Open Letter to CA Senator Kevin de Leon (D)


My name is Matt *****.  I am a full-time deputy sheriff and have been so employed for 17 years.  I am a court recognized firearms expert, a lifelong shooting sports enthusiast and in my spare time, I write firearms and firearm related gear reviews for several media outlets, both online and print.

I am writing this letter as I attempt to sit through the YouTube video ( of your recent press conference given on January 13, 2014.  As someone quite knowledgeable about firearms, I find it extremely difficult to listen to your presentation because almost nothing you said about these “Ghost Guns” (a term you used repeatedly that I have never once heard before) is factually correct.

I would like to try and both educate you at the same time as I dispel with the lies and obfuscations you presented to the media during that press conference.

  • 3D printed plastic guns do exist, but even the one example that was made from the most plastic of any of them (the “Liberator”) still contained a metal firing pin.  It was also a single shot pistol, not a semi-automatic firearm.
    • Side Note:  firearm ammunition is all still made with metallic cartridge cases and metallic projectiles so even if the gun could pass undetected through a metal detector, the ammo could not
  • 3D printed metal guns also do exist, and there is a semi-automatic handgun (a 1911) that was produced in that manner that has been fired extensively, but that technology is far from cheap or readily available.  Additionally, since it is made of metal, it cannot pass through metal detectors undetected.
  • The forged, 80% AR-15 lower receiver you held up, and drew specific attention to, during the press conference is no more an “engine” (horrible choice of terminology by the way) for an AR-15 than an un-machined, rough cast engine block is the “engine” for a car.  You were holding a rough forging, nothing more.  That forging you were holding still requires a great number of machine steps using expensive milling machines or CNC machines.  During that machining process, a missed tolerance of 0.001” can render that rough forging completely useless.  What you were holding was no more an AR-15 “engine” than any of the rocks in my garden.
    • In fact, what you described as a “lower receiver”, and held up for the cameras, is in fact most definitely NOT a lower receiver.  If you doubt me, please contact the United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) for clarification.  They will tell you the same thing: that item is not a lower receiver.
  • I am unfamiliar with the “sniper automatic weapons” you mentioned that are being produced by 3D printing methods or building of “Ghost Guns”.  I can only assume you meant a semi-automatic sniper rifle, but then that would be an assumption on my part and I would hate to put words in your mouth.
  • Serial numbers have absolutely nothing to do with law enforcement “detecting” firearms.  Serial numbers are only used as identifying marks so that one rifle can be distinguished from another.  They also aid in tracking ownership of firearms, which is what I believe is your goal with this legislation.
  • The “Ghost Gun” that you held up, which was an illegal weapon in the State of CA for other reasons, not the least of which was the short barrel, was clearly not made from plastic and was not a 3D printed gun.  That gun was made from almost 100% metal.  The only plastic parts on that gun appear to the be the butt stock, the pistol grip and the forward vertical grip.
    • For further clarification on that “Ghost Gun”
      • It is most likely a .22 caliber (.223 or 5.56mm) rifle, not a .30 caliber rifle like you stated
      • A clip is not used with most modern semi-auto firearms.  Rather they use magazines as the ammunition feeding device.  Sometimes, clips are used to reload the magazines though.  Please get the terminology correct.  It really does make a difference.
      • There are only a few guns on the planet that can “disperse with 30 bullets in half a second”.  A fully automatic AR-15 (already illegal in CA) has a rate of fire of 800 rounds per minute.  Doing the math, that is 13.3 rounds per second, or about 7 rounds per half-second.  A semi-automatic rifle, such as the one you were holding, can only fire as fast as the shooter pulls the trigger.
        • Spewing nonsense such as the rate of fire you claim, while it may play well with the media and the uneducated public, does more harm to your argument with intelligent people than you can imagine.  Plus, it just makes you look uneducated.
      • Producing an AR-15 from an 80% receiver is in fact not illegal as you stated.  Both federal and state laws allow for the individual to legally produce their own firearm, so long as a long list of criteria are met.
  • The “automatic sniper weapon” you held up is nothing more than another AR-15.  It is no more or less accurate than any of my 100 year old bolt-action rifles that I own.  In fact, the 100 year old rifles that I own fire far more powerful cartridges, that are actually more accurate at longer distances, than the cartridge fired by an AR-15.

You assert that assembling a complete, functioning AR-15 from a legally purchased 80% lower is a simple task.  I myself have completed that task, but I am not the average American.  I have a well-equipped shop with all the necessary machinery, and the knowledge to use that machinery, in order to complete the lower receiver.  You make it seem that any fool with a drill press can complete the task, which is a vast oversimplification.

I challenge you sir, to put your money where your mouth is so to speak.  Show me how easily, you personally, can complete the machine work on that raw lower receiver forging you held up, and assemble a working AR-15.

The incident in Santa Monica that you mention, while tragic, is not evidence of any great crime streak or rising criminal trend in which “Ghost Guns” are being employed.  To my knowledge, that is the only incident the State of CA has experienced where a firearm built on an 80% lower was employed to commit a homicide.  Please, correct me if I am wrong on that matter.

Finally, while I am not surprised at all that you would have a member of the Brady Campaign as a supporter while you are calling for more legislation designed to make it harder for Americans to own firearms, as a law enforcement officer, I am saddened that you used several high-ranking, politically appointed police administrators as window dressing to lend credibility to your argument, as you stood there rattling off complete nonsense.

Matt ******


Matt is a full time Deputy Sheriff that has been on the job since 1996. During his time as a LEO he's attended countless training classes and is a court recognized firearms expert. Matt brings a unique perspective to TBS given his LEO experience and life time appreciation of firearms and our 2nd Amendment rights.

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  • jordan Hyers

    Quite literally could not have been said better

    • peterK


    • Rickie elliott

      Said it much better than I could have.

    • D Johnson

      Best rebuttal ever! It’s idiot politicians like this that are ruining America!

    • BenZacharia

      Now to publish a humorous version along the lines of the classic SNL news skit. “Jane you ignorant slut…”

    • Evan

      The redacted last name kinda ruins any credibility.

      • Don Thayer

        In what way? Does the redacted last name invalidate his statements? Does it make his statements non-factual?

        • Evan

          The statements are clearly true. However, the redacted last name makes it look like he is not willing to own his statements. Instead of saying “this is who I am and I own my statements”, it’s just anonymous talking. DeLeon needs to be told he’s full of it, and it’s cowardly to tell him that and refuse to say who you are.

          • Evan

            Especially as he gives a list of credentials. Credentials mean nothing if they can’t be verified, and without a name, they can’t be.

            • Tim

              I’m pretty sure he removed his last name for the purposes of publishing on this website, I would imagine the physical (or electronic) letter sent to the Senator contained his full name. Think before you throw around judgments of cowardice and such.

            • SkivMarine

              Evan, this is done for a couple of reasons. The main one being that many police and Sheriff’s departments do not want their officers making political statements of any kind. This is why Matt didn’t identify himself. It’s a safe guard so that he can retain his job, and not involve his department in any political debates.

