Krebs AK-15 – \”The Sexy\”

I wanted to show you guys a rifle I recently picked up. It’s the result of a collaborative effort by Krebs Custom and Definitive Arms, and it’s easily one of the most beautiful rifles I’ve ever laid eyes upon.

Krebs has named it the AK-15, but I call it “The Sexy”. I could ramble on with paragraphs of descriptive prose, but as the saying goes — a picture is worth a thousand words. Feast your peepers on this incredible boom stick:

Krebs AK15 rifleThe rifle is built on a Russian made Saiga 5.56mm AK. Using this as a base, Definitive Arms installs their revolutionary AR-15 mag well which allows the rifle to accept standard AR15 magazines. The Definitive Arms mag well also gives the rifle the ability to lock open on the last shot fired and includes a bolt release lever to send the bolt home once a fresh magazine is inserted. I’ve talked about this conversion previously on the Military Arms Channel. In short, I love it.

krebs 4 prong flash suppressor

The new Krebs Custom 4-prong flash suppressor.

Once the mag well is installed, the rifle is sent to Krebs Custom where Marc’s team of AK gurus work their magic. No part is left untouched by the master gunsmiths at Marc Krebs’ shop. The rifle is stripped down, cleaned up and smoothed out. Marc then cuts the barrel down and installs his brand new 4-prong flash suppressor (available in both 24mm and 14mm). The flash suppressor is permanently attached leaving the barrel at 16.25″ in length.

The next thing you’re likely to notice is the new Krebs UFM Keymod fore-end for Saiga rifles. This innovative fore-end extends the length of the handguard allowing for more accessories to be mounted than previously possible. It also facilitates the use of a hand-forward hold popular with todays tactical community. The Keymod system gives the user the ability to quickly and easily attach accessories along three sides of the handguard (left, right and bottom).

Across the top is an integrated 1913 rail for sights or other accessories. The top rail is cut so that the factory iron sights are visible to the operator, however the rail does not sit low enough to allow for co-witness with popular red dot sights such as the Aimpoint T-1 Micro.

Krebs Keymod handguard

The Krebs UFM Keymod Fore-end integrates cleanly into the receiver and is rock solid.

The rifle sports a standard SAW type pistol grip found on most Krebs Custom rifles which I find to be very comfortable and pleasant to use.

The stock is a VLTOR tube design that allows for the attachment of most M4 type stocks including the Malpul CTR featured on this particular rifle. The VLTOR system features a QD mount just behind the receiver and the CTR gives the user one more QD mounting point a little further out towards the buttpad of the stock.

The OEM safety lever has been replaced by a Krebs safety which includes a cut-out for locking the bolt to the rear. The locking cut-out is located so that it can be engaged when the bolt locks to the rear on an empty magazine. This is a nice added feature that allows the operator to securely lock the bolt to the rear so it can’t move forward unintentionally should the rifle be jarred.

The guys at Krebs Custom know the value of a good trigger which is why they’ve included a Red Star trigger system in the AK-15. The Red Star trigger has a much shorter travel than a conventional AK trigger and breaks like glass with zero over-travel. This is one of the nicest triggers I’ve felt on any AK and it will put most AR triggers to shame.

Krebs UFM Keymod Handguard

The Krebs UFM Keymod handguard allows for the easy attachment of rails and other accessories.

To finish the rifle off, Krebs applies a stunning Cerakote finish to the entire gun. Krebs offers their Cerakote finishes in Graphite Black, Magpul OD Green and Magpul Flat Dark Earth. The rifle picture is Cerakoted in Magpul OD Green. If you’re unfamiliar with Cerakote, be sure to check out my review of the popular finish on the Military Arms Channel. It’s by far one of the best finishes you can have applied to your firearm.

The total package tips the scales right at 8lbs and is 36.25″ in length with the stock fully extended. With the stock collapsed the rifle is a mere 33″ in length.

Now for the bad news. This rifle is a pre-production prototype. That means as of this writing I can’t give you a price. However, you can let the guys at Krebs Custom know you’re interested in owning one of these amazing rifles by contacting them on their FaceBook page. They’re looking forward to hearing from you.

I have been asked many times, “what is the ultimate AK for the prepared citizen?” I have a new answer to that question — The Sexy. I honestly believe the AK-15 (aka “The Sexy”) has the mojo to be the ultimate AK for the US market. I personally place this AK above all others in my collection, and that’s saying a lot.

