be the kind of guy who talks but doesn’t listen.

    • Rick Gabriel

      Small town cop and sheriff in TN, got fired after 12 years OTJ. He claims FBI SWAT cert and DEA Undercover work in his bio but I haven’t been able to track down anything that confirms that. He also spent a year as a contractor with ESRM and got into some trouble over the “Route Irish Incident” (google it). All in all, not exactly the best resume. There is more controversy surrounding that dude than for one reason or another than any other instructor I’ve heard of.

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  • Ron

    Lucky gunner is selling 7.62X39 anywhere form 70 cent to a dollar a round! Lol To hell with that!

    • jebova2301

      To be fair, at least what they are selling is all boxer-primed, reloadable brass cased ammo. It makes up for a little of the expense.

    • Thomas R Burnsed Jr

      Lucky Gunner will NEVER get a dime of my money.
      I have personally delivered to the facility over by Six Flags of GA.
      It is not a very fancy facility, just a rented warehouse on a side street off of Fulton Industrial Boulevard. They are Gougers period. I went by Moss Pawn today and they are fairly priced, not cheap but a fair markup. The Convenience is worth it for me since I work out of town often and like to buy ammo when I plan to shoot it. It is usually in stock. They are the only place I can get 7.5X55 Swiss in South Atlanta. They got a couple cases of Aguila .22 HV in today. Still higher than two years ago but not $80 a brick for Thunderbolt like Lucky Gunner wants. I shop there enough that I even got a slight discount on a Bulls Bag today. Even a local shop had 1K Tula X39 for $299. Get on good terms with your local retailers and they will take care of you or at least tell you the truth about the supply.

  • Ryan Neilsen

    Is this a fucking joke?

  • Rick Gabriel

    Fucking Yeager… Why do people still listen to that guy? We should have learned our lesson by now with all of the BS he’s pulled over the years. Take everything he says and does with a grain of salt unless it can be confirmed elsewhere. I mean, I’m not trying to bash on the guy but dammit he’s giving me no choice. This is the 3rd, 4th time now (by my count) that his mouth or actions have screwed us all over. I’m really getting sick of it.

    • MedicMatt

      You don’t know Yeager.

      • Rick Gabriel

        To be perfectly honest, I don’t want to know him. He’s not the type of person I want to be associated with.

        • Christian Green

          Rick, that’s quite the ignorant , intolerant statement there my man. He is just about the most honest man I have ever met. Dont judge a man by his youtube.

          • Rick Gabriel

            I know that’s a shitty way to be but some of the things he says and and does really piss me off – especially when it negatively affects others like what is happening now. I’m really starting to think he’s doing it on purpose to create controversy and get his name out there. He seems to be really good at that sort of thing. He’ll be cool for a bit but then just starts shit out of nowhere for no apparent reason. It’s frustrating because I want to like him but he makes it so damn hard to do.

            • Christian Green

              Look at it this way dude…
              The way I took it was, ” if you need ammo to train on your russian rifle, buy it now, because either russia, or obama is about to mess up the supply”

              For instance, this summer I am taking a fighting rifle class that requires 1500 rounds of 5.45. I ordered a spam can with the rifle, it cost me $129.

              Yesterday I called my normal suppliers..
              Weidners was totally out.
              3 others were also out.
              I was able to find some in arizona, at 400 for a crate containing 2 cans.

              Yeagers youtube channel is how he communicates with his thousands of allumni, I saw the most recent video as a heads up to square away your training supplies.
              I appreciated it.

            • Rick Gabriel

              But that’s the thing though – everything was fine until he said to buy ammo. Prices where not that high before he made that video. Yeager (and whoever told him/started the rumor) are responsible for the run on x39 and the subsequent shortage and raised prices. None of this was an issue the beginning of the week, but now it is. Hence the reason why people are so pissed off at him and his “sources”.

            • Christian Green

              So…. you are telling me that the ukranian revoloution , and subsequent invasion , by russia,of the Crimea had no effect, and that one man on youtube, caused a shortage?

            • Rick Gabriel

              More or less, yeah. To be clear I’m not blaming Yeager specifically, but everyone who started/spread the rumor, especially those in the firearms community. What happens in Ukraine and what Russia does has nothing to do with x39 ammo production since x39 ammo is made all over the world. Russia is just a small part of it. Also, the whole Ukraine/Russia thing has been going on for months now – we’re just hearing of it in the West fairly recently. If that was going to have an affect on ammo, it would have already happened a while ago.
              Judging by the fact that the video Yeager put up 2 days ago already has close to 40,000 views, I’d say he’s pretty responsible for helping spread the rumor, as is Alex Jones and InfoWars are for starting it.