            • Lonnie

              I post with my full name, unlike you, Evan. I am NOT afraid of being placed on some “gooberment” watch list. His last name was edited out for THIS posting, NOT on the actual correspondence. If, I say, IF you were as smart as DeLeon you would have KNOWN that!

          • Carl McKinney

            I don’t see YOUR last name pal

  • :-)

    Forgot to include information regarding proper range etiquette.

  • Rob.G

    Thank you for a very well organized and articulate response the Senator from CA. My only hope is that he not only reads this, but also has the courage to respond.

    • Rob.G

      *to* the Senator from CA.

      • Matt

        If you havent heard of De Leon before as a resident of the state I can tell you it is this guy’s life long mission to pass as much gun control as possible.

      • Reef Blastbody

        He’s a state senator, not our rep in the US Senate, though he’s six of one/half a dozen of the other as compared with Boxer and Feinstein. At least he’s termed out after this run. I think.

    • Charles Griffo Jr

      He`s a Dem they have no Balls.

      • Dustin

        theyre all in obamas purse

  • Felipe Revilla

    You’re my hero, Matt. Thank you, Sir.

  • Matt Ignoto

    HA there is no better way to but it well done sir

  • Davis Thompson


  • Drmaudio

    Nice, Matt. I believe most of these people would rather spout dramatic nonsense and claim ignorance then educate themselves. Anyone trying to push gun-control as a solution for crime either has a disdain for facts and reality, or is simply dishonest, either way, what are a few more inaccuracies to sell their oppressive bill.

  • Sheperd

    I agree with 99.99% of everything that was said. However, it is pretty easy to mill an 80% lower into a usable lower for an AR-15. Does this really matter in the whole of the discussion, probably not, but we are talking about “knowing” things. This link seems to show that using a poly 80% lowering is pretty easy to get it to a workable lower. Again does it matter, no. Only in speaking knowledably about the facts. Unless of course I mis-interpreted something you said.

    • Ben Gordon

      It still requires a fair bit of experience with these tools to mill out even a poly receiver and I highly doubt most people are willing to shell out enough money to cover what could easily be a few messed up lowers.

      • Terry Teal

        Actually I did it with a drill press and a $30 Dremel with a 5 dollar bit in about 45 minutes. My first one. It really is that easy. And at $50. a piece they aren’t that expensive to replace if you screw up too bad for it to function properly.

      • Military Arms Channel

        That’s how I see it. Plus, there are easier ways to make guns than to finish an 80% lower. Criminals typically take the path of least resistance. In this case, it’s easier to steel a gun than it is to make one.

        • Shepard

          I would agree with this more (not that you can fix that) than worrying about 80% lowers. Sure it happens, criminals may take an 80% lower and fashion a “ghost gun” but I think more of them may actually just try to buy them on the “black market” or just try to steal them, damage the serial number, and use it. Boom “ghost gun” made! Which again goes to prove that this nincompoop of a “politician” really doesn’t know anything.

      • Sheperd

        Remember all they need is it to go boom. They don’t care if there is a little wiggle room between the upper and the lower or that the mag doesn’t drop out freely or there is a scratch here or there, etc… They just want something that looks intimidating and throws lead. So they can whip an 80% together dirty and quick without much cash outlay. Again I don’t want to be misinterpreted or think that I’m trying to take away from the power of this article. I believe this letter was accurate and absolutely needed and appropriate, I just felt that he portrayed that it was difficult to “mill” an 80% lower when in fact it isn’t that difficult. Just splitting hairs when the rest of the article was suburb.

  • RPM509

    I love you Matt, no gay, or whatever, love the daylights out of you regardless :)
    ANY time you’re in the KC, KS area, drop me a note, you’re getting a complimentary steak dinner.

  • Just_A_Though_79

    Nicely put sir, this politician is a tard.

  • Thomas

    I could not of said it better myself…great job keep up the pressure.

  • Gunslinger Hobbs

    Git ‘im!

    Now, the real task at hand isn’t just discrediting this toolbag, but also finding out who those LEO’s were, and finding out whether or not they actually support this tripe. That Sheriff (?) in the immediate background was a fairly obvious “Why the hell am I hear listening to this crap?” look on his face. It would be interesting to have an interview with him and the others, calling this DeLeon character out for the utter ass he is.

    • Michael B

      That “Sheriff’s Deputy” is a Deputy Chief (2 stars on collar) and is a hairs’breadth away from being a politician himself

    • Tom

      The sheriff is just as much at fault for lettin him spout lies like this as a public leader they should both only be speaking facts not their own political opinion and for the sheriff to be standing there and letting it happen( as well as the atf official standing behind him) are admitting their own ignorance in the situation and therefore are part of the problem

  • ray32158

    Now if we could only get Matt a televised news conference to do a rebuttal so the people of California can see how stupid their politicians are.

    • Alec

      Better yet, let the two Debate the issue….. I would love to see that.

    • Joseph C.

      All he has to do is put together a YouTube video and it could go viral. If he were to ask for an open forum for discussion regarding the “Ghost” gun. An open debate and even a demonstration on the differences of
      Clip vs Magazine
      .22 vs .223 vs 5.56 vs 7.62 and so on
      Semi – automatic vs Fully Automatic

  • Kris Johnson

    Well said! It’s good to see a well spoken, educated guy on our side.

  • Bill Morin

    when politicians blindly support something without even knowing jacks..t about what they are talking about… all know the words..dumbf..ks

  • Jason Whiting

    The firearms community REALLY needs to start getting some of our own involved in journalism and start attending these press conferences. I think it would be hilarious to watch a “reporter” with real knowledge and experience behind the trigger question people like De Leon after they spew the type of nonsense he did just to watch them twist in the wind.
    Great letter Matt, keep up the good work!!
    P.S. I just finished building my AR-15 from an 80% lower using a 30 year old POS drill press. It was a pain but I got it done after about 5 hours of machining. Shoots great and totally “off the books” just like the 2 10-22’s I built. WooWoo I have a “Ghost Gun” collection!!! LOL

    • StephenWV

      If you think the media cares about the truth and would cover this you are drinking too much kool-aid:

      Media Bias series of articles (upper right – click on “Next Article”)
      Media bias is shameless, unethical, immoral, and negligent misconduct that is just plain wrong.

      More Recent Media Bias Example

    • Terry Teal

      well considering you just advertised that you have them on a public forum…. I’d think it’s safe to say they are now on the books…..

      • Dr. Obvious

        sadly they were all lost in a freak boating accident

        • DaveO

          That was my fault. We went out together, so he could coach me on shooting form. we both brought all of our guns for show and tell. while I was trying to shoot a 12 Gauge Shotgun, I slipped when it went off, and knocked all of them overboard. I felt so distraught that I decided to never buy another gun again.

          • sara

            what a coincidence !! That is what happened to all my guns along with my CCW. Damn , too expensive to buy any more so guess I will use my bow.

            • Termight Mike

              I am with you I am a better shot with my bow anyway and I don’t need a silencer..

    • Ascencion Gomez

      The gun grabber won’t read it because it won’t fit in their fantasy world of no guns no violence…

  • Simon West

    I am from and in Sweden, when watching this i feel sorry for you guys, a highly placed politician blabbing about firearms like he has no clue about them, i was surprised he did not point the muzzle at someone. Awesome letter Matt, i really hope it makes some kind of difference, i would hate to see this idiocy spread to other states so that i can’t come over and enjoy the sport.

