Status Update: Supply of Guns and Ammo

On July 13th I decided to hit a local gun show that’s held several times during the summer months. I’ve avoided gun shows for the last couple of years mostly because few deals are to be found, you’ll typically find over priced goods and junk peddlers selling things like costume jewelry or beef jerky. But I’ve had an interest as of late in attending the occasional show to get a sense of how the market is recovering from the latest run on guns & ammo.

Ammo at gander mountain

Ammo lining the shelves of my local Gander Mountain store.

Three months ago you couldn’t find an AR15 or AK for less than $2k, assuming you could find one at all. Ammo wasn’t just scarce, it was completely absent from the tables at the gun shows. If you were lucky enough to find a case of ammo, you could expect to pay upwards of $1 a round for things like 9mm or .223.

This weekend I was pleasantly surprised to see that not only were guns everywhere, including AR’s and AK’s, but their prices were starting to return to normal. Over the course of the last several weeks I’ve noticed the shelves filling up at my local gun stores as well, both with firearms and with ammo.

While the prices on firearms have started to normalize, ammo continues to command premium prices. The larger chain stores like Wal-Mart, Gander Mountain, Bass Pro, etc. are starting to see their wholesale prices drop and many of these stores are passing that reduced cost along to the consumer — in many cases, but not all.

Rifles on the wall at Gander Mountain

Rifles covering the walls at Gander Mountain. Prices were starting to return to normal.

Today, July 14th, I visited my local Gander Mountain in Merrillville Indiana and was surprised to see the shelves stocked with both guns and ammo. Not only that, the prices of ammo were starting to come down. They even had a completely stocked shelf full of .22LR ammo. Throughout hte latest ammo crunch the little .22’s have been the most elusive to locate. I was able to pick up several boxes for $2.49 each and even got a box of 350 rounds for $19. That’s pre-craziness prices!  Woo-Whoo!

The .45 ACP was a bit high at $.64 a round. .40 S&W was $.48 a round and 9mm was around $.40 a round. Not great prices, but it was available and in ample supply. I was even able to run down 5.7×28 FNH ammo for $29 per 50 rounds. That’s about $8 more than it was 8 months ago, but it’s at least available and coming down in price.

Hopefully this trend will continue and by fall we’ll see things back to normal. I know one thing for sure, I will be stocking up like crazy once the prices on ammo normalize. You would think I would have learned my lesson in 2008 after Obama was elected and the first panic set in. That crunch lasted for the better part of a year. You couldn’t find a box of primers for reloading much less common handgun and rifle calibers.

I need to put away at least a years supply of practice ammo and never touch it… but I just can’t seem to resist the urge to shoot it when I have it.

How are things in your neck of the woods? Are you seeing guns and ammo appearing on the shelves? If so, how are the prices?


MAC is an avid shooter, former MCSF Marine, NRA member, Oath Keeper and is commissioned as a Colonel by the Governor of Kentucky. Known for his videos on the Military Arms Channel, he also writes for The Bang Switch, for Shotgun News (Be Ready!) and freelances for Guns & Ammo. MAC has been a life long shooter who has an interest in all things that go "bang" but gravitates towards military type firearms.

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  • Jake

    The only thing still obnoxiously high in my area( South, Central PA) is .22lr.

    • Garrett

      At least you can find ammo in PA. I live just north of you and I still have yet to find a round of .22LR, .45 ACP, 9mm, .223, and even .308. All I see on the shelves are empty ammo boxes trying to get the attention of people who bought all the ammo. I have 40 rounds left of 55gr .223 in my closet. At least there are some S&W M&P 15’s and Colt AR’s back on the shelves.

      • Jeffrey

        Garrett what type of ammo do you need ?

    • johnS

      most AR15 rilfes here in missouri are about 100.00 more than pre crazy prices but no 22lr to be found anywhere.

      • Kirk K.

        I know right its ridiculous.

    • Len

      DSG in Downingtown PA had bricks of 500 CCI 22 LR target on a Tuesday afternoon. 8 cents per round. Beats the “lucky” deals a few months ago at 20 cents or more. Lots of 12 ga 00 pd but at 1.00 per shell.

