SAR B6P 9mm Pistol

I review a lot of expensive firearms and on several occasions you guys have asked me to evaluate more economically priced alternatives to the Sigs and HK’s of the world. It can be challenging to find an economically priced handgun that’s worthy of daily carry. Historically I’ve been of the opinion “you get what you pay for” when it comes to defensive firearms, but sometimes a product comes along that challenges your long held opinions. The SAR B6P 9mm Turkish made CZ75 knock-off may just be that handgun.

cz75 next to B6P

The B6P (bottom) is very similar to the CZ75 (top).

My quest for a reliable, well made handgun that was priced substantially less than a Glock or M&P (forget the Sig’s and HK’s) lead me to the EAA imported SAR B6P pistol. What drew my attention to the SAR B6P? The clear heritage it shared with the Czech made CZ75 is what flipped my interest switch. The resemblance to the CZ75 is more than skin deep, once you strip the two pistols down you can see the parts are nearly identical. You can’t swap the parts between them, as there are differences, but the similarities are too close to deny. In case you’re wondering, the SAR B6P will accept new production CZ75B/SP-01 magazines with dual locking cuts. Older CZ75 magazines with a single locking cut won’t work in the B6P.

The B6P is in essence an EAA Witness with a polymer frame, and the EAA Witness is also a clone of the CZ75. I’ve always had good luck with the EAA Witness line of handguns having owned them in 9mm, .45 and 10mm over the years. Since EAA was putting their name on it, I figured it was worth a shot.

Oh, and did I mention the price? $349 from my local gun shop and if you’re a good customer, they’ll come down a bit from that price. I see them online for $260 to $359. You have to admit, that’s pretty tempting.

The controls on the pistol should be familiar as everything is contemporarily located. The slide stop sits on the left side of the pistol and is not ambidextrous. Just behind the slide stop you’ll find the two position non-ambidextrous safety that’s very 1911’ish in feel and function. The safety can be applied with the hammer both at rest or when cocked and prevents the trigger from being pressed. It does have an internal firing pin safety that is only disengaged once the trigger is pulled, so it is safe for “cocked & locked” carry. The safety does not function as a hammer drop safety. The magazine release is the “American style” which means a button sits just behind the trigger on the left side of the pistol, and again it is not ambidextrous.

B6P accuracy

The B6P is capable of respectable 21ft accuracy with re-manufactured ammo.

My pistol came with a single 16 round magazine, however I see websites listing it with both 16 and 17 round magazines. The EAA website claims the pistol has a 16+1 capability. I’m stumped as to why my magazine is marked 15 rounds but I can stuff a very tight 16th round in there.

The frame on the B6P is made of polymer and features internal slide rails which is a feature copied directly from the CZ75. The grip has semi-aggressive texturing in small patches on the four corners of the grip with more mild texturing breaking it up. While the grip feels very much like a CZ75, I find the B6P’s grip to be slightly thinner and not as hand filling as its Czech counterpart. That’s not to say the B6P feels bad, because the exact opposite is true. The pistols feels very good in my hand.

My pistol tips the postal scale at 1lbs 12oz with an empty magazine inserted. The barrel is 4.5″ in length and is made of stainless steel. The OAL of the pistol is 8.2″ with a height of 5.6″ and a thickness of 1.25″. Again, it’s very similar in size and shape to the CZ75, so this is definitely a service sized handgun.

I picked my B6P up with eager optimism as I headed out to the range. I grabbed a few boxes of range ammo including some locally produced re-manufactured ammo with a reputation for low quality. Given the continued shortage of ammunition, beggars can’t be choosers. I also brought along a box of my preferred defensive ammo, Critical Duty from Hornady.

I loaded my first 16 round magazine and charged the pistol. The surface area of the slide that is serrated is very short, only 1/4″ in height, which makes it difficult to grip. This is due to the fact the slide rides inside of the frame which is opposite of most every other pistol made. It’s one of my gripes against the CZ75 which unfortunately carries over to the B6P.

Mozambique drills B6P

Doing two quick shots to the center of mass followed up by a single shot to the head (Mozambique drill) produced good results at 7 yards.