Stay tuned for more info and of course a Military Arms Channel video featuring the AK-15.


MAC is an avid shooter, former MCSF Marine, NRA member, Oath Keeper and is commissioned as a Colonel by the Governor of Kentucky. Known for his videos on the Military Arms Channel, he also writes for The Bang Switch, for Shotgun News (Be Ready!) and freelances for Guns & Ammo. MAC has been a life long shooter who has an interest in all things that go "bang" but gravitates towards military type firearms.

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  • PeterK

    Gotta say, you didn’t have to say much to sell me on this, haha.

    • El Mac

      I like the forend, the trigger, the SAW grip and the stock set up.

      I don’t like the 5.56 and would prefer the Russian 7.62 along with standard AK magazines.

      • sam

        Well, then buy a handguard and saw grip for a standard AK . TWS makes a handguard that looks a bit like the one above. Except the TWS is not a keymod rail.

        • El Mac

          Exactly. And hopefully, Krebs will be making the forend soon enough for the Yugos. I never did find that TWS handguard you spoke of…got a link?

  • Smilodon


  • James Ruslan

    I would like to get one looks like a solid design

  • Phil The Thrill Wiltzius

    Looks like a lot of great features on this gun. Looking forward to the video!

  • mac

    Tim, I’ve got my DA gun coming. It shipped yesterday. Its the one on their Facebook banner currently. I can not wait to runs some rounds through it.

  • Jimmy

    Not a fan of that grip personally but everything else on that looks amazing.
    Hopefully they release it as a production rifle

  • DrVino

    HOW MUCH?????

    My 5.56 Saiga was converted into the AK 101 with side-folding stock.
    That required acquisition of a new FCG, new gas block and front sight block (to hold the cleaning rod and make room for:) a zigzag muzzle brake.
    The rear trunnion need to be swapped out and receiver needed to be modified to lock the side-folding stock in place when folded. The stock accepts the cleaning kit.
    Last thing to do: correct rear sight leaf.
    RRC sells 5.56 mags for the AK 101.
    Total cost: Rifle ($350 to $700 – depending when and where you bought it) and parts ( new FCG, furniture including FCG – about $300 to $350, mags extra).

    This has a drop-in M4 like telescoping stock. The hand guard with picatinny (shudder……) requires no swapping out of gas block and if they did not move back the front sight, then that is one thing not to do and utilizes the existing pins on the gas block and screw hole in the receiver to give the illusion of a free-float barrel.

    “Sexy…. like a cucumber strap-on on Audrey Hepburn.”


    It’s an AK (well, a Saiga (DON’T call it a “Sega”)). Quit trying to make a VW Beatle into a Ferrari.

  • M Jarvis

    I’m not trying to troll here – honest!

    Not being all that much of a rifle/AR/AK kinda guy – can someone explain to me why something like this is better than a plain jane AR? Same chambering, right? Perhaps a lot more robust – is that it?

    Don’t get me wrong – when I saw the pics I almost had to smoke a cig afterwards, but is something like this THAT much better?

    • MAC

      It has the reliability of the AK with the functionality of the AR. Many people, myself included, prefer the AK over the AR. While I prefer the AK, the AR does have some nice features like the last round hold-open and bolt release. It also uses magazines that are cheaper and more available. By adding these features to the AK, Krebs and Definitive Arms have built what I believe is probably the ultimate AK for the US market.

      • Howie Phelterbush

        No it doesn’t. It doesn’t have the reliablity of an AK and the functionality of an AR-15. It fires the very straight walled 5.56 and not the tapered 5.45 or 7.62 soviet rounds. It uses flimsy AR15 mags. between the 5.56 and the flimsy AR mags it will never be as reliable as a 7.62 or 5.45 AK with mil spec mags. You can call BS but I have seen enough 5.56 cases stuck in ARs AND in 5.56 AKs. I’ve never seen a stuck 5.45 case only one stuck 7.62×39 case. Guy fired 600 rounds in 10 minutes the bolt just froze in the truninion on a SAR-1. It also doesn’t have the functionality of the AR either. It doesn’t have an Ambi safety it doesn’t have a full lenght rail, it can’t co witness an optic, and it still has stock AK sights. its $1850 and the stock doesn’t even fold!

        • MAC

          The Soviet rounds are superior, IMHO, but this is the United States. Here, people prefer the 5.56mm. Given the lack of affordable 5.56 AK mags on the US market, having the ability to use AR mags is a huge bonus.

