Tac-Con 3MR Trigger

Today I had the opportunity to shoot the Tac-Con 3MR trigger system. This drop in trigger pack for AR15 rifles enables a 3rd position on the selector lever. What does this 3rd position do? On a conventional select fire machine gun it would set the rifle to “rock and roll” and if you pulled the trigger back the gun would keep firing until the magazine was empty or you released the trigger.

tac-con 3mr

The Tac-Con 3MR trigger is a well made self contained drop in ready upgrade to your mil-spec AR15 lower.

That’s not what the 3MR does, but it’s almost as cool.

The 3MR allows the shooter to simulate full-auto fire by way of a very ingenious trigger modification that’s 100% BATF legal. How the trigger works is by using the bolt carriers rearward motion to push the trigger forward thus aiding in the reset. If you hold the trigger back, it fires a single shot. If you slightly release your finger, the trigger will move forward with your finger during recoil and shorten the next pull considerably. When you go to pull the trigger again you can do so very quickly and that’s how it simulates automatic fire.

It does take a little practice to master, however I was able to pick up a sample rifle and immediately knock out very quick 2 and 3 round bursts. If I had to guess the cyclic rate, I would way it was in the neighborhood of 500-600 rounds per minute (M60 speed). You can go faster or slower depending on your level of experience.

As a bonus, when the 3MR is set to the standard single shot mode it’s a very clean, almost match grade, trigger with a 4.5lbs crisp break.

I found the 3MR to be easier to master than a bump-fire stock when simulating fully automatic fire. Not only did I find it a little easier to master, but I also really like the seamless integration of the system into your rifle.

The first step to installing the 3MR is to remove the factory trigger components, but keep the two OEM trigger pins handy. The 3MR is in a self contained trigger pack that you simply sit into position and pin back into place with the OEM pins. If you’re familiar with AR’s you’ll be able to perform the conversion quickly and easily.

I did come home with my own copy of the $495 device that I will install in one of my AR15’s. I’ll play with it for a few weeks then shoot a MAC video of the trigger system in action.  What I can say so far is the system worked VERY well for me on the range today. I was able to fire 4 magazines through two different demo rifles and by the end of my time on the range I was running the guns at probably 700+ rounds per minute.

Here’s a company produced promotional video about the 3MR:


MAC is an avid shooter, former MCSF Marine, NRA member, Oath Keeper and is commissioned as a Colonel by the Governor of Kentucky. Known for his videos on the Military Arms Channel, he also writes for The Bang Switch, for Shotgun News (Be Ready!) and freelances for Guns & Ammo. MAC has been a life long shooter who has an interest in all things that go "bang" but gravitates towards military type firearms.

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  • Rob.G

    After seeing the video and reading your review, I can see why this new trigger is generating a lot of excitement in the AR world, but that price…

    • Jammy

      Rob 500 for that trigger is not where the expense is in one day we went through a 1000 rounds of ammo.

  • Marcus Shand

    I am guessing installation requires replacement of the safety selector as well?

    • John Deere

      That is what the little black piece is sitting next to it, the matching safety selector…

  • Dale Smith

    A Slidefire stock, a Recoil Rail with grip/bipod, with a Tac-Con trigger? Hmmmmmm

    • Boo Radley

      A Slidefire stock and a Tac-Con trigger would be pointless…

  • arms4allofus


  • Paul Heinrich

    I seriously want the trigger but I think they know what they have and are charging way more than they should for it. Kinda like an H&K or Sig. You can buy a whole new gun for that price!

  • BOB

    I want to like this, please tell me this is worthy of liking!

  • Tod

    Has it been a few weeks yet? ;)

  • Unseen

    the 500 buck tag is really hard to justify even if its a big ol’F-U to the BATF

  • smurf

    If they are really smart marketers and can do so without losing money, price it competitively with premium drop in trigger groups and they’ll own the market soon enough.

  • hairycarry

    500 bucks for simulated full auto fire, vs 18,000 for a real M-16? 500 bucks would be money well spent.

  • Ian Thorne

    Damn, I preordered over a month ago and am waiting for it to come . This review makes me really want it to show up already.

  • Jeff

    Really looking forward to your review.

  • Brad

    Looking forward to the review.

  • David

    i know they are having issues with people on some of the forums i visit ( M4C and AR15.com) there not responding to phone calls or emails so i hope they step it up because i could see myself buying one

    • Steve in Nc

      They are no responding to anyone. I tried for three weeks to get a response to questions, then emailed two more times telling them I was ready to drop a grand on two of the triggers. Nothing. Based on this it looks as if they might have an interesting product but their customer service is piss poor at best.