Recoil is expectedly light and muzzle rise was minimal. The double action pull is heavy and gritty, but does seem to lessen with use. The single action is a bit spongy but has a crisp release and of course a bit of over travel. The 3 dot sights are ok, not exceptional but not bad. The rear sight is conventionally dovetailed while the front sight is attached a bit differently. It’s dovetailed from the front and held in place by a single vertical roll pin which differs from CZ’s horizontal roll pin configuration. The front sight also appears to be shorter in length than front sights I’ve seen on EAA Witness pistols. I suspect aftermarket sights will be non-existent for the pistol unless EAA decides to offer something.

I was able to get respectable groups with the pistol from both 7 yards and 15 yards. The pistol clearly isn’t lacking in the accuracy department. I was even able to master the double action and ran a number of Mozambique drills (two quick shots to the chest with a 3rd shot to the head) with very good results. I like shooting this pistol, a lot. It’s not surprising as I love the CZ75 and its derivatives, and the B6P is in essence a poor mans CZ P-07, only better looking IMHO.

I had one malfunction with the pistol which I attribute to the low quality re-manufactured ammo I was using. I’ve had problems with this ammo in the past and it has a reputation locally for being problematic in a wide variety of pistols, it’s even choked my Glocks on occasion. Inspecting the malfunction lead me to believe it was an under powered load that short stroked the action of the pistol. With factory new ammo the gun runs flawlessly, including with good defensive ammo like Critical Duty.

B6P in Galco holster

The B6P fits comfortably into this Galco Combat Master holster for the CZ75B.

Field stripping the B6P is identical to the Cz75. First, drop the magazine out of the pistol and clear the chamber. Push the slide slightly to the rear, pull the slide stop pin out and push the slide forward off the frame. You do not need to pull the trigger to facilitate disassembly like on some striker fired pistols. Once the slide of separated from the frame, you can pull the guide rod, spring and barrel up and out of the slide. To reassemble you reverse the steps.


  • Very similar to the CZ75 in form and function
  • Overall quality is good, not outstanding, but good
  • Reliable with defensive ammo and most range ammo
  • Decent trigger
  • Accurate.
  • Magazines drop free
  • Can use modern double locking cut CZ75B/SP-01 magazines
  • Fits into some CZ75 holsters such as the Galco Combat Master leather holster
  • Very affordably priced


  • Trigger guard is rounded and lacks an rest for your non-shooting index finger (for those that like this feature)
  • Magazines fit flush which can make fast reloads challenging
  • No decocker
  • Excessive markings all over the polymer frame which look gaudy
  • Proprietary sights
  • Only available in 9mm (for you .40 and .45 fans)
  • Mine came with a single 16 round magazine, it would be nice to get at least two mags

Overall I’m very pleased with the quality and function of the B6P. The gun handles, feels and shoots like a $500+ pistol yet comes to market at around $300. A compact version of the pistol is available with a 3.8″ barrel and a 13 round magazine if you need something more concealable.

If you’re looking for an affordable 9mm carry gun I would highly recommend you look into the SAR B6P from EAA. I plan to abuse the B6P in future Military Arms Channel videos. I want to see just how well this handgun holds up to extended use and even how it fairs in water, mud and sand. I mean heck, why not tear it up a bit? I have less than $300 in the gun!


MAC is an avid shooter, former MCSF Marine, NRA member, Oath Keeper and is commissioned as a Colonel by the Governor of Kentucky. Known for his videos on the Military Arms Channel, he also writes for The Bang Switch, for Shotgun News (Be Ready!) and freelances for Guns & Ammo. MAC has been a life long shooter who has an interest in all things that go "bang" but gravitates towards military type firearms.

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  • Manny Perez

    That actually a clean good looking gun. I am glad to see companies offering good looking quality guns for those who may not be able to afford their more expensive counterparts. Gone are the days of having, “Saturday Night Specials,” as your only cheap option to firearms ownership.

  • Jay Son

    If you get a chance try the Zastava CZ999 “Sig” knockoff. It’s pretty well made. My buddie just bought one ( in .40) or around the 350 range, and I got to say I was quite impressed. It may not be as polished, and nice as a SIG, but it feels solid in the hand, and shoots pretty accurate. We shot it all day and had absolutely no problems!