          With a stroke of the pen Obama, or any future President, can ban the import of cheap ammo. We’re potentially one shooting away from such an event, especially if some lunatic pulls a Patrick Prudy again with an AK. Since there isn’t a domestic producer of affordable 5.45×39 ammo, the smart prepper interested in a .22 caliber AK would lean towards the 5.56 rifle in this political climate.

          As for the unreliability of all 5.56mm rifles, you’re blowing that *way* out of perspective. While straight walled cases can stick (as tappered walled can), it’s exceedingly rare when running brass cased mil-spec 5.56mm ammo in a rifle equipped with a chrome lined mi-spec chamber.

          The PMAG is anything but flimsy or unreliable. I’ve done extensive testing of them, as have others (see’s thread), and found them to be extremely reliable in a wide variety of conditions.

          Ambi-safeties are nice add-on but have little practical use for most of us. The AR15 community has brought about the notion you must palpitate your safety lever thousands of times during range sessions when in reality you only need to flip it off once, shoot, remove your finger, shoot, remove your finger, put the rifle on safe when you’re done.

          Co-witness is a nice bonus, but its hardly a necessity. If I need irons, a quick detach lever will remove the RDS and I can fall back to irons. What many who think co-witness is so critical seem to forget is that you’re far more likely to have your sight obscured by mud/dirt/debris or have the lens(es) cracked than you are to have a sight failure. That means in most cases co-witness is useless as you’ll be forced to remove your sight if you need irons. I place having a 1913 rail with a QD mount well above the much vaulted “co-witness” requirement.

        • SDH

          You don’t know what your talking about, mine eats down anytype of cheap ammo I feed it from any AR mag I have including GI mags. Ambi controls are an option so is adding a folding hinge for the stock.

          Some ARs don’t have a full length rail, I know there is a full length rail for the Saiga 12, I imagine someone makes one. As for co-witness you can simply get some AR folding sights and now you have co-witness capability.

  • Michael Stratton

    Very Nice. Hell I’d be just fine with the magwell conversion on a 5.56 AK. Is the stock only collapsing or is it both folding and collapsing?

  • Mark

    Kinda looks like the Swiss Sig 540 rifle.

    • DrVino

      Right. The Sig 540 is what the AK 15 is trying to be.

  • Nobody

    Yea that’s all well and good but AKs from my experience are notoriously inaccurate after the first round. So HOW DOES IT SHOOT?

    • Steve Harris

      My Saiga with definative arms conversion can shoot a 1.5″ moa no problem, I imagine if I actually bought more exorcise ammo or reloaded I could break 1″ easy.

      It’s importain to remember that reputation for poor shot placement came from the first AK47 shooting a different size round.

      In addition they rectified this issue by adding an angled muzzle brake to the AK47 which help keep the muzzle from jumping up.

    • John C Sell Jr

      That is always so funny to me, I own several AKs and have never seen this notorious inaccuracy that everyone clammers about. In fact, my latest, a converted Saiga in 5.45 may even shoot better than most of my nice ARs. All rifles will have slight variations as the barrel warms up but again, I’ve never had such bad accuracy.

  • Jeff Pederson

    See, now THIS could be called “the game changer”.

  • Jason W

    The only thing I can think of that would make this rifle better is if instead of permanently attaching that flash suppressor, they cut the barrel at 16.5 and thread it 1/2x28TPI so the end user can attach whatever muzzle device they want on it. The ability to attach a can would be great.

    • Defend AZ

      Last I checked, Definitive Arms offers that service. I’ve seen dudes running suppressors off their DA converted Saiga. Pretty damn Cool.

      • SDH

        Yeah I had mine converted barrel threaded and pakerized.

  • DrVino

    BTW, the selector lever on an AK servers as a dust cover. (Yes, Mac, I saw the video, but while I believe you can dump dirt and sand into an AK’s action and mag and it will keep going, I prefer not to have to clean those out unless I have to).

    So… if Russian women with pudgy fingers can install the Saiga BHO and spring, the technologically superior Americans should be able to do so, and better – rather than butcher a selector switch into a garish monstrosity. Talk about lack of finesse and imagination. I guess those, too, left the Soviet Block and along with the Utopian ideology made their way to the U S of A….