  • lamontagne

    wow this politician doesn’t even have good/acceptable grammar, I pity the people that are gullible enough to believe a single word that comes out of his mouth. Canada is similarly the same way, dumb politicians that have no idea what they are talking about, they banned .25acp pistols but allow us to own 9mm, 40 caliber and up to 500 smith and wessons, I wonder which is more likely to cause more damage (dependant on shot placement of course),

  • Mike Frank

    Your a better man than me, I couldn’t get thru the first couple of minutes. Idiots like him are whats wrong with our nation.

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  • vernabc_is_a_liberal_troll

    This well defined ownage.

  • WhiskeyPunisher

    I am now following this blog. If I could, I’d buy you a beer.

  • John

    Very well said.

    I also find it mildly interesting/humorous that the YouTube video of the Senator has comments and such disabled. I suppose the Senator, and/or his supporters, is more interested in impressing his uneducated opinion upon the country than hearing any reasonable feedback or criticism of his ideas.

    • JoeShmoe

      If you search youtube for “Kevin de Leon+Comments Enabled” there is a version (with a few added disclaimers) that has kind of taken over as the defacto version for viewing.

  • Eric Jackson

    +1 to the police comment. Nothing like a bunch of oathbreakers to further smear professional reputations.

  • SubvertedNationdotnet

    Seriously folks. Even if he did read this, his response will be stepping up the effort to disarm you. These communists do not care about the facts, they care about disarming Americans, bit by bit, so they can murder you by the millions. Quit acting like there is a discussion here. There isn’t. These creeps butchered 60 million people in the Russian gulags, and THAT IS THEIR GOAL HERE. Your words are meaningless, they simply DO NOT CARE. They want you disarmed so they can murder their opposition. Arguing facts just makes YOU look silly, because genocidal maniacs don’t give a **** about your facts. Period. They want to disarm you so they can KILL PEOPLE. Got it?

    • Fadi Ayat

      Not communists.. this country is run by zionists, and it’s politicians are only worried about israel. Hence the name USrael

      • 1gunner

        Israel is a great place – a model country that it’s neighbors need to take lessons from ;)

        • NoConfidence2016

          Who cares what “IST” or “ISM” it is, they want total control and that is all that matters.

      • Steveo

        Dude, your a retard. Socialism is where we are at right now, and these libtards are taking progressive steps to communism. Has nothing to do with the Jews. Pull your head out of your ass. The libtards have joined forces with radical Islamists. And they are about to get an asswhoopins they’ll never forget when American patriots put our feet down…

        • SubvertedNationdotnet

          Has everything to do with jews, stupid kikenvermin.

      • SubvertedNationdotnet

        Well, I could have just said JEWS, but most people would scream and cry. Go see Subverted Nation if you don’t think that’s who I was talking about. Thanks.

  • SunwolfNC

    He was far too polite in his letter.

    • El Duderino

      Agree. Was hoping for some very “Princess Bride” like insults e.g. warthog faced buffoon.

  • Mike

    Well said…

    I used to think politicians were generally well intentioned (even if I disagreed with their intentions) and were doing their best at being a “jack of all trades” so to speak.

    Now I’m convinced that with rare exception they are power hungry lying bafoons, who don’t care about facts, especially when they get in the way of them furthering their careers.

    Keep fightin the good fight!

    • evilahole2

      The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

  • yacope

    Awesome letter that I will save for future reference.

    As for machining an AR lower I personally witnessed my husband’s first, and only attempt so far, an the frustration incurred during the hours he spent. And he is more handy than the average man.

    He still promised to build me my first AR and I await the entertainment promised with batted breath. ;)

  • Rence

    Matt, in addition to agreeing with many other posters, please allow me to say THANK YOU, for the letter in general but that bit about the “clip” specifically. I KNOW its an inconsequential thing to most, i KNOW its in the common vernacular now, but it still drives me just batty when i hear media and politico’s use it incorrectly. (i cut a little slack to the general population, but if youre trying to sound like an expert, get the terms right)

    Now, my biggest fear is actually for your job. You had the audacity to question a politician, and you did it publicly. (audacity is how they’ll see it, courage is how we see it) I sincerely hope you dont get called on the carpet this week and told to either apologize publicly or find a new department. (or worse, the find the slightest misstep, totally unrelated to use as an excuse) Because i think we know which way you’ll go given that choice.

    Thank you for being a calm, rational, and articulate voice for us.

  • El Duderino

    And he cares not a whit. They are not interested in truth, only their agenda. They are like used car salesmen, whatever it takes for you to leave the lot in one of their cars, they will say or do it. Except instead of leaving with a car, you leave with less rights, but a false sense of security.

    Criminals prefer cheap handguns, rifles, and shotguns. They are not “gun nuts” any more than the cashier at McDonald’s is a “cash register nut”, it’s merely a tool of the trade. They do not machine receivers, they do not lathe turn barrels, they do not reblue metal, and they do not glass-bed stocks — gun nuts do that.

  • Rooster Cogburn

    Don’t waste time educating someone who is clearly a hostile, an enemy of the Constitution. Let him spew misinformation and when his credibility falters in public opinion he can address a more appropriate form of employment, which would be anything outside of the political arena. Overall though it is a very informative post. Let’s just hope the enemy doesn’t try to use the information against us.

  • Rick Weier

    Great job Mat, but for him to but his money where his mouth is, first he would have to remove his head from his ass.

  • Mr Man

    Well said, Matt!

  • Spudgun

    Great job Matt. On another note, the rifle Mr. DeLeon is holding looks like an SBR to me, and I’ll take a wild guess that the senator has no clue what the NFA is or that SBRs have required registration with the ATF for the past eight decades or so.

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  • Carl Brown

    Way to go Matt.. when I watched this video I started laughing at this fool… while I do not have the equipment to make one I do know what makes up these weapons as I was the weapons NCO for my unit in Germany and Korea.. and with that I also knew he was spewing ignorance as to the rate of fire…. all I could say was I want one of those.. but knowing the AR-15 with that rate is only a dream and is what the demorats wants us to believe this dribble of nonsense

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  • Damocles


  • Jae


  • John Albaladejo

    OOOH RAH!!! Thank you Deputy Matt for being so spot on and concise! These idiotic Liberal Democrats need a good swift kick in the pants and a Brain Transplant! LMAO!!!

  • Dan Snelson

    the sad part is the MSM and other democrats will now quote him on the 30 rounds in 1/2 second…has Piers quoted that yet?

  • Eric

    Matt, thank you very much for that calm(perhaps even politically correct) counter to Senator De Leons gun-grabbing promotional tripe. I wonder if a local Fox news station would be willing to welcome your answer and explanation of the errors in Senator De Leons press conference. As I revisit the Senators pathetic attempt to frighten the uninformed public, I can’t help but think of the movie scene in National Lampoons Animal House when the picture of Kent Dorfman shows up on the slide screen whilst they select frat house pledges. Beer can tossing would certainly be appropriate if not humorous. Thank you again Matt!