    • Miško

      Zastava CZ99/CZ999/EZ is to SIG what HS/XD is to Glock… CZ99 is not a SIG knockoff, even though it looks more like a SIG it feels more like a Walther P88 (fat grip, ambi controls, trigger…)

  • Ron James

    Try a mag from a metal frame EAA Witness, or CZ75 SP-01 mags. And I think older CZ mags are a bit narrower. CZs rock, so I may have to try this one…

    • MAC

      Yup, my older CZ mags with a single locking cut don’t work. The newer CZ75B/SP-01 mags with dual locking cuts will work. I updated the post.

  • Ash

    so when’s the video coming up?

  • warhawke223

    I too have a CZ999 (aka EZ9/EZ40) it is currently being imported from CIA which is normally a deal killer right there but the grinder monkeys don’t mess with these. Over 1000 rounds and never a malf and mine is at least as accurate as I am. Fully ambidextrous controls including mag release and decocker/slide release and unlike the Sig the backstrap is metal (alloy) so your weapon won’t go down from a broken grip panel. J&G is listing them at $369.95 which is more than the $299 I paid from CDNN a couple years ago but still a good price and they have them in 9 and .40 andf the mags can be had from CDNN for $20 for the .40 or $25 for the 9mm (I am told you can convert Beretta 92 or 96 mags by simply adding the mag release hole as well). You really should check it out.

  • Steve

    Hey MAC, Can you post pictures from both sides of the firearm so that we can see the release, safety etc.?

  • Bryan

    I’d like to add that sights for these types off pistols are available through and a few other websites. I have a CZ Tactical Sport which has the same front sight dove tail. It came with all black sights & I wanted a fiber optic front. I believe it cost about $30-35 for the front sight alone and sets are available for less than $100 I think. These sights should work in the EAA guns. From what I remember CZ says they will fit Tanfoglio and EAA guns. I may be wrong but check it out if your interested.

  • John

    I also think putting people who like the Beretta 92FS should be guided to the Taurus PT92 if they’re looking to save a few hundred dollars. Made on old Beretta machines by staff that were originally trained by Beretta. The PT92 just has a few differences, the safety being the most prevalent, that I truly prefer after having had range time with both.

    • Josh

      I used the beretta during my time in the military and now currently own the taurus pt92 and I absolutely love it.

  • Bryan

    A word of caution that’s not mentioned clearly here: EAA imports at least 2 polymer variants, this one and the Tanfoglio. My wife recently bought the Tanfolgio and we are pleased with it, except for one issue. They use a unique magazine that is not the same as other polymer Witness models of theirs. Or CZ for that matter. If you do get one, and I would not let this dissuade you, just be careful when it comes to magazines. Check them carefully and if you can, check for fit first.

    • Gary

      Yep. I have the Tangoglio Force 99 which is similar and it has a decocker. I paid $325. Awesome gun. It’s a ploy framed CZ75BD.

  • Rusty

    Hope you can squeeze in time for a SAR K2-45 soon!

  • Jason Burrell

    A couple months ago, someone listed a B6P on a local FB “trading” page for $450, used. I thought that was too much $.

  • Bill

    Consider a review of the Stoeger Cougar, for ~$400 these days, you couldn’t ask for a higher quality gun.

    • GearHeadPatriot

      +1. I own a Stoeger Cougar 8040 and have thousands of rounds through it without a single failure…ever. Great gun.

  • Farman

    I got mine about 2 years ago and i put around 500 rounds of brass cased +p mp 5 ammo it the gun works flawlessly.But one thing which i noticed the gun has light primer strike which might not work with hard primed ammo like tulla,wolf steel case.I have several FTF with Wolf ammo.

    • don

      i take it you don;t read or you pay no attention to what they say-manuals-

  • DAvid Church

    Haven’t been able to find much info on the 13 round 3.8″ barrel version. Any thoughts?

    • Victoria

      I have the 3.8 compact SARB6P….love it. Fits my hands like a natural extension….easy handling. Accurate. Confident shooting…. Still big enough, but nicer to tuck IWB for snug conceal carry

      • Brennett Rodseth

        What Holster do you use for IWB?!?

