Smith & Wesson Shield Recall?

It seems a recall might be brewing for the popular S&W Shield. Davidson’s Guns (Gallery of Guns) released an email today with the following message:

To All Smith & Wesson Customers: 

Smith & Wesson is in the process of announcing a Safety Alert relating to the lower trigger on M&P Shield pistols.  We should be in a position to provide you with more details as to the scope of the affected pistols in a few days.  In the meantime, please stop all sales and shipments of M&P Shield pistols pending further notice.  We appreciate your assistance in ensuring that the products we provide to customers meet our high standards for quality and safety.

I’ve contacted Davidson’s by phone and confirmed the authenticity of the email. 

As of right now no further details are available. If you have a Shield you may want to contact S&W Customer Support. If you’re carrying a Shield, you may was to temporarily transition to another carry gun until more information is available about the severity of the defect and what serial number ranges might be affected.

Update 8/23:

S&W has posted information on their website about the recall.  You can get more information on the issue at this link:


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  • Kris

    Damn, that sucks on such a popular and well-liked pistol. Hope no one got hurt and it’s an easy fix. I’d still like to see S&W add a Shield with no manual safety.

  • 33AD

    Thanks for passing this info on.

  • Josh B

    Damn it. I just got one for the wife. And I was planning on getting one for myself as an ankle carry.

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  • Connor

    You can always get a PPS, or XDS in 9mm, and fill the same niche. Those guns have no issues, and are comparably priced. I love my PPS.

    • Drmaudio

      Oops. Well, at least you are still good to go with the original in the niche, the PPS.

  • Garrett

    Just got off the phone with a rep from S&W. It isn’t necessarily a “recall”, but more like a “safety alert”. I myself have a Shield in 9mm, so I was a concerned owner when I called. The guy I talked to said S&W will be posting a video about how to check to see if your pistol has the issue or not. Apparently something is interfering with the trigger bar (he did not elaborate too much).

    That being said, he assured me that if your pistol is affected by the issue, you will have the option to have it taken to a certified S&W armorer/gunsmith and have the repair done that way, or you can ship it back to S&W directly.

    As far as what serial number range it effects, the rep told me it was any pistol manufactured before Aug 19th, 2013. I.E. pretty much all of them.

    • Drmaudio

      I too called them and got a bit more information:

      The issue is with the pivot pin that holds the lower half of the trigger. In a few guns the pin was either mis-installed or out-of-spec and can cause the trigger safety to stick. They believe the issue is limited to a handful of guns produced in the last month, but are asking all owners to inspect their triggers just to be sure. The inspection is incredibly simple and the Instructions are on their website.

  • David Clark

    There is nothing posted on under the safety recall link as of 20:45 GMT

  • Some1

    You can also read through this forum thread to see what S&W customer service has stated so far to members.

  • Bobby
  • Randy

    So it’s not really a big deal, it’s only the little safety lever in the middle of the trigger… Mine works just like it should.

  • Tony S-KY

    Thank you for sharing this, in an effort to insure your readers’ safety.

  • Josh B

    After looking into all of this, I personally don’t think its really an issue. The shield I have does have the issue. (The bottom half of the trigger doesn’t return forward when you release the the trigger) As long as you are handling the gun properly it shouldn’t be an issue. Apparently this issue just makes it not drop safe anymore. I’ll be getting it fixed since that is what a warranty is for, but it really isn’t anything that makes the gun inoperable.