              Once again, if you read the article Mac posted, and listen to what the mfgs and distros are saying, THERE WAS NO SHORTAGE UNTIL PEOPLE STARTED SAYING THERE WOULD BE. Current world events have nothing to do with it.

            • Christian Green

              Copy, I read mac’s entire article, he makes some good points…. just dont turn this into “blame it on yeager”.

              I actually started hunting ammo while watching the news from ukraine, as I am sure others did, I just didn’t have any urgency till yeager said somthing.

            • Riddley Walker

              So, you panicked when Yeager told you to. Good show.

            • MrApple

              The anti-gun crowd doesn’t need Yeager and his inflammatory words/videos to hate us. The simply fact that we support the 2nd Amendment and don’t surrender to their “wisdom and common sense gun laws” is reason enough for them.

          • Riddley Walker

            Are you saying that we should not judge a man’s skills in combat based on video evidence of a cowardly act in a firefight? I think it’s the perfect piece of evidence by which to judge a man’s warfighting skills.

            Now understand, that doesn’t necessarily make you a bad person. It doesn’t even necessarily make you a coward. You have to understand the hard-wired fight or flight response. People may react differently when s**t goes down and they may have little control over it. But when you bill yourself as a badmotherf**king T1++ trainer of men who aspire to be same then you can not have something like that on your resume. That he clearly hasn’t learned any humility from his mettle-test is what makes him a clown.

            • Christian Green

              So Riddly, lets see video of your firefight on route irish.

            • Riddley Walker

              (sigh) Show me yours I’ll show you mine? That’s a weaksauce argument and the refuge of someone who has nothing else to offer. What are YOUR qualifications to comment? Let’s not play that childish game, okay?

              I am not claiming to be a T1 operator and offering my services as a world-class instructor. I would never make those claims because I’m neither, I’m just a guy who’s pretty good with a gun. And as I already pointed out, I am not judging Yeager by his actions. I’m taking issue with his arrogance and lack of humility. His qualifications are in question.

            • Christian Green

              Riddly, here are the high points of my resume, and why I think you may not have the experience required to pass judgement on someone else.

              I worked as a law enforcement officer in south florida from 1991-2000.
              US Customs maritime and aviation interdiction.
              Priviate security contractor up untill 2010.
              Now I am the ceo of a company that, among other things, provides instructon in firearms, communications,emergency medical treatment, etc.

              I just grow weary of folks who have never been shot at, never taken a class, talking ignorant shit about one of the smartest instructors I have ever met or trained under.

              Sience we first started this discussion, I called every disributor I know, they all tell me that the uptic in russian ammo sales started the week before yeagers gave us a heads up.

              I will close with what will be my final thoughts on this subject.

              I enjoy MAC’s youtube channel and the bangswitch blog. I just think he’s factually wrong on this one.

              As for Yeagers haters, last time I was in camden, he did a statistical analysis that revealed : over 200k of his business came from the haters.

            • Riddley Walker

              Wow, that is a really impressive resume. Mall ninja better watch out.

            • EATitCNN

              LOTSA keyboard warrior talk from a LOSER. You’ve never served, you’ve never done ANYTHING to list on a resume. YOU just got served. mall ninja.

            • Riddley Walker

              “Got served” lol. I love that expression. Now pull your pants up and put your hat on straight.

              But anyway… cool story, bro.

  • BOB

    I got out of the x39 game just because of how vulnerable the supply is to presidential EOs and international crises

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  • D. Hide

    Aw no, not again! Please not the x39’s this time… dammit, although we knew the panic buying would get to it eventually. No .22, no x39… Half my guns are running low!

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  • Jwedel1231

    Time to switch back to cheap ol’ 22LR until this blows over…

    • RPM Motorsports

      What cheap ol’ 22LR ???

  • 7.62

    Sorry, but the time to buy is right now. The prices are not grossly inflated on 7.62×39 right now, in fact they are maybe only a few cents higher than pre-Sandy Hook, but they will be shortly. Whether you agree with the reasons they are about to become inflated or not – A blog is not going to stop panic buying. People are idiots. If you need the ammo and have the money, you should already have an order in transit.

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  • Joseph Mattingly

    yeah other country do sell the ak ammo,but not as cheap or in bulk like russia i believe..

  • Dirk Williams

    JY is a FUCKTARD, period.

  • Harrison Jones

    Putin isn’t the one I’m worried about cutting ammo imports off. If anything I think he’d subsidize the exported american ammo and encourage the exporters to export more to america just to piss off his American counterpart(our all knowing President).