  • Rick Ardito

    Matt, I was going to set out to complete the task you did here tonight if no one else had done it first. Good job overall. As a point, the forged incomplete lower he held up wasn’t even an 80%. It had no machining done in the magwell, or buffer tube ring. Which adds to how difficult it is to complete.

    Thank you for taking a step of educating people who don’t understand, and putting this inept talking ass-hat in his place.

  • cschlue

    Email this senator at this link.

    I suggest linking him to this article

    Use this zipcode so it’ll allow you to actually send the email.


  • rt-texas

    Just one other question for Kevin de Leon…do you ever feel guilty for all of the people with Hispanic sir names south of the border that the politicians disarmed just to be slaughtered by the cartels?

    Just asking.

  • Harrison Jones

    I really hope you get a reply that is not the usual mass written crap. If so please share. Great job!

  • Josh Corrington

    he’s not going to read any open letter, or listen to anything anybody has to say.. he’s just a dumbass politician, he has no interest in anything except retaining power. he could care less about gun victims. he just wants to disarm citizens to empower himself even more.. for when the USA, becomes the USSD, (United States of Socialist Democrats) he wants to be part of the Oligarchy.

  • evilahole2

    Just keep voting D y’all! And well said, sheriff.

  • arealpatriot

    This guy is an illegal alien I have read so his points should be moot. How about we send his libtard ass back to Mexico.

  • Michael

    Has this letter or a link to it been emailed to him?

  • bellinR

    It was just as enjoyable watching the police behind him as he spewed shit from his mouth. I bet it was hell for them to stand up there knowing it was all bull crud.

  • Nick

    When the moron called it a 30 caliber clip, I almost choked. Once I saw him pick up an AR with a bipod and scope and called it an automatic sniper rifle, I wanted to puke. Who in the hell voted for someone this stupid and why? I guess he watched Die Hard and got the idea of guns that don’t show up on metal detectors.
    Seriously, this has got to stop…. I mean this is just rediclous. All you gun grabbing tree hugging liberals, this is for you……
    YOU WILL NEVER DISARM THIS COUNTRY, IT DOES NOT MATTER HOW HARD YOU TRY, IT WILL NOT HAPPEN!!!!! You hide behind your ARMED guards, living in a fantasy world. Every last gun grabber out there will have blood on your hands if you try and take away our right to bear arms… The 2nd wasn’t meant for hunting , it was put in place so good, law abiding patriots have a way of protecting ourselves against all enemies, foreign and domestic…. I swore to uphold that oath and I’m obligated to do so until the day I die. If it cost me my life, so be it. I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees. Out of all the shootings, 97% are carried out by handguns that criminals got ILLEGALLY… Somewhere in the ghetto. Most of the so called “mass shootings” are in “gun free zones.” Areas with the strictest gun laws have the highest gun crime/murder rates. You and the rest of the gun grabbers need to take your butts to Mexico where they’re outlawed.. Because we all know it’s much safer there than it is here. I’ve never heard of a shooting at a gun show. Look at the annual SHOT show every year and the thousands of people that attend and fire weapons…. Guess what, there’s not any gun violence there, unless you consider shooting paper targets or ballistics gel violent. This is America, if you don’t like our constitution, leave….. I’ll buy you a plane ticket to wherever your little tree hugging liberal ass would like to go. A gun is a tool, it doesn’t do anything by itself. It’s all the little wanna be gangster killing one another and oddly enough, the people commenting mass killings, were all either liberal , or demorats who voted for people like yourself and obama. My family has served and fought in every war since the revolutionary war and I also served with pride to protect this country I love more than life itself. I do not want another revolutionary war, not at all, but if people like you keep pushing the sleeping giants (American patriots) against the wall, we will come out swinging.
    “From my cold dead hands”
    US Army Infantry veteran…. Out

    • Sniper

      Nick i could not have said it better , you and me think alike as do alot of real Americans . you will have to pardon my use of terms but i was wondering WAS THIS GUY ON CRACK , LSD , OR JUST A PLANE IDIOT, still haven’t decided

    • J.James

      My favorite part was when he said semi automatic ammunition. Dam no wonder i cant get my semi autos to fire “30 clip magazines per second” I must be using that non semi auto ammo or some thing.

  • Ktactical

    Making a fully auto rifle in California is already illegal. This idiot wants to ban home made * semiautomatics, but he holds up that fully auto rifle which is totally not legal for anyone to make especially in California and it’s an sbr (short barreled rifle). That’s like triple illegal. no one can own that (which is why the DOJ confiscated it), but what he wants people to think is that what he’s trying to outlaw is that…

  • Robby Robinson

    and right here folks were have a, uh gun that was uh manufactured by uh, a gun manufacturer. Did you see the guy in the suit directly behind and to the left of the MORON actually rolling his eyes? Love it! Sadly, the ignorant housewife and PTA mom take this nonsense as gospel and spread this nonsense as the truth

  • Eric Hilton

    Well done sir, spot on and with class. You have done your industry proud!

  • Steve in Iowa

    “while it may play well with the media and the uneducated public” He’s doing exactly what the plan says. Use the media to stoke fears in the uneducated public. It is, after all, the uneducated public that keeps voting these douche nozzles in to office.

  • Rick Ellington

    dumbass libtards!!!

  • Strawman

    What is even more incredible is that there are LEO’s standing behind him as if they agree with his assessments. Surely some of these LEO’s are at least knowledgeable enough to have corrected him at some point. If not then they are participating goons in his agenda.

    • Cody

      Those LEO’s that were present are part of the wannabe tyrannical police state that wants all citizens disarmed. They are an example of the Jack Booted thugs that will eventually need to be dealt with.

  • roberthall

    I am a rancher a fire arms instructer in the great state of texas….. if I were a congressman, I would introduce a bill that required all members of congress to complete a 200 hour fire arms training class were the would be taught how guns work, how to use them, and the TRUTH about what causes violent crime….. that way, when the time comes for them to speak about fire arms in public….. they know what they are talking about!….. oh, clips go in your hair! magazines go in semi- automatic fire arms…… huge pet peeve of mine.

  • Tom Heyer

    Also he kept stating thathe wanted to make sure thesewere keptout of thehans of drug cartels and such. Arn’t they already involved with something highly illegal? So what would the point of having onemore thing illegal to them (ok I have only done 4 illegal things but I better not make it 5 because that would be too much).. how about we enforce the rules on the books instead of making up more ridiculous ones.a

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  • JM Snyder

    Well said, absolutely brilliant.

  • Roll

    Please tell me you sent this to him…

  • Will B

    Senator Kevin, you got owned!!!!!!!!

  • Todd Saylors

    How do you take the ignorant serious? I just don’t get it.

  • Robert Willis

    Thank you……thank you…..thank you!

  • Jon Weiss

    Excellent letter Matt, but I would have added one more point in a message to this pinhead.

    Mr. DeLeon,
    In addition to his numerous fallacies in technical matters, you ignore one salient point. That point being… the user. I have been a gun owner, hunter and recreational shooter for over 40 years, and in all that time, I have killed or fired on “No One”, other than when in the Armed Forces and under orders from the Government you represent, So until I start shooting people, and actually commit the crime, anything you have to say about the criminality of firearms and the dangers therein, is irrelevant.

