Recall of XDS 9mm and 45acp pistols

Springfield-XDS_001Right on the heels of the S&W Shield announcement Springfield Armory has issued a recall of some of it’s popular XDS 9 and XDS 45 3.3″ pistols.

My XDS 9mm falls in the recall range and I’ll be keeping everyone updated on how the recall progresses.  To date, I have not had any malfunctions with my pistol.

The recall is fairly expansive and encompasses:

Springfield 3.3 XD-S™ 9mm pistols -serial numbers between XS900000 and XS938700.

Springfield 3.3 XD-S™ .45ACP pistols – serial numbers between XS500000 and XS686300.

Springfield says the pistol could fire unintentionally when the slide is released or it may “double-fire” and fire twice with one pull of the trigger.  I urge all my readers to check the serial numbers of their XDS handguns immediately, this is a serious safety issue.

You can read more about the recall at Springfield’s official recall page where you can also file an online claim for a shipping label and service.



As an Oath Keeper Joe is known for his staunch, unwavering defense of Liberty and the Constitution. His background in medicine, from the streets as a FF/EMT to a level 1 trauma team, bring a unique perspective to TBS team. As a life long firearms enthusiast you may also recognize him from his work with MAC and as founder of 13C Gun Reviews.

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  • Keith

    Sent my registration in. Their page was down earlier due to high traffic.

    • Mike

      My 45 fell in the recall. Sent it to them today via Fedex.

      • Jerry Mestas

        I think every XDS manufactured up to the time they became aware of the issue falls into the category.

  • Asdf

    Man, I was just going to buy an XDS9 to replace my Glock 26. I’ll think I will stick with the Glock for now.

    • http://youtube ema

      I have glock 23 and xds 45 sincerely no change your flock 26 dude TRUST ME…

  • John

    Got my RMA#. Sending mine in tomorrow.

    • Tim

      How did you get your RMA?

      • Larry Corrie

        It was emailed when I was request earring my pistol w/ the recall site .
        They are sending back repaired guns already as of last week the 18th . Hope to get mine quickly maybe a few weeks ? It looks like they are working triple time with a gang of workers to get done faster !

  • Curious

    Curious only because I don’t know. When you ship it to them, how is it that they can ship it back to a private residence and not have to ship to an FFL?

    • Ken

      An FFL is required for the Transfer of OWNERSHIP. Your gun is not being transferred – It is being repaired due to defect between the owner and mfgr

  • Netspirit

    Happy with my Shield. At least their issue was in drop-safety, affecting the most recent production batch only

  • ghostwheel

    Being a guinea pig must suck!

    I have been very happy with my Ruger LC 380 pistol for concealed carry. Smaller size so nobody knows it is there, powerful enough, easy slide use to chamber [spring], no malfunctions or feed problems as long as you don’t limp wrist it. Enough safeties which you can use or not, no grip safety, no recalls, and based on the LC9, the LC380 was a proven design. They [lasermax] even have a green laser for it now.

    Just the $40 for a Ruger magazine was a bit steep, and it is basically a LC9 mag with a spacer.

    I am thinking my next handgun will be the Wiley Chap Ruger GP100, after my bank account recovers from the Tavor purchase. :P

  • andrew herrud

    Thanks ill have to do that I havent had a single malfunction let alone a problem in 500 rds so im shocked

  • Blehtastic

    Full Auto carry FTW!

  • Lord Platypus

    Are you guys shipping them back in the hard sided case they came in or are you just putting them in a box with some packing peanuts or something?

    • Steve

      When I contacted Springfield Armory to ship mine back they said to take all of the accessories out of the case and ship the cleaned and unloaded gun in the case it came in. Also, FedEx will supply a box for free for you to ship the case in. After you contact Springfield they will email you a shipping label. Took it to an authorized FedEx location and shipped with no issues.