        • Gil Cordova


    • Papabear749

      Have both versions and love both of them.

  • Ray lopez

    Just picked one up at blythes yesterday on sale for $321 OTD. The case says 17+1 and I was able to stuff 17 rds in the mag. It was hard to put the rounds in the first time I tried even on the 3rd or 4th round, I got the loader for my xdm and that helped a lot. Can’t wait to shoot it.

  • Bradley Smith

    I can’t speak to the quality of this pistol, since I’ve never used one. But I have owned two SAR Arms shotguns. Both were awesome to look at, but they were extremely cheap and (I believe) unsafe. The semi-auto SARSASP shotgun never, ever properly ejected a spent shell. The pump action version (SARPASP) had feeding issues that made the gun virtually worthless. They were overpriced and poorly built, in my opinion. Having used a CZ75B a few times, I would find it hard to believe that the B6P would compare favorably.

    • don ellsworth

      well don’t buy no more shotguns–my sars pistol shoots good an i’d trust my life with it–nuf said

  • Kyle

    I have put 800 rounds through my SAR B6P with only one jam. (almost for sure the ammo’s fault) I love the feel and quality of the gun. My brother has the same firearm, and has put about 500 rounds through his with 100% satisfaction as well. I really do love a great gun at a great price.

  • William Elliott

    I used to have a Witness P in .45 which looks very similar to that. Only reason I sold it was to fund something else [well, and it WAS the Ex Wife’s gun…long story].
    I just picked up a full sized metal framed Tristar T120 [which resembles a Jericho 941 with a frame mounted safety instead of the slide mounted Decocker] for under $400 shipped. I have high hopes that it will work out like the SAR did for you, if not better. Have to see if the mags actually hold 17+1 as listed.
    Thanks for the review. I have a friend whos hands are a bit small for a single stack 1911 but finds the CZ75/EAA Witness frame just right. Nice to see the SAR B6P might be another good option for her [in a full sized combat pistol instead of a hold out]

  • twr

    So this article is about 3 months old… anything new to report about this pistol? I love obscure foreign weapons and this article really peaked my interest in this one.

    • Duane Waller

      Hey guys i,ve been carrying and shooting the 3.8″ SAR B6p for about a year now. It’s a great gun. I regularly shoot small objects like Starbucks coffee cups, empty ammo boxes, and spent shotgun shells from 20 yards with great success. I’m working out to 25 yards. I use good quality reman amd tested my favorite defense ammo which is Hornady Critical Duty thru it a few times in that year with zero malfs. I tried American Eagle once and the gun didn’t like it. I’m buying the fulsized version next. If you send me your email address ill send pics of my stippling job which looks great and feels like you got a horny toad in your hand.

  • Will Foote

    Bought a SAR B6P today, used for $300, thought it was a good price. Love the feel and weight. Slide is a little short for me, a little more difficult to pull than my S&W S&P 9mm, but I still like it and cant wait to shoot it. If anyone has instructions to field strip, please email me at Thanks

  • Will Foote

    EEA Corp’s website had a downloadable manual and it had the field strip instructions. Thanks all.

  • Steven

    I bought one of these a few months ago, like I really needed another gun, but the price was so good and the reviews so good, I just had to get one and check it out. I found one at for about $269 and wow, I am very happy with it. It is very accurate, function flawless, light weight, easy to field strip and very safe to carry loaded due to the positive firing pin block that only allows the firing pin to move when the trigger is fully depressed. I now use this as the carry gun that I leave in my truck. Since it is very reliable and cheap enough if won’t hurt so bad if it gets stolen out of my truck.

    • Travis Wolf

      anyone know if the +p ammo is safe to use in the sar b6 hawk? the manual says not to. i keep trying to research it but all i seem to find info on is every other model except mne

      • don

        do what the manual says—why question it?

    • don ellsworth

      it may be cheap priced but i would pich a fit if it got stolen . its accrate shoots anything what the hell more can one ask for?

  • Travis Wolf

    anyone know if the +p ammo is safe to use in the sar b6 hawk? the manual says not to. i keep trying to research it but all i seem to find is reviews on every other model except mne

    • MoHunter

      If it says not to use +p why even try? These warning have a reason.