  • DrVino

    Man, I finally found the Krebs page with this thing up for sale:

    AND they put a rear sight on the back of the DUST COVER? ON TOP OF A STAMPED RECEIVER? After every keyboard commando pisses their pants about how this is the most flexible most freely moving part of the gun and that the AK has a short sight radius anyway?
    It’s not even that rear sight that you rivet to the rear sight with a modified dust cover.
    Again: total lack of imagination.

    Dear Kreb’s: Free tip: come up with a way of extending the AK’s sight radius using the rear sight/front trunnion assemly the way Nagant Nuts use the rear sight mount on that gun to mount scopes without tapping the receiver.
    No commission necessary. I’ll even email you the sketches I made of the idea.

    I really don’t mean to come off as a troll. I’m an AK guy and this thing piqued my interest. Unfortunately, this blog won’t let me amend my original comment, so I keep posting new ones.

    Love the youtube channel, Mac.

    • mac

      Wow dude your an all pro hater

      • DrVino

        No. Im an AK purist and not an all pro kool aid drinker.

    • DrVino

      Ooops, two corrections:

      The link is their AK-13 (a 7.62×39 rifle) but the AK platform is fungible, so I would expect that to be an option.
      And, I meant to say: “that rear sight that you rivet to the rear ***trunnion***:

    • Defend AZ

      How many Firearms have you built DrVino? You seem to know exactly what your talking about, Where can I find you Firearms Manufacturing/ Gunsmithing Business at?

    • Frank

      Well, that’s what makes the world go round. No one ever called me a cool-aid drinker… or even being vaguely positive, but I know a bit about Krebs. Do it your way and enjoy it. If Mark Krebs builds it all buy it. Maybe you could compete with him? I’d love to see what you can produce?

    • Suburban

      I hate to say it, but the AK-15 may be even more $, because of the magazine well. In the same price neighborhood as the Bushmaster ACR, LWRC piston ARs, and Tavor.

      • Sebastian

        And therein lies the problem with the AK-15. It’s a cool rifle for sure. But at a likely price of $2,300, what does it bring to the table that can’t already be found in a high-end piston AR?

        • MAC

          Let me get this straight, a $2300 AR is cool but a $2300 AK isn’t? I’ll never understand the notion that only AR’s are worthy of being high-end.

          • Sebastian

            Of course, I didn’t say that “only AR’s are worthy of being high end.” I own several high-end AK’s myself, most of which are collector pieces. What I actually did say is that for a likely price of $2,300 (I’m assuming), this rifle would need to bring something to the table that isn’t already done, and perhaps even better executed, on any number of other rifles.

            Remember, this rifle starts life as a $400 Saiga. Through Krebs’ and DA’s magic, it turns into a rifle that will cost more than 5x it’s original base price. That takes us into a legitimate discussion of value proposition. Is this rifle 5x more deadly than it was as a $400 Saiga? I haven’t shot it of course, but I’m going to guess the answer is “No”.

            Another legitimate question is, “Why would I buy this over a Sig 556, LWRC, SR-15, or a bunch of other rifles that are just as reliable and deadly, and likely cheaper?” If the answer is “Because I prefer AK’s”, that’s fine. But you should realize that having a preference for AK’s doesn’t mean this rifle represents a good value. In fact, as nice of a gun as it appears to be, I don’t think it’s a particularly good value for the two reasons I just mentioned.

            I do understand that Krebs doesn’t cater to the cheapskate AK crowd, and that this rifle won’t be marketed to the schmucks who still complain that they can’t get a WASR for $300 anymore. And that’s fine, too. It’s just that if I was a buyer of this rifle, I would realize I was over-paying (based on value proposition) simply because I wanted a cool AK.

            If you want to test this gun against any of the guns I mentioned above, and demonstrate that it is superior to those guns in some way, I might happily change my mind about this gun not being a particularly good value. As it stands however, the next time I spend $2,300 on a rifle it won’t be a converted Saiga.

    • Reef Blastbody

      I can agree with the sentiment about the placement of the rear sight on the dustcover. The dustcover moves around. A lot. Even if it’s hand fitted for tightness, that’s still insufficient rigidity to ensure any kind of reliable, *repeatable* sight picture, regardless of the extra length it grants the sight radius. A better solution would be Tech Sights AK series product, which does require a modified dustcover, op rod and dust cover anchor. More involved than the Krebs application, but it does provide a rock solid rear sight mount that won’t change zero under recoil or removal/reinstalling the dust cover.