  • Mike

    Went to the CP show on Saurday, hadn’t been there in a couple years. Made a quick swing though and found what I was looking for, a M&P Shield in 9mm. My observations match yours, prices are coming back down.

  • Bryan

    Guns are everywhere and prices are about 15% higher at the most. Ammo on the other hand is impossible. I quit buying ammo a long time ago and started reloading. But you can’t reload
    .22 Lr. .22Lr is still non existent in any form here in Utah. At least in my experience.

    • Brandon

      Same here in Michigan. I’m starting to see other ammo, but I honestly haven’t even SEEN a box of. 22lr in months.

  • Steve B

    We have ammo here in AZ, it’s just ridiculously high! Freaking gougers!!

  • Stacy

    Here in N. Louisiana we seem to have a bigger problem of people buying up ammo before it hits the shelves and then selling it for nearly double on FB groups, etc. Between that and the ones that will not be caught with short supply next time buying up what’s left, it is still pretty slim pickings. BUT it is getting better!! The key for me is to remember the stores and individuals that did things the right way through this storm…they will be the only ones getting my business. Thanks MAC.

    • C.j. Singleton

      I live in central LA the academies are getting ammo in leesville our wal-mart gets cleaned out as soon as it comes in people are hoarding it or selling it on FB or Bookoo one of the employees from the local ripoff gun/pawn shops has been caught at wal-mart at 2 in the morning buying more than the 3 allowed boxes from a manager so she can gouge it at her shop.

  • Brad

    In southern Pennsylvania where I live handguns and rifles are back on the shelves and the prices are almost back to normal. Now ammo on the other hand is hard to find and still not close to the same price as before this madness. Forget trying to find any 22 lr.

  • Nerd Bane

    .22lr is also awol from idaho

  • Paul

    Guns such as ARs and AKs i’m seeing plenty of but ammo such as .22 .223 etc. is still scarce in Arizona :(

  • Matt

    As of 2 weeks ago, the local ammo store (no guns, just ammo and some shooting accessories) was still wiped out. No bulk ammo to speak of, and they wanted $23 for the cheapest 50 round box of 9mm they had. As of last week, the largest LGS in my area had some ammo, but the only thing I priced was .223 practice ammo (steel cased, 55gr Wolf type, but some other brand I had never heard of). They wanted $15 a box of 20, and had a 5 box limit. While guns are seemingly becoming easier to find in my area, ammo is still scarce and ridiculously priced.

  • FireMission

    Central GA, here. Plenty of guns on the shelves, I saw 10 ARs at Academy, even normal prices, $700-$1300 depending upon brand and accessories. Some ammo available, I actually saw some .556 for sale. But the only time 22LR is available is if you catch the stores when they get a shipment in. No 22LR on the shelves.

  • Michael Andrew Smith

    5.56/.223, 7.62×51/.308 7.62×39, 7.62x54R, .22LR 9mm, and .45 are all one box per customer at my Academy, and only available at the front counter, and prices just went up because they switched to a different supplier for the rebranded 7.62×39. Oddly enough, 5.45×39 is still on the shelf and doesn’t have a limit. Wal-Mart doesn’t have a limit, but they also never have anything in stock. All the local shops may have stock, but they charge WAY too much to even warrant stepping inside.

  • kurtandrews

    In Saint Louis, I can still only get ammo for use on the range at my local gun dealer. On the Internet, if anything shows up that I’m interested in, it’s gone before I can order it. As far as weapons go, if I can find what I’m looking for, prices are about $80 higher (Glock 19 for example)

  • Randy McCord

    Guns and ammo are becoming more abundant in southeast illinois. 22lr is nearly impossible to find. The places that might occasionally have it have a 50 round limit per customer per day. Just picked up 100 rounds of 45acp for $53 out the door. Another shop near by is asking $72 for the same stuff.

  • AH

    Last time I was at Wal-Mart I saw four AR-15s. If I saw it right the cheapest AR was $647, and I think it was a DPMS. I saw on one site 500 bullets for $55 I think and I mean bullets for reloading.

  • Ryan

    I live in the same area (nw Indiana) so what you see is what I see…. It is nice to actually get ammo at the local gun stores when needed. Now the prices could be better but as you stated it’s a start.