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  • jimb1972

    I bought a B6P a little over a year ago, I liked it so much I bought another identical one. Both will outshoot much more expensive guns that I own.

  • MoHunter

    Just bought a SAR B6 all steel frame and ran a couple hundred rounds through it using ball, hollow-point and even semi-wadcutters…not even a hiccup. For $299. I am impressed.

  • Co14er

    Bought one from Buds for $265.00

    • don ellsworth

      i got one from cdnn for 249.99$–its a fine pistol made no mistake buying this one—light sa trigger

    • don ellsworth

      got mine for 249$ love it–shoots it all–shot some my s&w sigma rejects–an is accurate

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  • jay

    Being a long gunrifle owner all my life,I bought my SARB6P a few months ago, as my first handgun. The guy at the gun store was really impressed with it and recommended it. so far I am impressed. It fires very accurately. I have shot everything from Winchester to the cheap Federal ammo and not one hang up. Very nice handgun that stands up well against my brother in law’s S&W and Sig.

  • Griffy

    Absolutely love this pistol!

  • Mark Wallace

    Can’t go wrong here in the least. This is a ‘largely’ hidden gem in the world of small arms–those of us that have ‘pulled the trigger’ on this and now count it among our ‘inventory’ are indeed ‘savvy’ gun-aficionados’ to be sure.

  • Rachael

    I am trying to get a second clip. Any ideas?

    • jake

      Just get a cz 75b mag. For it. They work as long add you get the double locking one.

      • Rachael

        Thank you

    • Kmack

      I got mine from Tombstone tactical


    sarsilmaz makes great guns since 1880 so i’d say nothing beats the price and the quality. i have compact version and full version , never failed me as long as you lube it . it won’t fail you.!

  • Vakos

    I bought a compact for $249, so cheap I didn’t ask the wife, and got away with it. Have 1000 rounds through it without a hitch. Only problem is my friend wants it. He fired 20 rounds at 7 yards and only made two holes in the bullseye. one bullet in one hole, and 19 in the other.

  • Anthony

    Picking a SARS up Monday from my local gun shop have not decided if I will get the k2 or b6p

  • Patrick

    When are you going do up date review on this handgun??? Is there any plains on doing review handgun in youtube vidoe???

  • don

    it is accurate –surprised me—sa–3.5 lbs–amaizing

  • Bob Donegan

    I won one at a gun bash mine came with a 13 round mag where can I get more mags?

    • soup_and_Crackers

      check with tombstonetactical dot com……let me know if you have found them some where else….thx

  • clayton dillon

    Bought mine put at least 4k rounds through it. Gave it to a friend for his birth day. Now I need to buy a new one at least it’s resonably priced and light love the trigger and reliability.

  • dave

    Just took one of these in a trade, love it so far, I am a huge CZ75 fan and the lighter weight and ergos of this are excellent.

    One question is, I see that regular CZ75B mags do not work without modification. So what mags should I order for this gun that will work out of the box?

    Second, I see that this manual says to never use +P ammo? Is that accurate? Seems off for a heavy duty, full size CZ75 clone.


  • Juan Vegas

    I just bought one and like how it shoots, but would like to change the sights.
    Do you have any suggestion on an adjustable or night sights?

  • Doug Deleski

    Where can some one buy extra clips for the B6P

    • Jeff has them.

  • mbrown

    I have put 600 rounds of standard target ammo, not an issue, and love the gun. It is such a great gun but will get overlooked due to the price being so low. You can pay twice the price and not get such a solid handgun.
    My next gun will be a 1911 Range Officer, Springfield. this gun will still be my go to 9mm.
    Got rid of my 92 Berreta… this one better

  • Rebel Jamieson

    I bought one of these as I had been looking for a CZ clone of some sort for a long time, and I have been nothing but impressed with it. Eventually I would like to pick up a good Glock 17/19 for around the house and at the range, as my fiance refuses to carry, and even then I think I will carry the SAR over the Glock, because if something was to happen to it, it is far easier to replace. Plus it just feels great. Don’t much like the double action, but it will break in. Over all it feels like a good service-sized small arm, and will be my primary carry ’till it falls apart (if it ever does). 4.5 out of 5. I would give it 5 if it came with another mag.