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  • cptRabbit

    that seems a lot like how my response trigger worked on my Tippmann A5. Love it

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  • Matthew Brennan

    Another high dollar accessory for the crowd with money to burn. In my experience with non crew served select fire weapons, the 3rd position is only good for ammo dumps at the end of a range when everyone wants to get back and go on libo. It was never used downrange in country.

  • Aka Aka

    I love this can’t wait to get my hands on one. I’ve tried a few of the bump fire stocks out there and TBH never found them enjoyable having a weapon jump around like that in my hands never inspired confidence.

  • Don

    I’m quite impressed and intrigued!

  • MandMTac

    $500 is a tough pill to swallow. I’ll reserve judgement when MAC follows up with a full review and if he suffers from major trigger finger fatigue.

  • José Pulido

    I think I’d have to try it first, but maybe it’d be more useful(though possibly less marketable) to have the rapid fire selection in the semiauto position, and the single shot/match pull in the auto position, since the latter is probably less urgent.

  • Ben Gordon

    To be honest, I think this is toeing the line a bit too much. Granted $500 is pretty steep.

  • LeftThumb

    If the normal mode of the trigger is as good and as durable as a Geissele, then you are essentially paying $300 for the bumpfire mode. Of course this logic only makes sense if you’re replacing a mil-spec trigger or installing new.

  • seattlite

    Please test with a 22LR conversion bolt and if you have one, please test with a 9mm AR

  • cDiggs

    Buying the trigger is only the first step. Then I have to buy 10X the ammo I’ve been buying. Don’t think I can afford that much fun…

  • Chad Baker

    Will they show the SCAR some love or is building an AR the only way to play?

  • Josh B

    I bet that thing will tire your ass out in a hurry. Too bad its outrageously expensive.

  • Guardian

    I emailed Tac-Con and found out the selector lever is proprietary, which is fine but I was hoping to use a BAD-A$$ M16 Lever. Also, the system uses the front of the BCG to help reset the trigger, so it should work with a slew of ARs including a Faxon ARAK upper.

    • thescientist10

      An M-16 selector is illegal.

      • Guardian

        It’s a grey area, just like people can have M16 bolts. But, I wouldn’t have too many M16 parts on the gun. Given that the Faxon upper doesn’t work with a registered DIAS, it would make a weak case for charging the user. Now if someone had a regular AR upper with an M16 bolt then that’s flirting with a line.

  • Mitton

    Looks cool, not $495 cool, but cool

  • Michael Gonzalez

    What’s with all the whining about the price? If $500 is to much, you can’t afford the ammo to own one of these.
    I’m really looking forward to the review and hope it works as advertised. I will be awaiting your review and holding out to see how it goes. If it works well, I’ll be ordering!

  • Mark Miller

    I’ve had my eye on this trigger since I found out about it a while ago. I’m looking forward to your video of it, MAC!

    • Steve

      Maybe he is looking for a beta max and some blank tapes to record the video. Could be a few more months.

  • Jumbo

    Is it work with .22lr conversion?

    • Military Arms Channel

      It should work fine.

      • Steve

        Where is this video review that was promised months ago?

        • Steve

          Apologies, found it.

  • Matthew Rose

    Horrible customer service from Tac-Con. I was a pre-order on the first day. I called and was told I would have it before Christmas. Every week after I have called and been promised the next week. The maker of these triggers is selling them in bulk to dealers and others and the people that ordered them directly from their website are being put on the backburner so they can move orders of 40 triggers at time to others. I have been put off and lied to from the maker of this trigger, Robert. I will be posting this up on every place that reviews this trigger. Customer service and being truthful to your customers is going to make or break this company. They have had excuses ranging from credit card processors, to being told that the triggers were built and boxed up but not labeled for shipping, now the last time I called I was told he was building my trigger right as we speak. The LIES continue. DO NOT buy this trigger from the company or the website unless you want to be treated poorly.

    • Ban Taccon now

      I was told the same lie by them. I notice the same problem as they sent them to other dealer. when I mention that, they denied it and stated that they do not care about me and I can cancel the order. They stated they have a lots of business and not care about me.

    • ajefferson

      I just had my local shop order one and they said they have them in two weeks so we will see. They actually ordered 5 and prepaid to ensure delivery, they were told if 5 were ordered then the order took priority. Smaller shops went through the same thing with guns all last year due to the gun control scare, smaller lower inventory shops take lower priority to the larger mass order stores, it the nature of big business. I will try to remember to update if I receive mine when they say. it might be a good idea to get a shop to order 5 the price is fixed at $495 they aren’t allowed to charge a penny more. They pre-sold the other 4 with in 2 days of the order, just a thought.