  • Brent

    What they need to do is make a 7.62×39 version, with the AK-15 features, or a .308 version so it could take the AR-10 mags. We could call it “The Sexier”.
    Still, I’d love to have one of these

    • Drew

      Agreed. Maybe a .308 galil with similar updates taking magpul .308 mags.

  • Dave

    seems like the perfect AK for the US market, but I’ll still stick to my Mpi-KM, lol

  • bo

    So, why not a Sig 556 with upgraded quad rail guard? I bet you could buy two or three of those for what one of these guys will set you back for. And they’re already available.

    • Defend AZ

      You might need two or three of those with how notoriously unreliable they have been, might need a replacement while the other two are back a Sigs repair shop. Never mind not having the option to send those back to Sig when SHTF.

  • Josh B

    I know I am in the minority here (quite possibly the only one), but I really don’t find it all that much appealing. I like the idea of the keymod and longer fore-grip, but to my eye, it just doesn’t seem to gel as a whole. To each their own.

  • Mike S

    They should allow the stock to fold. I think that is a big advantage of the ak that because it does not have a fixed receiver extension it can have a folding stock.

  • santi

    The future is robust with firearm innovation!

  • Chris

    A Parabellum Armament AKARS rail with an A3 carry handle would make it look more like an AR-15 IMO

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  • D. Hide

    Now that I’ve started looking into 5.56 as at least a home defense caliber, I’m warming up to the idea of a 5.56 AK (never had any interest in them previously). Standard AR mags w/ last shot hold-open is a huge plus. 5.56 AK mags are a lot less common and I was concerned about availability in emergencies.

    The rifle does look rock-solid, I can live without the co-witness, and while I’d prefer a non-pinned muzzle device, I don’t think it’s going to be an issue. It’s between this and an AR in .300BLK. I wouldn’t mind a 6.8 either… Dammit, this is how you end up with a house full of guns. Not a bad situation, I’d say :)

  • Kyle Eaton

    Why 5.56? 5.45 is superior so why didn’t they make a system just like this except it takes 5.45 ak mags.

    • MAC

      Because that would defeat the whole purpose of the rifle.

  • Smilodon

    I think this is one of those, “If I have to explain it, you wouldn’t understand.” situations. I think there are plenty of AKs around to be traditional, wild, & anywhere in between. The market will decide who succeeds & who fails. As long as Kreb’s has been in this game, I’m pretty sure we can call him a success!

  • Tim

    If there is a John Noveske of AKs, it’s Marc Krebs. I like it, a lot. However I don’t think I would have done the WHOLE rifle in LBPSP green (Linda Blair Pea Soup Puke Green) or what they call “Magpul green”. Visually I think that doing that compromised something. If I were to get back into shooting 5.56, this would certainly be a top contender.

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  • ghostwheel

    Rumor going around that CNN is dumping Piers Morgan. Hallelujah!

  • Reef Blastbody

    Was Definitive Arms the company that also makes that ingeniously simple left-hand charging handle dust cover for the AK series rifles?

    If so, that would be a really simple thing (one would think) to include on this gun, since it would address a “flaw” (to some, anyway) of the AK, the “AK roll” to cycle the charging handle without removing the strong side hand from the pistol grip after a magazine change.

    • SDH

      There really isn’t a need for that, it bolt opens on empty and then close bolt with a button on the left side.

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  • Tim

    Searching for more info on this rifle I came across MAC’s thread on AR15 where someone posted a pic of a Knights SR-15 claiming you could get that exact set-up for the same price. I don’t think he realises that the base model Knights AR-15 runs about $2000. The Aimpoint and Knights mount in the pic he posted will push it to around $2750. The Knights Enhanced Compensator adds about $430, and what looks to be a Surefire X400 with remote switch will add close to $700. That’s just about $3900. One could buy this AK-15 and a Arsenal SAM7AF for that.

    • MAC

      Yes, I know. :)

      It’s a moot point really. If they don’t like the rifle, it’s not my place to convince them to like it. We all have preferences in firearms and many times those preferences don’t align with others in our community (AK community that is).

      Krebs has long been a controversial figure in the AK world. Some like his work, others think what he does is an abomination. I happen to like his work most of the time. He’s done some pretty innovative things with the AK. He helped to bring the AK into the 21st century.