      • Wayne Jones

        Springfield let me print my own Fed-Ex label on line, I packed it in a box that primers came in (smaller than a shoe box but carigated) with some old Wal-Mart bags for cushion. I called Fed-Ex and they came by the house and picked it up the next day.

    • Dave

      Sent mine in the case it fit perfectly in the FedEx Express ‘Large box. Now lets see how long it takes to get back.

      • Steve

        I contacted Springfield Armory and they are ball parking a 30 day turn around time after they receive the gun to do the recall.

  • Dan W

    I was on the fence between Shield and XD-S and went out and bought the XD-S right after S&W announced their recall.. Smooth move, Springfield.

  • Tim U

    This ruined my day. I’ve wanted an XD-S for a while and now it’s going to be that much longer before I see one.

  • MrApple

    I’ll stick with my Shield 9mm. There is nothing wrong with it. It runs great and conceals nicely. It is a hell of a good gun.

  • Nick


    I got the FedEx label from Springfield. Do I have to tell FedEx that I’m shipping a firearm when dropping it off?

    Or can I just box it up, slap the label on it, and drop it off in person without saying so?

  • CEO of Springfield Armory

    Sent mine in.. Thanks

  • Scott

    Dang, I just bought a xds 45 yesterday, and today, I read it’s going back for a recall. I agree, sounds like this is one that should be taken seriously.

    • Phil

      Hey Scott I’m in the same boat. I bought an xds45 Friday and it is already boxed up at fedex waiting to get shipped tomorrow. Guess I’ll have to carry my FNX40 for a little longer.

  • Lance

    My biggest regret is being without my xds while it’s being repaired. I’ve had no issues with it. It runs great with no jams or mis fires. I will gladly send it in to be safe. It’s not costing me anything but a little inconvenience. No regrets here.

  • AJ

    Same here lance, about 1000 rounds through without a single issue. Absolutely love my xds. Hope the turnaround is quick.

    • Drmaudio

      I haven’t heard of anyone having a problem. Like the Shield alert, these things usually represent over-the-top caution and have more to do with liability then the potential for real-world malfunctions.

  • Drmaudio

    Does anyone have a XDs that is not effected? Looking at the round numbers on the Serial number range, I wonder if it isn’t all of them up to this point.

    • pahughes

      my thoughts exactly!

  • John

    Shipped mine yesterday. Not a single round fired yet. Bummer. FedEx never asked anything. Just a plan box with the printed label.

  • Mike

    I have to pay for FedEx to take my pistol, they said cash only? Plan on calling Springfield next week

    • Steve

      Did you drop it off at an Authorized FedEx location? I contacted Springfield and they emailed me a shipping label and FedEx will provide a FedEx shipping box for free to put the case in for shipping. There should have been no cost to you for shipping the gun. FedEx just put the shipping label I printed out on the box they gave me, no issues, no questions, no cash. Which was good because I just bought the XDS yesterday and went to take it to the range only to find out I couldn’t shoot it because of the recall. Major disappointment, I almost took the gun back but they gave me a free 9 round mag for my troubles.

      • Larry

        Who gave you the free mag ? The retailer ?
        I hope Springfield does some kind of kickback for our troubles !
        I miss my gun since I got it I always had it right with me & know I feel naked without it . I sure could use a extra clip .

        • Steve

          Yes, the retailer gave me the free mag. He was going take the gun back since he sold it to me after the recall was issued without telling me. He said he wasn’t aware of the recall which I believe him since he runs his business out of his house and teaches CCW classes.

          It sounds like I’m going to get another mag from Springfield Armory, too. SA’s latest recall update says they’ve completed testing the fix and will begin upgrading our guns next week and will start shipping the week of the 21st. In the update notice on their website they said that they are sending us mag for our troubles.

          Hope that helps.

          • Larry

            Hey I just called SA to ask about the free mag & they said they are giving us a free extended mag ( BONUS )

    • Joe

      If you used the label SA emailed you, you shouldn’t have had any issues or requests for payment. It’s a standard pre-paid label. Did you use the pre-paid label at an authorized FedEx location?