  • Ren Driver

    I’ve found .22LR ammo hard to find lately, but in turn a benefit has been I’ve seen seeing .22LR firearms selling for below normal market prices, which I think is coming from the lack of ammo available making it difficult to push them.

  • Matthew Mahler

    I am on long Island and I was lucky to pick up some Remington slugs for 6USD for 5 rifled slugs. .223 is non existent and some of the online vendors will no longer ship here due to previsions of the SAFE ACT which do not go into effect until next April, I can def see border towns in PA that have big box sporting goods stores doing very good business as NY gun owners flock there to supply themselves

  • Brian Nadolny

    Mac my local gander mountain in toledo only had one type of .22 lr ammo that was 6.49 a box for 50 and had a limit to 2 boxes per customer as well as a limit to 3 boxes total for all other rifle ammo that include agragate ammo ei 1- .223 1 7.62×39 1- .308 and I saw that prices all tho better where still high keeping fingers crossed.

  • Rick

    Here in Jacksonville,FL if you can find it you are limited to only a couple boxes Walmart will only let you get 3 boxes max Academy Sports limits you to 1 box on popular calibers max of 3 it’s still a little scarce down here but prices aren’t horrible again when you can find it

  • Dean

    I have noticed a return of the ammo supply on the shelves of the locale Gander Mtn and Cabelas here in Michigan. Cabelas has had CCI mini mags 40 gr for $8.99 for a hundred limit one. I choice not to shop at Dicks sporting goods because of the company’s response after Sandy Hook. The price is a couple of dollars more than before the panic but if you want to shoot then you pay the price. But it does appear that the supply is returning and prices are coming down.

  • Chad

    Here in MD, Guns & mags are back, ammo is still pricy and limited. Hopefully in another few months that will sort itself out.

  • Matt

    Around the Knasa City area Cabelas and Bass Pro are seeing great stock, smaller gun shops are having some difficulty but MUCH better than before. Local shop had a 500 brick of CCI standard velocity 22LR for $40 and Colt 6920 with magpul furniture for $1200.

  • Shooterist

    .308 match is still hard to find in Illinoisans I’ve noticed cabelas is starting to carry ammunition made by smaller companies

  • Snarky357

    My high-vol local store is stocked with .40 range ammo and .327 Federal Magnum JHP. Sparse rifle, some shotgun defense loads. They had a little 22 come in a couple weeks ago, but that was the first I had seem in a long time. Big pallet of .357 Blazer Brass 158 JHP too. Better than it was, but still bad. Plenty of Ruger, no Glock, decent supply of other brands but not like their usual.

  • Mark

    More important than ammo is gen3 PMags are back to $15/each

    • Lionel

      if you look online, you can find p-mage for as little as $11 a piece….West Fork Armory for one never Gouged.

  • JunkfoodZombie

    I’ve managed to find three boxes of .22LR since last December and I had to wait on line for over an hour to get that. There is NOTHING in east TN to speak of. Even .223 and 9mm are still really hard to find and really expensive. Finding com-bloc okay. Thank God I can still feed the Mosin and SKS.

  • Josh

    Here in SE Wisconsin, ammo is hard to find in genearl. My local Fleet Farm (or Farm & Fleet) has nothing but rifle and shotgun calibers. No 5.56 or .223 at all though. They also have nothing but the expensive hollowpoint rounds for .40. No 9mm or .45 to be found.

    My local Gander Mountain has been pretty much cleaned out as well, but they do seem to receive more ammo shipments on a regular basis than any other store. If you go in on a Wednesday morning, you might see 2-3 boxes of practice handgun ammo.

    I WAS, however, able to find 500 rounds of .40 for $200 at my local gun store a few weeks ago. Snapped that up as fast as I could. They also had a few handgun and AR rounds available.