      It’s not surprising that once again he’s being razzed about his creation by the good folks on

      • Reef Blastbody

        On that note, re:”Some like his work, others think what he does is an abomination.”, I wonder what the purists have to say when we take a look at what the Russians are moving towards with their new AK-12 and other newer designs: quad rails, collapsible buttstocks, reflex optics, forward hand grips, etcetera, etcetera. The high priests and acolytes of St. Kalashnikov have embraced the “tacticool” world.

        • M Jarvis

          Can’t blame them really….. “Sexy” sells….

          • MAC

            It’s more than sexy, modern force multipliers increase the effectiveness of weapons in the hands of troops. Sexy sells on civilian guns though, that’s for sure. :)

  • Tim

    Forgot to add the cost of the Knights handstop and rail pannels. Now the cost has reached $4000 for the SR-15 in the posted photo, if not a bit over that.

  • invisibleAzN

    man, that is pretty.

  • Tim

    I have been both a fan of Marc’s work and a patron of his business since back when he was accepting privately own rifles for custom work. His CS is not only great, but I think exceptional considering his small business operation.

    I will never understand why it is ok for 30 other rifles that are not ARs to be able to take “AR mags” but never an AK, or why it is ok for other rifles to be fitted with an “AR stock”, but not an AK. Thus far I have come across three equally ridiculous reasons. 1. Because it’s not an AR. 2. Because the persons objecting have classified themselves as “purists”. And 3. Because of either 1 and/or 2, they don’t like it. Thus they make statements such as ‘For the exact same cost of this $2400 Kreb’s AK-15, you can buy this exact $4100 Noveske AR.’

    Now to a few of the concerns, complaints, and observations, posted on AR15 thread that I have read.

    – The AR stock on an AK:
    The cheek weld of AR stocks, especially EMODs and SOPMODs, is simply and undeniably much better.
    A stock that offers more sling attachment points which enables shooters to set it up to their particular preference is better than having fewer options.
    The ability to adjust a stock for one shooter in the family who may be 6’4, and his son or daughter who may be only 5’1, or to account for gear or a vest, is better than not having that ability.
    The Magpul CTR stock has the option of variable size cheek risers which allow for a cheek and not a chin weld when using a com-bloc or high mounted scope such as a ACOG on a RS Regulate mount.
    I have used CTRs, EMODs, and SOPMODs, and they all shoulder for me better than a standard com-bloc stock.

    – The no co-witness complaint:
    Not on the UFM rail, but with a RS Regulate mount is absolutely will co-witness. And the RS side mount and Aimpoint base mount together cost almost exactly the same as the Knights Armament Micro mount in the photo on the thread.

    – The AR magazine concern.
    Taken from Krebs Facebook page:
    “Previously one of the wear points of the AR system was the magazine. Many AR mag manufacturers are starting to use fully-supported followers and are modifying the basic mag body geometry to a constant curve. (Similar to an AK magazine).

    The Magpul PMAG we’ve been evaluating has a constant curve magazine body and a fully supported follower, which provides smoother tracking of the cartridges and the follower, and also eliminates the possibility of the mag spring “coil binding”.

    So it seems like they have a pretty good handle on that concern. And while I have no idea what the ratio is for AR to AK 5.56 mags in the US, if someone said it was 100 to 1, I would not be surprised.

    – The Sig 556 is a better rifle.
    No thanks. I prefer the durability and longevity of chome-lined barrels for all my vividly imagined Zombie Apocalypse/Road Warrior scenarios. Especially for a high pressure round like the 5.56.
    I also prefer not having a rifle that seems like it may rattle apart after 5000 rounds.
    I have read that the SIG is rather front heavy, since you have both, perhaps you can provide some information comparing the two.

    -The Tapco grip.
    I have used the Tapco SAW grip and, well, it’s actually a really good grip. I prefer the Hogue grip, but I like it better than the US Palm Battlegrip.

    – The UFM rail.
    I have seen it, held it, and shot an AK with one installed. Having done so it is now difficult, to the point of almost being impossible, for me to imagine anyone saying something negative about it once they likewise have done so. It is incredibly comfortable to hold, and a very cleverly designed piece of kit. It is also rock solid.

    All that being said, I still think the monotone green everything was a big misfire.

    • MAC

      I agree, the green wouldn’t be my first pick. I would much rather have FDE or, even better, Patriot Brown. My REPR is Patriot Brown and I absolutely love that color.

      • Reef Blastbody

        I think the green is okay, though I’d prefer matte black or FDE.