    • Marco

      Did you download a shipping label from springfield.

  • Steve

    I just bought my XDS yesterday and went to take it to the firing range only to find out there was a recall and I wasn’t allowed to shoot it. Major disappointment. I contacted Springfield and they emailed me a shipping label and told me to ship it back in the case it came in (after I took all the accessories out of the it). FedEx provides a free box that fits the case perfectly so there is no out of pocket expense to ship it back.

    Does anyone know how long the recall repair is suppose to take. I’d like to shoot my brand new gun sometime very soon.

  • Cary

    I just got finished dishing out a load of smartass to my Shield buddies and today I find this…I hope this is never seen by a Shield owner I know. I got 3 going back it looks like…2 9’s and a 45. :(

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  • Jerry Mestas

    Sounds like a government conspiracy to seize our guns. This is how it starts.

  • Bill

    They have had mine since 8/15, for a warranty issue, to replace the disconnector (same problem I bet) and said it would be back in my hands in 3 weeks max. With the recall, as of today, 30 to 45 days more is what they told me when I called. I don’t know, but if I was Springfield I think I would get my butt in gear. I was a loyal Springfield owner, but a carry gun I own and can’t get back to carry doesn’t endear them to me.

  • Bill

    You can use the box it came in, but don’t leave anything else in the case. It’s on the recall notice on their site that that is okay. Beware, you probably will not see your gun for a minimum of 45 days. I spoke to them today and mine is there and has been for 19 days and they told me 30 to 45 more days at least. OUCH

    • Steve

      45 days? That’s terrible! They really need to throw something free in. (9 round mag – hint hint) I didn’t even get to shoot the darn thing. I bought and shipped same day. Didn’t hear about the recall until I got to the range to shoot it the first time. Thank goodness I had my Glock or it would have been a complete wasted trip.

  • Marco morello

    Springfield said to me when I called them it is a recall to make the firearm safer but the problem was unable to recreate as of now, but they recalled them anyway at no cost to us.
    Ido call that superb customer service and it shows they do stand behind their products. I can’t even imagine what that may cost alone in shipping costs. Anyway to all the haters other companies do not recall thousands of firearms, they will try to fix your problem and wait until others have the problem but I don’t see a lot of recalls.
    Anyway I am a proud owner of many springfields as well as I will continue to purchase more.

  • http://twitter glenn sommerfield

    Any update on any new produced sa xds 45 acp being shipped? Is sa focused only on the recall or is production ongoing as well?

  • kyle

    when can we expect post-recall production to begin? or has it already?

  • Steve

    I contacted Springfield Armory and they are estimating a 30 day turn around time after they receive the gun to do the recall. They said they will be upgrading the guns in the order they receive them. So I guess the sooner you send it in the sooner you get it back.

  • Jay

    Has any got their XDS.45 back? I love the gun but will not buy anything else from Springfield. I ordered 2, magazines from them and they sent me one for a XDS 9 mm. They need to get there act together..

    • Bill

      Don’t hold your breath. I heard from them yesterday. My XDS9 has been there since 8/15 and they just told me 30 more days. Hmmm, perhaps if they would release some info with truthful times and what the problem actually is I might not be so peeved.

      • Jay

        I think it is time for a class action law suit… I can not get any reply from Springfield. The trade in value is about half what I paid,that is if you can find a dealer that will take it…A month is to long for them to keep anyone’s gun…

  • Nick

    So I spoke to a dealer yesterday. He personally owns the XDS45 as well as sold a bunch load to customers including myself.

    He told me the unconfirmed story for the recall was due to a shooter (who was probably using a really bad reloaded batch of ammo) having the primer “pop out” off the casting, wedging itself in the back of the frame upon the slide release.

    When the firing pin struck the outer wedged primer, it would cause the double primer strikes giving the auto firing effect.