  • Paul Emery

    Where as I find the sheriffs rebuttal intelligent and needed I would say it has fallen on deaf ears as far as the senator is concerned, politicians could not care less about facts, stand up and spew BS, scare the uninformed and apparently California is full of the uninformed……………

  • buckofama2010


  • War_Wolf

    SMACK DOWN! Deleon’s tiny testes have been SLAMMED and CRUSHED!

  • JP2012

    “I am saddened that you used several high-ranking, politically appointed police administrators as window dressing to lend credibility to your argument, as you stood there rattling off complete nonsense. ” from now on referred to as a “Prop Cop.”

  • Alpha Propellerhead

    Thank you, sir.

  • SR5150

    Email or snail-mail that letter to that senator’s office.

  • Jay

    Well, part of me would be reluctant to respond to the stupidity of the senator’s comment but if WE do not make our voices heard, who will? The media will take this crap as gospel until someone calls it out for what it is. Further, the first report (almost always wrong) is what sticks, not the correction.

  • emanuel v quinones

    that’s what happens when uneducated fools start to speak about firearms that they themselves have no knowledge that is why I still support the NRA and THE SECOND AMENDMENT ,fools like this senator should be VOTED out of office period ..

  • Mark Miller

    Absolutely perfect letter, Matt! I hope he reads it and replies. The greatest outcome would be he figures out that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about and strives to educate himself. But if not, then it’ll be more comedic material for entertainment purposes. (I’d REALLY love to see him attempt to complete an 80% lower and assemble a functioning rifle!)

  • Mark Miller

    Also, if I understand his opening statement of intent correctly, he wants to ban the sale and transfer (trafficking) of self-assembled firearms (by which I assume he qualifies as a completed firearm from an 80% forging, plastic notwithstanding). Correct me if I’m wrong, but I was under the impression that, while it’s perfectly legal to complete an 80% and assemble a firearm for private use, it is already illegal, federally, to sell said firearm. So his bill is to make something illegal that’s already illegal?

  • Simon Says

    You go Matt! Keep it up! CA needs some standup folks. I am just glad my State (MS) is about as far away from CA as one can get, gun wise. (No weird laws)

  • MichaelPerkins

    Best read all month.

  • Nick W

    I’m not agreeing with de leon in any way, however he might be correct on the caliber. While appearance shows it to be a standard AR-15, it could very well be firing a .300 blackout round which has gained quite a following lately for use as a mid-range suppressed defense round. That being said, the senator needs to grab his ears and yank swiftly to remove his head from his ass and do his research.

  • Ikari

    Unfortunately the congregation of the anti-gun religion rarely browses pro-gun blogs. It is the duty of every freedom-loving American to take these words and distribute them to the media.

    The media will broadcast these politician’s lies– but what voices do they give to the truth? I’d wager for most very little. Call them out on it, and make it known to all that their media is an engine of propaganda, not reporters of truth.

  • cicadaman

    He brings up the real culprit many times in his speech yet not once did he ask to ban where these high powered assault weapons were made. It is my understanding after watching his video that garages need to be banned… all these ghost guns are being made in a garage. It is so much easier to see if a person is in possession of an illegal garage then a ghost gun

  • DonRitchie

    While an interesting collection of factoids, what’s your point? You know more about guns than this dude? So what? You, an armed agent of the state, should be making laws instead of the elected representative? That’s fascism.

    You don’t even offer a cogent policy position. You only offer a dump of assertions colored with your opinions of this Senator and then unzip your pants to offer some adolescent challenge about this Senator’s ability to build a gun.

    This guy is a state Senator. If you support the second amendment, surely you support the right of California to regulate well its own militia?

    • Matt

      Don, you wouldn’t happen to be someone who want’s to ban guns now would you?

      My point was very clearly expressed, but since you appear to have missed it, I will spell it out for you.
      1) Mr. de Leon does not have the slightest clue about the subject on which he is trying to pass laws regulating.
      2) There is no crime trend, real or imagined, that would justify new legislation concerning the firearms he is attempting to legislate.
      3) Construction of the firearms he showed is far more complicated than he purports it to be (hence the challenge for him to display the ease with which one can be constructed).
      4) He is either intentionally lying about the ability of the guns he was displaying in order to scare the media and public, or else return to #1 (I tend to think he is lying, but that is just my opinion)

      I have absolutely no clue where you draw any of your conclusions that I want to make laws instead of enforcing them. The fact that the man is a State Senator, and is responsible for creating legislation, is EXACTLY my point. He should not only be honest about what he is trying to legislate, but it is his responsibility to be educated on the topic as well.

      As for adolescent behavior, I think it is pretty clear which of us is behaving childishly.

      Good day sir.

      • DonRitchie

        If I wanted to live without the threat of an armed neighbor, would that invalidate my opinion? That’s a strawman fallacy.

        I would like gun owners to meet and drill every Sunday in the town square. I would like gun owners to submit their firearms for inspection to their local peers and superiors in their militias. I would like gun owners to contribute to local police and fire fighting responsibilities. I would like local militias to regulate who should and should not be a member of their local militia. All of this was envisioned by the authors and ratifiers of the second amendment.

        1. 931,000 Californians disagree with you. They empowered this particular state Senator to press these laws. If these constituents feel that the Senator is making poorly educated decisions they can remove him from office some time in the next 4 years.
        2. My employer encourages employees to spot trends before they develop and act pro-actively to take advantage of them. A frequent criticism of government is that it acts reactively instead of proactively.
        3. Agreed. But 5 years ago, personal plastic printers didn’t exist either. I think we can both agree that technology, particularly with composites, will grow faster than legislatures are usually able to keep up with.
        4. Back to my original point: so what? You simply present “education” and refute a few a his claims without actually presenting a counter-proposal or telling the reader what we should infer from your factoid? Should we disregard the Senator’s policy proposal? Again, he is working the will of 931,000 California and if their will is to lie – so what?

        If we’re going to talk about educating ourselves, let’s start with some honest trends before we get into the minutia of how to build an AR-15. The UK, with 50 million people, had 117 firearm deaths in 2013 (note, none of these were law enforcement, unlike the United States). The US, with 300 million people, averages 8000 to 9000 firearm deaths a year. The UK, while having a slightly higher rate of homicides due to stabbing or bludgeoning, overall has a vastly lower homicide rate and equal, or much lower rates of other violent crimes.

        The guy who says “no you are, but what am I” is behaving childishly.

        • Matt

          1) Because 931,000 people voted for him does not mean he knows anything about guns.
          2) A single incident does not a trend make
          3) When 3D metal printers are available in the sub-$100,000 price range, we can talk.
          4) This legislation is completely useless and should be forgotten. I thought that was pretty clear from my previous writings.

          And BTW, the saying is “I know you are but what am I?”

