Russian made Glock pistols

The famous Izhmash factory will start producing Glock handguns for the Russian market according to this Moscow Times article. Pictures of Russian marked Glocks have been circulating the Internet for a while, so this probably won’t come as a surprise to those of you who follow Glock closely. The state owned company Rostec owns the factory formerly known as Izhmash which was renamed to “Kalashnikov” earlier this year. The Austrians will assist Kalashnikov in setting up their manufacturing facilities by supplying them with the necessary training, materials and the technology.

It’s doubtful the pistols are destine for the export market, at least not at the moment, so don’t expect to get your hands on one here in the United States.

It’s not surprising that Glock continues to expand their manufacturing base as the worldwide demand for their pistols is incredible. In the last few years Glock has established manufacturing capabilities in the United States as well and has recently began exporting the U.S. made pistols to at least one country, the Philippines.

Russian made Glock

A picture of a Russian made Glock. Look closely at the markings on the frame, just behind the trigger.


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  • icepick37

    Huh. That’s pretty cool, actually. Though now I assume we’ll see rebels armed with these someday. :p

    • kotsosgr55

      Nah… These days America arming the terrorists… Look what happening in Syria. CIA arming the Al Qaeda, the same Al Qaeda that US Army are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan (if they are not there for the oil and gas….)

      • icepick37

        Ah, well that’s true, SIGH.

        • JJ

          Oh…. So true…

    • Josh Mitton

      When I was in Iraq the IP (Iraqi Police) had Glock 19s which I assumed we probably supplied them with. We would always find them on detainees and confiscated them. On the plus side of that though, I know one Specialist who had a G19 for the remainder of the deployment.

  • M Jarvis

    That would look really bad ass with the ol’ Hammer and Sickle, wouldn’t it?? ;)

    • Brandon Fabian Jarvis

      It would look sick!!!

  • Jones USAF

    M Jarvis I’d totally buy one of those and have it engraved on the slide :)

  • Mark

    What do I think a Russian Glock should be… Stamped frame w/ welded rails. Chambered only in 7.62×25. I’d buy that

    • Michael Wilson

      that would be freaking sweeet

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  • McCook

    I’d prefer Cyrillic script. “assembled in Russia” just doesn’t feel the same.

  • Gene

    In Mother Russia we make in Podbyrin 9.2mm. Da.

    • Rafael Paulino


  • Hanvald

    Good stuff. Great choice of manufacturer, but that should come as no surprise.
    @M Jarvis – wouldn’t mind that. though highly unlikely for several reasons.

  • Rich Guy

    Is the extractor on backwards in that pic?

    • ten7four

      It looks like it the claw is pointed out

    • Brent Gaskey

      That small square is Glock’s chambered round indicator. Is protrudes from the frame when a round is chambered.

  • Владимир Осенин (@osenin)

    These are made for LEO/KGB/military market only. The rest of us in Russia are stuck with rubber bullet handguns, mostly Makarov variants.
    Hopefully, we can change that soon.

    • Val

      So Russian civies are allowed to own firearms?

  • Maximiliano Laprovitera

    Hey, soon they’re going to start production in my country, Uruguay, in South America. It was on the news recently… Did you hear about that Glockphiles?

  • espjl66

    I bet they get the full auto glock 18 for civilians to since they can have anything they want as long as they got the money lucky bastards.

  • Tango

    We get US-made Glocks in Costa Rica as well.

  • Yaroslav

    Orsis (private russian firearms company) was license-producing glocks for sport shooters for two years now. Izhmash is cathching up, as always )

  • Mike-Mo

    The pictured weapon is only “ASSEMBLED IN RUSSIA”. It bears Austrian proof marks on the slide, frame, and barrel.

  • Colby

    Haha, the Cyrillic text you chose to represent the word “Love” in the picture phonetically translates into “Shit’n” when you apply the sounds actually assigned to those letters in Russian.

    Thanks, gave me a laugh this morning.

    • Colby

      Nevermind, I was wrong, the “I” as used doesn’t have a direct phonetic corollary from Cyrillic to English. Oh well, made me chuckle a little anyway.

      Thanks for all the great info MAC. I share your affinity for Russian made arms, and I always love it when you roll out some old soviet hardware for a review.