  • mikesmith909

    The fact that you went to credible sources and confirmed your information before speaking is worthy of a giant pat on the back. It’s refreshing to see someone speaking AFTER they get real data. On the other hand, blaming this on Obama deserves a smack on the head. Why? Because I’m unable to find any credible news sources to confirm rumors that Obama ever intended to ban ammo. I’ve not been able to find a press release from the White House nor any mention of it elsewhere in the main stream media. Thin-skinned, paranoid gun owners are the reason for the shortage, plain and simple. Obama is the straw man used by the industry lobbyists to get you all to buy more of their product. And you’re all falling for it hook, line and sinker!

    • Military Arms Channel

      I didn’t blame anything on Obama with regards to this article. I’m not sure where you’re getting that strawman argument from.

      • mikesmith909

        I got it from your comment a comment under this youtuebe video: watch?v=y-gamJ56Lb4 where you tacitly throw Obama into the x39 ammo shortage hysteria when you say “…and if our infamous leader continues to make boneheaded moves on the
        international political stage, expect things to be tight for the
        foreseeable future.”

        That is a classic straw man move and is typically used by middle eastern despots to blame miserable conditions in their countries on the “oppression” by America. This “blame Obama for anything gun related” is so ingrained into the psyche of gun owners that they can’t even see it subjectively.

        What boneheaded moves has he “coninued to make” that have anything to do with gun or ammo shortage? Even further, what boneheaded move at all has he made to affect gun or ammo shortages at all? The only legislation he has signed that has anything to do with guns or ammo is sign the Credit CARD Act of 2009 and didn’t object to Coburn’s amendment allowing firearms in national parks.

        Instead of pointing the finger at straw men in middle eastern dictatorial fashion, why not just say to gun owners “It’s not Obama, it’s YOU who are the cause of the gun shortage of 2013, the ammo shortages since 2008, the powder, primer and projectile shortages of the last few years, the ridiculous 22LR shortage and prices”. I’ve not heard one single Democrat, not even Feinstein ever say a single thing about 22LR ammo yet people are paying 10 cents a round for it (if they are lucky to find it). It’s paranoia and that paranoia is not being stirred up accidentally.

        • Military Arms Channel

          There ya go, as I said, I made no mention of Obama in this article.

          Now, let’s put the YouTube video comment into perspective. When that comment was written (before this article) the Obama administration was threatening sanctions — specifically the freezing of Russian assets. To do something like that would be a “bone headed move” and we could expect the Russians to respond in kind. How that would play out is anyone’s guess, but it very well could have resulted imports and exports from both nations ceasing, and could have even escalated to a precursor for war.

          That has changed, at least for the time being, which is why I make no mention of it in this article.

          Your “blame Obama for everything gun related” is a strawman argument as well.

          As for ME (YOU as you put it) being responsible for the shortages… that falls squarely in the “no shit” category. Had you bothered to read the article you’re commenting on you would have noticed I said, “We are our own worst enemies at times…” in reference to this very subject. I not only said it once, but TWICE.

          As for other “bone headed moves” Obama has made with regards to gun ownership in the US, I made no mention of that either. Your lack of reading comprehension skills caused you to completely gloss over the operative statements in my Yeager YouTube video comments. Here they are:

          “If things escalate and war breaks out, and if our infamous leader continues to make boneheaded moves on the international political stage”

          Please take note of the “if” statements and the “international political stage” comment. I wasn’t talking about domestic gun policies, so why you’re rambling on incessantly about them is a bit perplexing. Your comments smack of an Obama voter that’s desperately trying to defend his choice by creating strawman argument after strawman argument.

          Likening me to a middle eastern dictator falls far beyond the pale of sophomoric statements and lands in firmly the bucket of ignorance.

          • mikesmith909

            This all revolves around “if our infamous leader continues to make boneheaded moves on the international political stage”. That was my only beef. What exactly has he done, specifically, on the international political stage that is boneheaded? Threatening sanctions? That’s kind of International Affairs 101, you always put sanctions on the table first so that the foreign leaders think before taking step 2. So far he has implemented visa restrictions on Putin’s Ukrainian pals but other than that, it will be an EU/NATO thing since Ukraine is following the NATO MAP.

            Regarding the middle eastern dictator thing, it was extreme but a valid example. It’s the only one I could think at the moment but it still applies. There’s a massive ammo shortage due plain and simple to gun owners’ paranoia and hysteria and instead of saying “hey everyone, IT”S US!”, the outspoken gun community writers/bloggers/youtubers and NRA and it’s more extreme competitors say “NO, IT’S HIM! IT’S the KENYAN IN CHIEF!”