    So the new mod of the roll bar in the safety grip is to prevent the primer from wedging itself should it come loose.

    Again this is unconfirmed.

  • Terry Bowling

    So let me get this straight you’ve had thousands of owners send in their XD-S before you even knew exactly what the problem was or how you was going to fix it? And to date you think you’ve figured what the problem is (We have now identified what we believe is our final upgrade solution and throughout this coming week we will be continuing with our thorough and exhaustive testing of that solution.) I am an owner of a XD9 Tactical, XD45, XDS.45, and a M1A and I was thinking of purchasing a Springfield M1911 and a XD-S 9mm but after this experience and possibly waiting 30 + and who knows how much longer and to be used as a guinea pig to figure what the problem and fix is has really diminished my view of the Springfield name and it will be quite a while before I even think of purchasing another Springfield.

    SFC Terry J. Bowling

  • joshue

    they sent me the pistol with an extended magazine free for the wait.

  • Mike Oliver

    My XDS-45 is due back to me today. They shipped a 7-round magazine with it as well. I have to say that, while they took some time developing a fix, they kept me informed with weekly email updates on where they were at in the process of developing and testing a solution. I am still waiting on notification that my XDS-9 is on its way back to me–I FEDEXed both on the same day. My guess is that they set up the tooling to repair the XDS-45 before the XDS-9 due to either volume or the fact that the XDS-45 was released first (or both). In any case, I’m happy to be receiving it today. I would rather that the company take its time and develop a solid solution rather than a shoddy one and have to have me ship it back to them in 6 months for some other issue.

    To Terry Bowling above, don’t let this steer you away from the Springfield 1911s. I have a Range Officer and it is an excellent piece.

  • Steve

    Just a point of reference for everyone that has sent in their guns:

    1. Shipped – 30 August
    2. FedEx Delivered to Springfield Armory – 3 September
    3. Springfield Armory logged into their system – 9 September
    4. Website shows as fixed – 31 October

    I will update as soon as it’s shipped and received. Just wanted to give folks an idea of the fix time so you could ballpark when you will have your guns fixed.

    • Steve

      5. I received my gun – 5 November

      and all is right with the world :-)

  • Nick

    Anyone tested out their upgraded XD-S? Curious to get some of your thoughts on it. Does it feel the same as before? And better improvements? Or is it worst now?

    Mine is schedule to be back in my grubby hands mid-week…

    • Mike Oliver

      Had not fired either pistol before having to send them back. Have fired both since receiving them back over the past two weeks. Both performed without issue.

    • Tim

      My Xds-9 is back! Only 80 days! So I strip it down, clean it, oil it and try the trigger.
      YIKES! I sent in a beautiful 5.5 lb trigger, short, crisp, 100% functioning xds. That was 100 % stock. I got back a 8.5 lb gritty piece of ***. Still 100% functional. Just takes two hands and a dog to make it go off! So, took it apart. Who are they kidding! What a poor design in terms of trigger pull. They added a spring to the bottom of a slightly redesigned sear. This spring added 3 lbs to my trigger pull. Some other issues I have can only be blamed on their rush to return our guns. When I sent it in, it was thoroughly cleaned by me. When I got it back, the inside had grit and steel shavings from a dirty workbench in it. Glad I took it apart before I shot it. So, someone out there, Springer or PRP or Galloway or whoever, design a fix and make a few bucks, because frankly, even after polishing, springs (other than the new grip safety spring) this trigger pull stinks! Way too heavy, although I got rid of the grit, grab and jump it still sits at 7 lbs even with a reduced power striker spring. Springfield you blew it.

      • Nick

        Yep – that’s exactly what I got to. Mine measured out to be 8.33lb. Nothing but shavings on the inside. Even the reset was horrible. I ended up selling mine last week. Had to take a lost on the everything I spent. Holster and mag pouches as well.

        So you’re not the only one that got a returned crap pistol.