  • Mark

    My local guys have had a good supply of guns for almost pre-panic prices for about a month and a half now. They’ve got just about the same supply of ammo as 8 months ago, but prices haven’t dropped at all. I’m in Southern California

  • milehisnk

    In CO, I live about a block from Gander Mountain…Guns are mostly available…you want a .45, you can choose from about 27 different 1911s and maybe a glock. 9mm and .40 handguns, AR’s, etc. are plentiful. They had a rack of 91/30 Mosin Nagants for $160…they used to be $89.99.
    As for ammo? Traditional hunting ammo (.243, .270, 30-06, .300WM, etc.), shotgun ammo (except 00 Buck) are very available. 7.62x54R is plentiful and cheap, so is .17HMR. .223, .308, .22LR are non-existent. And handguns? Well, if you’ve got a 10mm, .45LC or .410 handgun, you are in luck. Anything else, SOL.

  • Ray

    In Alabama you can get most things, if you’re willing to pay some pretty outrageous prices. There does seem to be some normalcy returning though. At a gunshow this weekend there were still lots of high prices, but if you patiently weeded through all of that there were some almost pre-panic prices on ammo.

  • hipointHipshooter

    fin feathrr fur in ohio is still gouging 70 cents a round for 5.56 and 50 dollars per glock mag and 50 cents a round for 9mm

  • TunnelRat

    9mm and 22LR are about the only items I still can’t get reliably. However I am forced to go further out to gun stores I typically don’t visit to find the ammo. Walmart gets in ammo maybe once every two weeks and it’s gone in a matter of hours.

    As for pricing I really can’t complain. Ammo is only 20% or so higher than it was, but I’m talking before the re-election too. Guns seem to be just about back to normal and are pretty available.

    The one difference I really notice is surplus rifles. They’re non-existent. I can swim in ARs if I want but an AK is unheard of. When I do find them they are WASR 10s and the people selling them want $800. I really want an AK but I won’t pay those prices.

    From your friends in New England.

  • Bryan

    Everything is high here in commiefornia, unfortunately.

  • Mistah Mike

    In Maine the box stores are still very light on handgun calibers if they even have any at all. One time I actually saw .45 and 7.62 on the shelf at a Walmart, but it was gone before I returned. Shotgun and hunting rounds are plentiful still, makes me want to move to 12 gauge and maybe a .270 or .243 cause that stuff seems to always be around.. LGS’s have plenty if you know where to go, we have a lot of places that are “hole in the wall” type places and they have always had ammo.

  • Mark Hudspeth

    Still having trouble finding primers & powder outside of big gun shows.

  • John

    Prices are coming down some here, but I usually find better prices online. I used to consider 1000 rounds “ample” supply. Not anymore. That was fine when I could re-stock as I used it, but when the supply can disappear overnight, I’ll want to have more on hand to tide me over in the next shortage. That and it’s a good hedge against inflation. I don’t see long term prices dropping that much.

  • charlie mcafee

    You should have told the story of GANDER MOUNTAIN! Being close to border they changed the store from GANDER MOUNTAIN to GANDER GUN!

  • Adam

    Southern NH

    Firearms are in good supply. Rifles and handguns alike. All calibers. Slightly high on some, but very reasonable, considering.
    Ammunition, other than 22LR, is plentiful. 9mm, 40, 45, .223, 5.56, 7.62 x39, which seem to be the one’s most effected, are higher, but have settled down. I recently purchased a used (in excellent shape) Para Ord 1911 GI Expert .45, stainless, for $500, and a 100 rd. box of ammo for $40.

  • Slovko

    About the same here in the Raleigh/Durham area of NC. Most places are back to fully stocked shelves of pistols and rifles. Although not quite as bad as it was a few months ago, target ammo in 9mm, .45, 40 and .22lr is still a bit hard to come by but can at least be had now with a little patience and persistence.

  • Dan

    South Jersey
    .22 ammo is still hard to find and when you do a brick of 500 will sell for $40-$80

  • Ben

    Sadly, we can no longer purchase AR-15’s, AK’s and Many Other Types of weapons of self-protection in the People’s Republic of New York thanks to the Unconstitutional laws rammed through by Emperor Cuomo. Alas, this is NO free State and I wish I had the ability to leave it for good.

  • Troy

    Ammo is still pretty much non existent around here.

  • Mr Zitro

    @ the Gander Mountain in Spring, TX, 9mm was gone, .22 was limited to 1 box/person & .45 was $27.99/box of 50.