  • Lawrence

    I just received mine today via Fed Ex, two days earlier than expected, and it took no more than 2 min. to install, load a mag and throw lead down range. Absolutely amazing! I noticed a significant reduction in recoil, thus, easier to keep on target. Installed on a Sig Sauer 516, the hardest decision I have now is which gun to put the second one I ordered on.

    • Ban Taccon

      What was your order number.?less than 1000.

  • Steve in Nc

    So this does no require any special type of lower receiver for the “select” switch to work? Its a true drop in, self contained unit like a Timney? I’ve emailed the company three or four times trying to pre order but get zero response trying to order two of these nor answer the questions I had. Guess I will wait until the fad has died down and maybe their will get better at customer service.

    • Military Arms Channel

      It will drop into any mil-spec lower receiver. It comes with a new selector lever that has a detent provided for the third position.

  • Matthew

    I just ordered a trigger from there website (pre-order)on Feb-6 and gave them a call today. It was about 15 minutes before I received a call back from Robert. He was very friendly and took the time to give me a more in-depth understanding of the trigger system and what there goal was when they designed it. He also said they were developing triggers for the Scar (both 16 and 17), Ak-47, and the Tavor. I have nothing bad to say about the customer service, frankly I was impressed he took the time to talk with me for 20 minutes.

    • Jeff

      A call? I have
      not been able to find a number to reach these guys. You sure you’re not an
      employee posting favorable comments saving face? J I am one
      of the other thousand people desperate for information about a purchase made over a month ago. I would really appreciate and actually expect them to reply to one of the few emails i have sent. It’s a delicate balance between being a squeaky wheel and annoying.

  • goodine

    ok i bought one installed it, i must be something wrong because this trigger really dosn’t make my weapon fire faster, so tell me what i’m doing wrong


      It’s not as easy as it looks, it takes a lot of practice to get the timing down.

  • slick rick

    The trigger is the biggest pos on the market , It’s a gimmick that’s going to get you killed with its light primer strikes and failure to fire. If you ever get the trigger pull down to fire fast you cant hit anything your aiming at . Spend your money on a real trigger from Wilson combat !

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  • FatGunMan

    I wonder if you have had any problems with light primer strikes or decocking itself like I have seen on a couple of other reviews.

  • bob

    Well worth the coin……..

  • Jay

    I order on pre sale DEC 12 at 12:05am it arrive on JAN 23 and the only thing i can tell you it was money well spend ! I can empty 100 round magazine in less than 35 seconds with out having any problem at all ! It works fine

  • jammy

    Got mine today works good. I thought my gun jammed but I was out of bullets . only had 20 round mags with me. On my second mag I fired trough all of them. On my box it reads comes with ATF letter. It was not in my box nor instructions. Now I have to save up for bullets. One Happy mofo.

  • andyrew11

    can you install this in any ar lower? or do you have to get one compatible with the the auto-reset mode?

  • Ashley

    Anyone had trouble with the trigger working in 3rd mode??
    Could not even do 2-3 round burst…
    Any suggestions . Thanks

  • Thescientist10

    The price is a ripoff. They had something very similar back in the 1980’s but the FTC passed a law back then that outlawed it. Now they seem to be relaxing many of the laws, but the prices are out of control.

  • Thescientist10

    The ones they had back in the 1980’s were priced at about $50 if I remember correctly. Pretty cheap anyway.

  • James S.

    The Gisselle S3g is just as good if not better and half the price. Read the companies response to a bad review on the truth about guns.com. If the response if even close to being accurate they are pretty childish about their product and feel that nothing is better.

  • tg805

    I live in a lock down socialist state will we be able to use it in Ca.

  • Steve Snyder

    Save your money. Trigger is a big waist!

  • Artis Isaac

    I order my first Tac-con 3MR trigger from (http://www.redbarnarmory.com/Tac-Con-3MR-Trigger-System-p/tac3mr.htm) I received it within 3 – 4 days. No shipping charges. At first I was concerned about removing the old and installing the new. I went to YOUTUBE and downloaded (Tac Con 3MR Trigger Install and First Rounds Down Range.mp4). The video is done by a guy with no experience in removing and installing AR triggers. I followed the video step by step. It is so easy that I ordered 2 more 3MRs from redbarnarmory. They arrive in the same short time frame. Now I can install the 3MR trigger in 15 minutes or less. My gun store wanted $200 for the install. You can do it yourself.

  • ConstanceUnderfoot

    I’m going to bet a lot of the problems listed below are due to differences in both carrier weight, buffer weights and springs used, which would all change the force applied to the reset trigger since it’s relying on the force of the carrier to do so.

    That is, a heavy carrier, or buffer intended to slow cyclic rate and soften recoil may soften the reset making bumping harder.

  • Wave

    Needs to come down to about $200-300 then I’ll bite. My budget for range toys stop around that mark.