  • Dave H

    all it is, is speculation, I mean it’s just asinine behavior and mostly market based rumors just so they can get more cash for their product, stop and really think about that.

  • Just the Facts

    Hilarious how many gun owners (not all, but many) are so quick to label non-gun owners “sheeple” yet themselves act with a herd mentality when it comes to manufactured crises about impending gun/ammo disasters.

    Obama got elected, he’s gonna outlaw your guns & ammo-better buy now! Didn’t happen. Sandy Hook massacre, they’re gonna ban your guns & ammo & mags-better buy now! Didn’t happen. Putin’s invading Eastern Europe, no more AK ammo-better buy now!

    The gun/ammo/accessory makers are laughing all the way to the bank and they’re making multiple trips fleecing the gun sheeple.

  • Lee

    None of its true … and right now i glad i do not shoot commie ammo.

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  • GearGeek

    It is sad what we come to, the whole “we are our own worst enemy” statement is very true. I will not over pay very much and by that I mean $45 for 100 rds of 5.56 target ammo is about my max give or take a few dollars depending on tax. I do not want to hoard ammo, sure I set some back for a rainy day like we all do, but I (like many Americans) just want to shoot and train with firearms. Go to the range with family and enjoy a good time without worrying about spending too much.

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  • PeakTop Prepper

    All this ripping on Yeager by a bunch of couch cowboys is quite hilarious. It boils down to good old fashioned jealously plain and simple. Yeager doesn’t need anybody to stick up for him and I can’t say I always agree with him either. But he’s a successful entrepreneur who actually employs people (how many of you daisy dips even have a job?). And he helps teach people about the importance of gun ownership and defending our rights to self defense and preservation, which isn’t all bad. So shut the hell up losers.

  • Josh

    I sat by James Yeager 2 years ago at a rifle dynamics ak-47 builder class, a few weeks after his infamous youtube video release. It didn’t take long for me to realize that judging someone based on their youtube videos a really stupid thing to do. Over a few days I learned Mr. Yeager is very intelligent, an extremely skilled gunfighter, and cool as hell to hangout with. People who call him an asshole and whatever else have either never met him or have been called out for BS by him because he doesn’t hesitate for a second to do that. Get over it people, everyone has said something stupid or made inaccurate statements. He just does it on you tube. Rant over

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  • Yes_I_am_wealthy

    Yeager loves you, haters!

  • ozzallos .

    Infowars might as well be a tabloid. Anybody relying on them for serious, factual information is in for a disappointment and this entire x39 panic is retarded.

  • JohnDoe2

    Don;t like the prices? Dont buy. If you walk in to wally world and see 22 ammo, are you going to buy just one? Of course not. Americans think things will last forever. Sure, they can produce it here, you think prices are high now? Wait till made in america is on every box.

  • ltgun

    the problem I see is the fact that ammo suppliers are saying that they are still manufacturing at the same level. Job security for them I suppose, however if the supply was just keeping up at that time for 22lr, why then don’t they add more matchining to make more ammo for this huge jump in gun ownership. Supply and demand my you know what! Don’t forget that they are in the biz of making money as well. I was having trouble at times finding 22lr befor the whole threat of gun grabbing started after Sandyhook.

  • Randy Faulk

    I live in Nevada, and that “report” is complete and total BS! I’m buying TulAmmo 7.69 x 39 for less than $6 a box here in Las Vegas….

  • Matt

    OBAMA has threatened economic sanctions against Russia. This could stop trade between the USA and Russia… thus making it difficult for us shooters to get our hands on 7.62×39 and 5.49×39 ammo.

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  • Bill Kim

    If the embargo should prove to be true then Putin’s going about hurting Obama in the wrong way. He should FLOOD the market with ammo and parts kits. Win for him and win for “us” and lose for Obama.

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  • Sammy

    bought 2000 @.23 delivered. And btw if CTD isn’t gouging prices you can be sure there is no shortage.

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  • Patman DM

    Most of the area is Pro Russian anyways, and Putin already controls most of the country throu oil….

  • scarymike23

    Great write-up. Thank you for some sane, well reasoned, and RESEARCHED (what a concept!) commentary on the situation. This will be shared with many friends. Knowing is half the battle.

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  • Tricky Dick

    Go find some Russian surplus 5.45×39 today.

  • William Phillips

    So now that its is almost August since this thing was posted back in march and supposedly there has been a sanction placed on Russia that affects ammo and arms exports to the US, how about a follow up on the status of this story?