  • Ken

    115 grain FMJ 9mm and .22LR ammunition is the hardest to find locally in Eastern Nebraska. Everything else seems to be available if your willing to look, Walmart seems to always be out of handgun calibers except .410 shotgun shells and 45 Long Colt. The bigger chain stores (Cabelas, Scheels, Bass Pro Shops, etc.) have a bigger inventory. Self defense ammunition is pretty abundant in most of the common calibers. Stock up on what you can when you can.

  • Michael

    Here on the coast of MS we can get .40, .45, 9mm, .223, & 7.62×39 about once a week if you are at Walmart when it comes in. I see the problem getting better here.

  • Tekilla

    The cheapest I have found 22lr is 3.99 for a box of 50. But most is selling for 5.99-12.99. .223 is selling for $700 for 1,000 rounds at my LGS.

  • Seth Nelson (@Delta7525)

    The cheap garbage reloaded plinking ammo up here in MT is $0.30 a round for 9mm, was $0.13 just last summer :’-(. Reloading equipment + materials are still nonexistent aside from black powder and some shotgun stuff.

  • bencoceramics

    I recently was able to purchase some 9mm from my local sporting goods store. The lowest price I paid was .32 cents per round for remanufactured FMJ’s. Most of the cases were speer and about 1/3 were nickel plated. I planned to shoot them in my hi-point carbine so I’m not too concerned as that thing will eat anything even close to tolerance including cheap and dirty Russian or otherwise steel case ammo.

    The highest price I paid was for a box of Speer Gold Dot 9mm+P 124Gr HP. At 24.99 per box of 20 I almost didn’t pull the trigger, but I’ve seen the ballistics tests and the round is impressive. I’ve wanted to have them in my carry gun for months and haven’t been able to even get them.

    The also had HPR which I came to find out is an all American made ammo. I was able to purchase a couple of boxes of this stuff, which looks like a very nice hollow point self defense round. Picked it up for 27.99 per box of 50.

    I also picked up some CCI .22 LR recently, but was only able to get my hands on 4 boxes and they were lead subsonics, not copper plated and not high velocity and I paid 6.99 per box of 100.

  • Michael

    I went to Gander Mountain, Sportsmans Warehouse, Bass Pro Shops, and a local gun store/range here in CO today in search of 9mm defensive ammo (my PPS doesn’t like what I carry with my G19). Of those 3 big box stores, I found a grand total of 3 boxes of 9mm … total. The local store had a few boxes of FMJ for ~$0.50/round and some +P+ ammo that I won’t put through my pistols, but that was it for 9mm. I did see some .223/5.56 for around $0.50/round too, but very small quantities. Sportsmans Warehouse had a grand total of 2 shelves (~4′ wide x 5″ tall) with pistol ammo on it total. They had some various rifle calibers in stock for hunting, but it was pretty scarce. Unfortunately, due to the new CO laws, people here are still panicking and buying up everything, so supplies are going to remain scarce for at least another couple of months.

  • Christopher

    Guns are looking good here, in Vegas. Prices are dropping and there are plenty of guns, but ammo prices are still quite high, and 9mm is harder to find than bigfoot!.

  • Strider

    Found 7.62 x 51 for $0.88 a round in 50 round boxes in Birmingham, AL (CBC branded FMJs). Gun store I bought from was well stocked and was selling in 500 and 1000 round quantities many of the popular calibers.

  • JT

    .22lr is non-existant here in Iowa but most other calibers are on hand. It’s still priced too high to shoot a whole lot … Give it another month or so and we should be looking good

  • Bosco Kim

    I am in Northern Kalifornication. I can get all ammo. Including .22lr. Prices have been dropping. My friends in San Jose telling there is a continued drought. Darn libs.

  • Illinois shooter

    Around the Chicagoland area, the prices of AK-47 variants are quite high. The cheapest ones I found are no less than 800 dollars and they are Romanian Wasr-10s. Smith and Wesson M&P AR-15s which were going for 600 before the shooting are now over a grand, and that’s the case of many ARs.

    As for ammunition, it is starting to come back into stock. Believe it or not, I never had a problem finding 7.62×39 even during all this craziness. Some gun stores had loads of it just sitting around, and because of that I decided to pick up another AK-47 just recently (and that too for a very good price I found online).