          • DonRitchie

            1. 931,000 people don’t know about guns, but this Senator is charged with working their will. There are two logical conclusions to your argument. Either an elected representative should “educate” themselves and then refuse to work the will of their constituency, or laws concerning the militia should only be enacted by members of the militia or armed agents of the state.
            2. How many does? With new “printing” technology being unveiled every day, surely you can see a developing trend moving forward. Note, you didn’t refute my argument praising government for being proactively instead of reactive.
            4. This wasn’t stated in your original thesis. Your original thesis was: “I would like to try and both educate you at the same time as I dispel with the lies and obfuscations you presented to the media during that press conference.” You stated no policy prescriptions nor even openly advocated for the status quo. You gave the reader no context to conceptualize your statement of facts.

            I would also like to note that you refused to be educated that it is far safer to live in another another English speaking country with a similar legal and cultural tradition that has de facto “gun-grabbed”. If you refuse to be educated, why should your reader?


            • Scar

              By all means, go move in England since it’s so safe over there.

              Just be prepared to have the cops arrest YOU should you happen to actually defend yourself against someone mugging you or breaking into your home.

            • DonRitchie

              No thanks, I’d rather persuade my fellow countrymen to adopt laws that are a proven success.

              I’m a Christian and my savior teaches me to turn the other cheek.

              What standard of morality do you live under that teaches you that killing is an appropriate response to stealing?

            • Scar

              What kind of standard of morality is Christianity if you are assuming that defending oneself equates to killing another person.
              Most of the time, just pointing a gun at the person is enough to make them run away; and if they’re running away, they pose no threat. If you shoot the person in the back, good luck explaining self defense in court, you’ll most likely face murder charges if that person dies.

              I will wish you luck, however, in getting your fellow countrymen to agree to essentially disarm themselves. I, for one, see the truth behind their spiel, and will not favor any new laws. All the laws they’ve proposed(and passed in some cases) have done is make criminals out of law abiding citizens with the stroke of a pen.

            • DonRitchie

              Life isn’t a video game. Cops and criminals work in pairs for a reason. Wave your gun around and you will be dead. Matthew 26:52.

              Only 1 in 5 households even owns a gun from the most recent census. It’s only a matter of time.

              You already cooperate with the gun laws. You can talk tough on internet boards, but you’ll obey the penstroke the same way you always have when it comes.

            • Scar

              When did I make a video game comparison?
              There is no real statistic on the use of firearms in preventing crime because, more often than not, the would-be crime doesn’t get reported to police.
              From what I’ve seen, most criminals work alone, and I’ve yet to see 2 cops in a cruiser pulling someone over. Lots of places have cut budgets and one of the things to go is usually police officers; my city lost almost half its police officers due to budget cuts.

              According to this report, dated Jan. 10th 2014, 39% of house holds have guns in them, so it’s more like 2/5, not the 1/5 stat you gave. Also, gun ownership is on the rise, not the decline mainstream media is trying to tell us.


              As for following a pen stroke, my state doesn’t require registration, so they don’t know if I still own anything or not. And the only way to find out I even bought anything is to go to every gun store/FFL holder in the state and get a warrant out to review the records of initial sales. Even then, it does not contain information of any gun I may have sold to someone after I bought it initially.

              Food for thought:
              In 2010, 76,000 FFL transfers were stopped because someone lied on the 4473 form, which is a FEDERAL crime. Of those 76,000 denials, can you guess how many were prosecuted and convicted because of it?

              Keep in mind Eric “fast and furious gun runner” Holder said that they don’t have the resources to go after everyone that fails a background check under the current system.

            • lion

              well I see you do not know a thing about the crime rate were guns are legal, Sweden has one of the lowest crime rates in the world and its about 45% of the people who live there are fire arms owners trained by the Government on how to use them safely ! so be for you go and run off at the mouth again you might like to know in this country were gun laws are the least strict is were we have the least crime were we have gun free zones and too many gun laws ls were the most crime is done with a gun ! you are saying lets have more crime by more gun laws . that’s about right the people who have there head were the sun don’t sine and it sounds to me you belong to that group. oh the 2nd amendment was put there for the people to defend them selves against a government who was trying to do what you are no guns in this county . if they trash one of are founded prince able we are all screwed then none of them would matter.! that’s what is now wrong in this country!

            • DonRitchie

              You’re talking about Switzerland, oh expert Europa. Sweden is in that peninsula north of Europe that looks like a scrotum teabagging the continent.

              And Switzerland has higher rates of violent crime than any of it’s neighbors including France, Germany, and even Italy.

            • LeftThumb

              The UK had a lower gun death rate before and after their laws became more and more restrictive. Their gun violence rate historically has been low and it continued to be before and after additional restrictions. It is incorrect to attribute their lower gun rate death to more restrictive laws.
              Comparing countries in western Europe to the USA in any case is also clearly not a valid comparison. Our culture, demographics and history are far different. Cultures even amongst each European country are very different obviously. There are European countries with highly restrictive gun laws that have low gun crime (UK). There are countries with open gun laws with low gun crime (Switz). Clearly culture plus economics, and not laws, are much more relevant to the violence rates in countries.

              Beyond the emotional biases, the relevant question in this debate is will a new law have the touted affect. Most examples would point to little to no impact. The most famous example being the “Assault Weapons Ban” which indeed according to the governments own statistics had basically no impact. You may fear the idea that your neighbor may own a gun but that doesn’t mean you are any less or more safe if he does.

              I will not debate you on all the points you made but if you are going to aggressively criticize the logic of the poster you should also be open to have your own logic criticized.

            • DonRitchie

              While I find the argument that the country that started two World Wars and once boasted that the sun never set on their empire is somehow culturally “peaceful” laughable, let’s move a little closer than home than.

              Canada is nearly identical to us culturally, historically, and economically. They watch the same movies, the same television, and they play the same video games. Half of Canada’s population lives within 50 miles of the US border. Canada has a similar shooting/sportsman tradition (Canadians would argue greater) as the United States. I spent most of my life within a half-hour of the Canadian border and if you put 10 Americans and a Canadian in a room together there’s no way I could tell the Canadian apart.

              Canada, with a little over 30 million people, averages less than 600 homicides per year and less than 200 gun deaths a year. The only difference between the United States and Canada in regards to guns and gun culture are Canadian gun laws.

              You are also mischaracterizing Swiss gun laws as “open”. I would argue that, in fact, their gun laws are some of the most restrictive in the world because they are tied into compulsory military service. All Swiss from 20-30 are conscripted into the Swiss armed forces and are required to purchase a weapon. For most, this is a SiG automatic rifle. The Swiss who are serving need to keep their automatic weapons at the arsenal when they are not actively on duty. At the end of their service, they are allowed to keep their SiGs providing that they pay for them to be retooled into breech-loaded non-automatic weapons, a process which costs thousands of dollars and less than a quarter of Swiss opt to do. Then, the Swiss after service still need to be licensed and show cause why they would need to carry their weapon after service. Very few, mostly people in the security industry, get a show cause permit to carry their weapon after being discharged from the Swiss armed forces.

              I would also like to note that my policy proposal outlined in earlier posts for the militia is very similar to the Swiss system.