      • msm98908

        Green was ok. Black or FDE would be slick. Patriot Brown would look amazing. I am obsessed with this gun now, thank you very much.

  • Michael

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. IMO this rifle is UGLY! But it looks very functional.

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  • rev2dalimit

    Oh my my.

  • generalbuffonery

    Does the rail get really hot after prolonged shooting? I’ve shot a yugo Ak with a metal quad rail and it got very hot. I accidentally touched the metal and gave myself a blister.

    I assume this is because it attaches directly to the barrel and gas system. I also assume that AR style rails stay cooler due to most being free floated (assumption).

    What are your thoughts?

  • Tim

    I like that green as well. I just think making the entire rifle monotone green, having the entire thing from front to back be the exact same shade of the exact same green colour, looks more than a little off.
    However it is salvageable. Switch on a black grip, black CRT stock, and some black Knights Armament or Noveske Keymod rail panels on the UFM, and it will look much better.

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  • bob cat

    An AK-15 needs a magpul grip, not a tapco saw grip. I realize that magpul doesn’t make OD Green Ak grips (yet), but I hope that is the first modification when it goes from prototype to production.

  • bob cat

    I have shot the DA AK with all sorts of 556 ammo. I have about 1500 rounds through it. Not one misfire. Tula, wolf, herters, PMC, lc, etc. It shoots it all. I can put a tula steel case in my stag arms model 8 AR, and get a stuck case every shot. So reliability to me means bang every time. DA AK is my new favorite. Use all my existing mags, use my existing ammo, and bang each time. Sounds good to me.

    • Rambeast

      I have a Double Star barrel that has the same problem with Tula. I rolled the dice and gave Moly Lube a try. Sprayed a patch, wiped down the chamber (only) and wiped off excess with a clean patch. I have yet to have a lacquer case stick in 2000+ rounds, even on a hot chamber with a round cooking.

  • Gunslinger Hobbs

    Do us all a favor and do a thorough accuracy test video, both from the bench and from practical field/combat shooting positions, and put the keyboard commandos in their place who think that anything based on an AK-pattern rifle is fundamentally incapable of being anything tighter than “minute of barn” accurate. Please.

  • Tim
  • Greg Hawkins (@PhilippiJailer)

    Hey Tim, I really like the KREBS. I have taken to converting my MAK90 to a more tactical configuration, as with is rifle. The one noticeable improvement, is the magazine well. I have always felt this was a weakness in the AK platform. I can’t tell you how many times I have jammed up a magazine in mine and always during quick changes.

  • BJ and a 5.45 barrel would make this gun infinitely better. Swap out one part (the barrel) and bam you have a 5.45×39 variant, assuming the bolt doesn’t need to change. All else fails, buy a 5.45 bolt to swap in.

  • Ronald McVan

    I think everyone is missing something. There are no 6.5 Gendel AK mags but there are Grendel AR mags. Make this from a 7.62 x 39 rifle with a Grendel barrel and a Sabrewerks KOP system and it’s not “The Sexy” it’s “The Porn Star”.

    • José Pulido

      People aren’t reacting very well to the 6.5grendel. It’s becoming more scarce, like the 6.8spc that everyone’s gotten bored with.

  • Smilodon

    Tim have you tried a Surefire 60 rder through it yet?

  • Tony Frank

    Maybe I haven’t read the full story, but will this rail system ” Co-witness” with a reflex sight like the Burris Fastfire III ? it looks like a sight like the T1 micro maybe a little too tall , but a lower lying reflex sight just may be able to ? If it does , this will be just what I’m looking for !

  • Mike Miller

    Hmmm…. I’d like to see a .300 Blackout version!

    • Smilodon

      Me too!

    • JonB

      Wait… so you want to make an AK more like an AR so you can shoot a round that was designed to make the AR more like the AK?

      Am I missing something?

      • José Pulido

        300blk is easily subsonic with no problems, just put some heavy bullets in..
        Can be loaded with common .308 rounds.
        Takes 5.56NATO modified brass.
        Uses standard AR-15 magazines.

        The 300blk isn’t useful because it’s supposedly AK-like, it’s useful for going subsonic.while requiring nothing but a barrel difference.

  • Dave

    i’d much rather have a Polish Beryl with the adapter than a custom rig, but either way its cool!!