  • Chris H.

    Still seeing light inventories on ammo here but plenty of firearms around. .22lr scarce as well 9mm. .45 and .40 pretty common and haven’t .223 in a while. Stopped shopping at a couple local places when they started gouging on surplus ammo. Hope all is well Tim. BEST, Chris

  • Chris

    I was on vacation in New Hampshire for the 4th of July week and we hit a Walmart, so of course I had to browse the ammo/gun section in sporting goods… WOW, they have rifles there! I never seem to move to an area that has a Walmart with an FFL :( I didn’t catch the brand but they had a few AR-15’s in stock at $977, I’m suspecting Bushmaster or something similar. Was actually staring at the little Cricket .22 for a while for my kids…but I wanted to have a place to sleep/eat so I abstained… Ammo was pretty light. Locally in SE Pennsylvania our Walmarts are getting things in a bit more often but prices are still looking a little high to me on things like the .223/5.56 which is what I usually grab right now.

  • Greg

    Here in central Maine, I am seeing ammo more frequently at my local walmart at their regular pre craziness prices but a couple of my local shops either won’t sell you ammo unless you buy a gun, or they are still getting 2-3 times what you would have before last fall

  • D. Hide

    Same thing around my area more or less. .22lr still tough to come by, .223 and 7.62×39 are there at decent supply but at higher prices still. But yeah, I’m glad that at least it’s available!

  • john

    Ammo in Houston is still much demand. Shelves still mostly empty and big stores are still rationing the ammo. Sometime as bad as 1 box per customer per day. You can forget about 22lr and 5.7x28mm.

  • John

    The gun stores in South Central Alaska are starting to have plenty of AR’s and AK’s in stock, but ammo is still in short supply. Prices on the rifles are about normal, I’ve seen several AR’s for under $1000 but the AK’s still seem a little high in the $700-$800 range.

  • Scott

    After buying my first 9mm in Feb, finding 9mm around SE WI has been a challenge. At Gander in Brookfield, the first in line arrive around 6am every Weds, in the hope of ammo arriving when they open at 9am. After chasing to Gander a number of times only to come up short or limited to 1-2 boxes, someone in line clued me into a website called that alerts you as it becomes available. This site tracks in stock ammo of all types, including Gander and Cabela. In the last few weeks, more inventory has become available with prices coming down. Rather than chase all over to store after store, it was cheaper to just pay shipping. Lately I have picked up some via Cabela’s (5 box limit) and a few other sites for $.30-.35/round. Local gun shops were selling 9mm for $.50/ round. Prices are softening and the availability of guns has been pretty good.

  • Richard Turner

    Just remember which merchants took advantage and which were responsible about their stock and prices. There is a difference between wholesale prices being high and some of the price gouging that went on. I’m just glad the gunshops I frequent here in southeast south dakota were for the most part not giving in to the temptation to charge 100$+ for a 13$ pmag.

  • Jacen

    I plan to go to Valpo to Blythe’s there to shoot so, the cheaper ammo prices are, the better

  • V. Daranai

    We have (the same) couple of guys making rounds at our local Wal-Mart stores at every shipment delivery from 5-9 am every week. I don’t know how or when they know the shipments are in but they they seem to get there first every week (according to the sale person). It’s not illegal but I wish they would save some for people who accurately need and use the ammo. Gander Mt, is charging out the nose for whatever they have in, it’s not worth the drive there to look.

    • milehisnk

      I spoke with the manager of the sporting goods department at my local Wal-Mart and they told me exactly when they get their biggest shipments of ammunition. I just often don’t have time to get down there and buy up any. Ask the department at yours and they will tell you when the shipments are because frankly, they know the supply won’t last for more than a few minutes, and they don’t actually care who buys it. Some are more willing to tell people because they get sick of telling people “nope, sorry, we have to wait for our next shipment” meanwhile there’s someone coming in and dropping $200-400 a week on ammo.

  • True

    Things are still pretty bad here in Northern CA. A few items are beginning to trickle in. Some of the shops have black rifles but the prices are still way out of whack. Ammo is starting to appear on the shelves again but it too is still at crazy prices. Milsurp type ammo is nowhere to be found.