            • LeftThumb

              The real question again is will a law have its purposed affect. Making broad comparison of one country to another and using that as the basis of policy is typically useless. If you are really interested in results which in this case means less gun violence, you would have to perform a controlled objective study in the USA. The legitimate studies I’ve seen in the USA have shown little to no impact.

              As far as just country comparisons, I disagree with Canada being overall similar to the USA. First of all the population is literally ten times more (300 million to your number of 30 million). This would be like saying the New York City region is representative of the entire USA. Additionally the cultures in different parts of each country are also very different. If we compare for instance the French region to American South. These are obviously very different. I agree some people are similar but as a country, the USA is very different to Canada. If I saw a controlled study performed in Russia or Brazil, I might pay more attention but frankly this whole country to country comparison without accounting for controls is just a waste of time.

              Regarding Switzerland I actually agree with you. My use of the word open was too brief. I’m very aware of conscription and the obvious weapons training in Switzerland. I think you’d be surprised how many American gun owners would be open to the Swiss concept of gun ownership. Again I think this just illustrates how different Switzerland is to the USA from culture to population size. My point was how useless it is to compare varying countries. It is just as useless to as whole compare the USA to the UK or Canada in regards to public policy.

              Again, if your goal is results as in a safer environment with zero to no impact on civil liberties then a controlled study of before and after a law was/is instituted is the most useful. Broad country comparison’s for the purpose of lawmaking are a waste of time.

        • commonsense

          “The UK, while having a slightly higher rate of homicides due to stabbing or bludgeoning, overall has a vastly lower homicide rate and equal, or much lower rates of other violent crimes.”

          Um, NO!

          “Britain has a higher crime rate than any other rich nation except Australia, according to a survey yesterday.”

          Read more:
          Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

          So feel free to give up all your freedoms for more ‘security’ Don, you shall have neither.

          • DonRitchie

            It’s difficult to compare British and American crime rates because Britain classifies any crime against a person as a violent crime, whereas the United States classifies murder, manslaughter, rape, and aggravated assault as violent crimes. Even within the United States, we don’t have a universal standard for the definitions of these crimes, but aggravated assault is typically a crime where someone shoves a gun in your face. In Britain, if you get pushed down and someone snatches your purse, they classify that as a “violent crime”.

            But if you break down the crimes specifically, murder and manslaughter rates are vastly lower in Britain than they are in the United States as I demonstrated above.

            Britain has a slightly higher, but overall similar rate of rape. However, Britain also has a more expansive definition of rape, where the United States in different jurisdictions would classify some of these behaviors as criminal sexual conduct. The United States also has a shockingly low reporting rate for rape. Some criminologists estimate that 20% of American woman will suffer a rape at some point in their life, yet less than 5% will ever report it. Woman probably don’t report these rapes because they know their rapist and they are afraid their rapist will put a bullet in their head. Britain, on the other hand, is estimated by some to have a 40% reporting rate for rape.

            But, yes, Britain is currently seeing a “spike” in violent crime. Their rates, specifically of murder, are still vastly lower even considering the spike.

    • XtremeAngler

      Don, let me simplify this for you. Would you prefer our elected representatives actually have an inkling of knowledge about something they are attempting to pass legislation about, or would you prefer to just trust them to do the right thing? Not a complex question, and there is no wrong answer. But I do caution you, one answer will immediately let others know, beyond a reasonable doubt, whether you are a low information “lemming” who concentrates on the real meaning of Sponge Bob quotations; or one who actually finds a rational use for his mind.

  • Chris Cusack

    I think that if you look closely he had a “0%” lower forging that he was holding claiming that it could be machined with a drill press.

    • Matt

      Yes, you are correct. It was just a raw forging. However, the law he is trying to pass (SB 808) is specifically written to address 80% lowers and other self-built firearms, which is why I used that term. It would have been more factually accurate to refer to it as you did though.

      • Chris Cusack

        I would be willing to bet him $10,000 that he could not turn that into a functioning lower using only a drill press and jig. Like you I have done so with an 80% lower and a digital milling machine.

    • Chris Cusack

      at 3:38 it clearly shows the buffer tube is not drilled or threaded. The mag well does not appear to be machined as well.

  • Brett M

    I’m waiting for them to start talking about untraceable bullets made out of ice

  • Dennis Johnston

    Unfortunately DeLusion will NEVER see the letter. His staff of sycophants will keep it from him so as not to injure his self esteem.

  • Dave Gilbert

    Matt I agree with you a 100 percent having built many a AR platform rifle even with forgings that were milled correctly its not always a simple task to get one performing correctly, having watched this guy I firmly believe that this is why our country is in the shape that it is now, we are dealing with idiots that know nothing of which they speak!!

  • rockydempsey

    When I saw the video, I thought that he said Gauss gun which of course, is a another name for a coil gun or electromagnetic gun that fires its projectiles using electricity and magnetism rather than an explosion. Either way, the guy in the video does not know what he is talking about.

  • Adam

    I agree 100%! That was the most uneducated brief I have ever heard concerning firearms.

  • W. Mathew Drumm

    I thought he was way too easy on Mr. DeLeon.

  • Josh_B

    Short of quoting Billy Madison, that was very well done.

  • mike nagy

    Thank you Matt for debunking this idiot politician’s made up attempt to demonize firearms

  • Jmsgen

    Well worded and based on facts. Nice to see a real rebuttal.

  • Secretsquid

    I made a wood stock for a 12 gauge. Not very easy, especially getting it to mate with the metal. Making an AR 15 would be almost impossible unless you own a machine shop.

  • I am Second


  • gliney

    I made many of the same points

  • Hayden Henry

    Congressman De Leon won’t understand a word of this. It has facts in it.

  • Libacryte


    Thank you for such an articulate, well thought out, factual rebuttal. I sent the following email to deleon, but mine is much more emotionally driven than yours. Suffice it to say I’ve not heard back from him:

    You do not know what you are talking about regarding guns. You use
    scare tactics & meaningless buzz words. More deaths come from
    knives and fists than so-called “assault weapons” yet you only strive to
    strip citizens of their 2nd Amendment RIGHTS as guaranteed under the

    BTW, how many more contributions from FBI agents have you accepted,
    you corrupt POS. The fact that you have duped enough ppl to vote for
    you is an affront to the ideals of this country, for you are a a
    TRAITOR, a tyrant, and a power-hungry dictator.

    Your idiocy regarding your lack of knowledge regarding guns is
    laughable, and your recent press conference where you misused several
    buzz words is going viral, in the hopes that more & more people see
    that you have NO idea what you are talking about. The fact that you
    surround yourself with armed guards, yet you try to strip our rights
    away show that you view yourself as part of a protected class of elites,
    and are a complete HYPOCRITE.

    This is exactly the opposite of what the Founding Fathers
    envisioned, and because of you & your corrupt, anti-Constitutional
    laws, I will NOT abide by your edicts. I challenge you to a debate on
    actual gun FACTS, because I know that you are ignorant of the truth and
    that you resort to emotional rhetoric.

    You don’t care about women, for if you did, you’d know that they
    need something to defend themselves against much larger, stronger
    attackers, yet you seek to disarm them.

    The irony is that folks
    like you & Obama are the BEST sales people for guns – since he has
    been elected, there have been MILLIONS more guns sold, so the very thing
    you wish to get off the streets has flourished!!