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  • Paelorian

    Well, the primary strength of the AK platform and reputation is reliability. So, is the AK-15 more reliable than any AR-15? Is it the most reliable .223/5.56mm around? How does it compare to other famously reliable .223s, like the Tavor? If it is an outstanding mud gun in .223, it may be highly utilitarian.

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  • Tim C

    For the people who don’t like the way this rifle is setup just purchase a Definitive Arms rifle and put the furniture you want on it. I put a Bonesteel Arms folding stock on my DA converted Saiga. I like the forearm stock on this Krebs rifle. I may have to get one for mine.

  • bravo458

    I need to start up a rescues program for AK47’s too keep them out of the hands of people who abuse them. Putting an AR15 stock on an AK47 is like putting a bra and high heels on a man. I’m tired of seeing so many poor AK47’s being desecrated and abused by their misguided owners. And please don’t quote me…..the AR 15’s stock are comfortable, or im going to paint your nails, buy you a pink dress to parade you around the neighborhood.

    • MAC

      You’re absolutely right, the AK needs to stay in the stone ages and never be brought up to modern standards nor equipped with modern force multipliers.

      • Smilodon

        Thanks Tim, you beat me to it. With that attitude, I’m surprised he’s not still throwing stones. Oh yea, I guess he is!

      • Sean Moore

        Can absolutely be brought up the modern standards, but if you want an AR 15 BUY ONE! Time for gun manufactures to start using a little originality in their designs. Tired of everyone wanting to turn everything into an AR15.

        • dubbs

          Sean, you hit the,nail on the head. Until we get caseless ammo and more carbon fiber rifles the weapons like the ACR, XM8, TAVOR, SCAR are about as close to next gen rifles we are gonna see. The M4a1/C8/,HK416, and Russian Ak 74s and maybe AN94s, are probably gonna face each other for the next 20 plus yrs!

      • dubbs

        Mac, love your periodic articles and gun reports, but I gotta agree! Making an AK into a wannabe AR is as silly as folks trying to turn the AR into an AK( “wait, aren’t they pushing short stroke piston ARs???!!”)

        Doesn’t Arsenal and Krebs already offer Saigas and Bulgarian model AKs in 5.56 already?

    • El Mac

      I for one would love that Krebs keymod handguard for my Yugos….that would be extremely bueno.

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  • Stephen Leidenheimer

    MAC. Great review! I ordered the UFM for my rifle after watching your video (plus it is on sale). Cool thing is my rifle is the exact 5.45 speed load K model you held in your 2012 video when you toured Krebs Custom. An awesome rifle and the UFM will take it to the next level. I’m having an extremely hard time finding a sporter gas tube though. I emailed Krebs for help but wanted to know if you had any suggestions. Thanks and keep up the great reviews and videos!

  • Paul

    I see this and I think, did everyone forget the XCR or is there really something that I am missing that makes this unique and innovative?

    • BPCoop19

      The XCR has reliability issues whereas the AK doesn’t.

    • José Pulido

      Both novelty pieces, except one of them’s guaranteed to work.

  • MiniBUU

    My AK-15 Dream Build

    Start with Krebs AK-15 with the D.A. Mag mod
    – Add a Strike Industries Cobra Dummy Suppressor to it keeping the length at “16 – As long as this is doable and doesn’t affect the accuracy
    – Full Length Krebs
    – Will probably run optics either a scope or a Aimpoint H1

    – New Jersey Legal

    – Dummy Suppressor would have to be pinned and welded to barrel
    – Needs to have a fixed stock only

    • El Mac

      Why putz with a dummy suppressor? Either a real one or keep the 16″ barrel for velocity and down range performance’s sake?

  • Matt

    So MAC, I want to make sure i understand this. I have been looking at the CANIS system and its only about 160 dollars. Is the reason the DA conversion is so much more because they send it to Krebs and he installs the keymod rail and straightens all your stuff? So if I send my rifle in to DA , its going to come back looking like the one in the photos above? Thats basically what I want to know. Thanks

    • Military Arms Channel

      The CANIS system isn’t even close to being in the same league as the DA conversion. If you buy the CANIS you’ll likely be disappointed in the performance and will wind up with the DA system. You can get a DA converted rifle that doesn’t have any of the Krebs touches for less than the AK15, and build your rifle out how you want it.

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  • BPCoop19

    The superior 5.56 round in the superior AK platform? What’s not to like?

    • dubbs

      Saiga and Molot already make one ( check out arsenals AK 106!)