    I suspect our travails will continue as we still have ~45 different anti-2A bills circulating the Capitol.

  • Gort

    The DHS order of 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition ain’t not helping the shortage at the moment

    • John

      DHS didn’t order 1.6 billion rounds, they approved the purchase of up to 1.6 billion rounds. They aren’t actually buying that many at one time.

  • Mark T.

    In central MD, everything is still almost non-existent in most places, especially big retailers like Bass Pro and Dicks. There are a few small gun shops that I know of that have a semi-decent stock, and the prices are lower than most (about $.52/round for .45ACP, $.44/round for .40 S&W, and $.60/round for .223 Rem). A lot still have restrictions on the amount of ammo one can buy per day though. Guns are still hard to find but there numbers are growing. Unfortunately, this state was one of the states that passed its own law banning certain styles of firearms, so come Oct. 1st, no more ARs or AKs on the shelves.

  • Lake

    Shelves and walls are once again full with guns including AR’s however prices are still inflated. Ammo is generally more available but expensive; 22LR is non-existent. I think CTD has some for $040/rnd :-), I’m not touchin that.

  • Lake

    I meant to add location to my previous comment, the Southeast and gun stores include my LGS’s as well Gander Mtn and Academy.

  • Sam

    I work at the main gun shop in my town. Rifles are definitely coming back, we have plenty in stock now, our walls are starting to look “pre-stupid”. AKs, ARs, PMAGS everywhere! We’re starting to sell bulk 5.56 and 7.62×39 again in 500/1000 rd quantities! (and for not so stupid prices! definitely much cheaper than any of these “bulk ammo” sites) But the ammo is still very hard and expensive for us to get. we do have limits but they vary by caliber most of your popular pistol calibers have a 1 box limit, 9mm and .380 is limited to our customers buying our pistols in those caliber (we kind of want to sell you a gun you can actually use not a paper weight!) and range use only! 5.56/223 when not being bought in bulk has a 5 box limit, don’t ask me why, I just work there. we have bricks of 22 for kinda okay pricing, nothing too stupid. any other rifle caliber has no limit! woohoo!

    • Sam

      Oh I forgot. I’m reporting from georgia!

  • Robert Gershon

    In Northern California area and see some improvements with guns being stocked and some improvement with ammo as well.Prices still a bit high. Thank God I reload my .40 & .233. Have to hustle Powder & primers,but starting to see more on shelves. 22lr is still tough,but I go to my favorite indoor range and they let you buy several boxes if your shooting. So, I kinda stock up on 22lr that way. Just bought some .223 on line for .50 cents a round for training,since they don’t allow personal reloads.

  • Elly

    In Minnesota we are starting to see the .22lr’s back in stock…intermittently but we are seeing them. However, I have to admit that I live less than 10 miles from Federal Cartridge. And to find them in bulk, you need insider info.
    The employee’s at the various stores that sell ammo are very closed mouthed about letting you know when they get their shipments…to get my two measly boxes of 22lr, 50 rds per box, I had to bare some serious cleavage! BUT, now I have the info to be able to get more as needed! Yay! I am so close to finally being able to take my gun to a range!

  • Ryan

    In my neck of Texas, 9mm and .223 comes in fairly regularly but doesn’t last more than a day. Even with limits on how many boxes you can buy.

  • Luke

    Here in York county PA guns are starting to come back but the ammo is still hiding somewhere

  • Byron

    I still cannot find bulk .22lr ammo in my local Wally World, Academy, or anyplace else. My local store has 100 rnd boxes and 50 rnd boxes, and are ok on prices, but no where near as cheap as the pre-Gunpocalypse prices.
    Other calibers are coming back, and are close to the prices before the fear mongering. I hope by Christmas it’ll be back to normal.

  • Brent

    I’m in Southern Indiana.
    Like you I’m quite pleased that my local gun dealer actually has ammo and guns back in stock. I pay about $2.00 more for my AK ammo, and the price of .223 is about $4.00 more than it used to be. The guns, have dropped in price and he had an AR-15 for about $700.