    You do NOT represent us, and we will NOT register our weapons to a
    TYRANT. They will be “undocumented” and the fact that you cannot
    control ACTUAL criminals (ie, gang bangers) but you want to control
    law-abiding citizens just proves your corrupt quest for power.


  • Andrew Petrelli

    Time for another revolution to take back our country!

  • Michael Hardy

    Great rebuttal. However, that fool does not CARE about the facts. He WANTS the ignorant public frothing at the mouth to get the legislation passed. He wants to use the most scary sounding rhetoric he can. Who gives a crap if it’s all crap? Honest, intelligent, reasoned people are NOT his target audience

  • conehead

    agreed. Kevin De Leon is just making noise, same goes from his script writer, they both don’t know what they’re talking about. It clealy shows he wants to kiss barack obama’ ass, maybe he can gain more fundings or shall we say more funds for Kevin De Leon’s interest?

  • BryanS

    While I love guns, you are an expert in them. While it’s easy to see you love writing, I am an expert in correct writing. Your letter was impeccable! I know of no writer, correspondent, or English major who could have done better. Extremely well said, Sir. Thank you for your stand!

    • Matt

      Thank you. I am no English major, not by the wildest sense of the imagination, but I try. Glad I managed to pull it off, for once… ;-)

  • Lyvnxxl

    Good job Matt. The thing that gets me is how they blatently usurp their legislative powers while they are violating their oath of office, to uphold the constitution and protect our rights. They obviously don’t care that they are breaking the law of the land, while trying to lie to the media and the misinformed for some feel good nonsense, all the while knowing that they have no clue of what they are talking about.

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  • Austin Jones

    Well said… Very good points

  • Peggy Deiter

    Now if the idiot only cared to Ride, Shoot Straight and Speak the Truth

  • Left Coast Cannibal

    Nice article, but it’s a waste to address it to him. Despite his profound ignorance of the subject, his Honorable Ignoramus will continue to choose “scary” words to fool the public and sponsor whatever anti-gun legislation is handed to him, since he obviously doesn’t have the mental circuitry to compose it himself.

  • Jer

    The sad part, is that even if De Leon read this, he couldn’t care less. The truth does not serve his agenda.

  • Paul

    You rule Matt. San Diego loves you for standing up for our 2nd amendment rights with facts and professional opinions.

  • Really?

    ECHO ECHO ECHO Echo Echo echo echo echo…

    Dang, y’all sure like saying the same thing over and over… And over again.

    Freedom!!! Hey, Matt, are you a dictator because you block contributors that you don’t like? I mean, full freedom means dealing with things you don’t like, since you have to respect the freedom of other people.

    Oh, right… I forgot Freedom to you means getting rid of everyone who doesn’t agree with you. Go Freedom!

    • Matt

      Nope, to my knowledge, only two people have been blocked from posting on this site, and it was by no means a decision made solely by me (especially since I am only a guest here as well). If you look through the comments here you will see that a poster by the name of DonRitchie clearly does not agree with me, yet his posts are still there and he has not been blocked.

      Differing opinions are absolutely allowed, and as I have said many times, I actually encourage discussion because that is the best way to understand one another’s points. What is has gotten people banned is constantly negative, grating, intentionally abrasive behavior and name calling. This is not a schoolyard or playground. We prefer to have adult conversations.

    • Matt

      And after a little poking around on the admin side of this blog, I find my suspicion was correct. Welcome back “Rational Skeptic”, one of the only two people previously barred from posting here.

      If you care to participate, please do, but based on previous issues, you should know you are walking a very thin line.

  • Slughead

    But but… 30 magazine clip!!

  • EATitCNN


  • Kelly Cooney


  • Jim Sheldon

    Well said…

  • Steven Mayro

    Matt than you for putting that pompus blowhard in his place it’s fools with power like him that does major damage to our 2nd amendment rights

  • Robert Callahan.

    Politicians do not care about facts, they care about emotions. They want to scare you and get their legislation through.

  • repellant

    The only way Senator De leon’s comments could have made any sense would be if they had been translated by the Fake sign language interpreter from Mandela’s funeral.

  • Joe Calvert

    Great job, hope some of these moron politicians start listening to the educated public and stop listening to the Morons in office.

  • Brad

    You should check out aero precision’s new special edition lower receiver. They are poking at this fool with it.

  • Sniper

    you will have to pardon my use of terms but i was
    haven’t decided.

    this country was built ON GOD & GUNS and they will not take ether from me except from my COLD DEAD HANDS

  • Lee

    Good letter and spot on BUT liberals has no use for facts they spout their BS to scare those who have no clue about firearms or how they are made…im shocked he didn’t say it shoot heat seeking bullets.

  • Ctrl-alt-del
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  • nofoiegrasforme

    Nice job Matt, however logic and reason will not resonate with a progressive. You probably felt better by writing it, however there really isn’t much of a chance your position will be taken seriously.

  • Dan R

    Very well said. The ignorance of people in power is amazing.

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  • Pingback: California to regulate BB guns and Airsoft guns()

  • Michael

    If this wasn’t such a disturbing attempted breach of liberty it would almost be comical. I do find the double standard to be ironic; on the one hand California credits criminals with the enginuity to take a useless piece of aluminum, broach out a magwell and machine to exacting precision slots for the fire control group and other components while at the same time they don’t think a criminal trying to use a toy gun for intimidation would take the time to paint it black. I am both a firearm enthusiast and I have experience working in a high precision tool and die shop, and the largest machine shop in our region does not have the capabilities to broach that magwell in his 80 percent lower. Believe me, they have plenty of drill presses too. It looks like Senator Kevin De Leon believes he is doing a good thing, but it is glaringly obvious that he is ignorant to the subject of firearms and as such is not qualified to present legislation o the subject. Thank you Mac for taking the time to write this rebuttal, it is a well written piece.

    • Michael

      Excuse me, Thank you Matt!

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  • Joe Huitt

    LOL matt nice job

  • Bflag

    Love it.

  • Jason Belliveau

    i know its an older topic but i cant seem to find out if there has been any updates or retractions on senator Senator Kevin de Leon.

  • Zachary Reed

    Bravo Matt! Educate this windbag politician!

  • Rich-D

    Stupidity, is not being aware of what you don’t know! De Leon fits that description perfectly!

  • Phillip Steele

    Just another uniformed speech to impress the uninformed populace on the preconcieved scare tactic notion that gun ownership is wrong.

  • Flunking_retirement

    Another babbling loon. Problem is because he is a state “senator” the gullible herd will fall for all his crap. What’s really amazing is the poker faced police officer -and I assume he is not an actor- behind him.

  • NY to SF

    You wonder why some don’t want guns ? They have no idea what they are.
    Welcome to voters. If you don’t know, stand down.

  • Bill Harbaugh

    Thank you Mat glad we got someone like you setting these people straight!

  • Blake

    Excellent letter.

  • bubba2001

    He is *exactly* the type of person you don’t want in your gov’t!
    Imagine this Dunce trying to figure our complicated budget and tax issues? “What’s a “mil?”