  • Josh B

    Seems like your town and Charlotte are on the complete opposite end of the spectrum. I haven’t ever seen an actual gun shop here with reasonable prices on guns. In my experience, I have always gotten my guns for good deals at one of the gun shows that come through regulary. I’m still really having no luck finding ammo. Maybe I could be going on the wrong days and times, but I’m not having any luck. Its still depressing.

  • Dr. 1911

    Where I am in North-Central Indy the gun stores have a small supply of available ammo but the big chain-stores, Walmart, Meijer, etc. still only have miniscule amounts of ammo. I was lucky enough to pick up a box of Tulammo .223 for about $5 (20 rounds) but they only had one box. The closest gun store around here has a decent supply of ammo but they’re very expensive. Haven’t been to Gander Mountain yet but I’ll probably go there on my lunch hour today and check. My gun-store of choice (Bradis Guns, Indianapolis) I have yet to check but I’m hoping to get there and see their bulk ammo prices and what (if anything) they have yet. Will keep y’all posted! :)

  • Brian in MN

    “I know one thing for sure, I will be stocking up like crazy once the prices on ammo normalize. You would think I would have learned my lesson in 2008 after Obama was elected and the first panic set in. ”

    You’re not helping, MAC!

  • ghostwheel

    Guys, check out this Hawaii News: Can of pork and Beans thrown by angry mama wind up busting two home invaders last night!

    Get ammo AND pork & beans can!

  • Keith

    Nashville TN, lots of guns AR15, AK handguns and Glocks wich for a bit where hard to find and way over priced most ammo is back but .22 9mm 38spl 380 and 223 are still hard to find. Walmart has more guns then ever but no ammo at all. academy sports has the most ammo but your restricted to one box. Dunnims has added handguns and a tun of ARs but no ammo for handguns or 22 lr lots of 7.62×39 but 4 bucks overpriced and the local gun shops are stocked but over priced.

  • DeltaOneSix

    West Central GA, black guns slowing showing up on the shelves and staying there. Prices are coming down, although still a couple hundred dollars higher than before. Ammo wise, 22LR $50 a brick, if you can find it, 9mm and 380 rare still and only available if you purchase a gun to go with it. Seen some deals where if you buy a M&P 22lr you get an brick of 22lr for free. One way to sell a pistol. Reloading wise, powder and primers are scarce. Bullets are coming back, brass is still in demand. I’ll stock pile some new LC 223 brass when I can find it for the pre-rush prices. Luckily I keep an inventory of powder and primers for just such an occassion. Terrible when the reloading press has to stop for lack of components.

  • Vinny

    central NY is the same story 233 and 22 are impossible to find. nothing else really took a hit. I hope it comes back to stores soon!!!! fucking goverment…. I say no more.

    • scott will

      O ne
      B ig
      A $$
      M istake
      A merica

  • Ryan Songer

    gander mountain is advertising one day only special this saturday 19.99 for a bulk box of 525 Remington Golden Bullets.

  • Mark Wynn

    If you and everyone else “stocks up like crazy” and amasses a year’s supply … we’ll remain in this artificial shortage/high prices, bizarro situation.

  • gizzo

    Stop buying the typical gun and get what’s on the shelves like shotguns! That’s all I buy I’ve hoarded so many shotgun shells that I don’t have any place to store them. (just an urge you see, I’m a hoarder of ammo)

  • Aaron

    Here in MD I can still find a few cases of 7.62×39 Tulammo for $5.14 per box of 20. Its appearance in the local Wal-Mart is still erratic, but if I come in at the right time I’m able to snag up a few boxes.
    .223 and 5.56mm are coming back, too. The local Wal-Mart had a crate of 150 on sale for about $70.
    30-06 has always been available, despite its price going up during the panic.
    .22 is still hard to come by. Dick’s gets ammo shipments in on Tuesday and Thursday, but since I’m not 21 yet, I can’t buy there. A couple of weeks ago I snagged up 100 rounds of .22LR for about $8 at the local Wal-Mart. They had shipped in about 2,000 rounds and by the end of the day it was gone. I haven’t seen any yet.
    .45 is more available than other handgun rounds in my area.

  • scott will

    no reason to stock more than what you can carry on your person. Thats whats coming anyhow.