Thanks for the overthrow, now turn them in

Let’s say you were a newly formed government… let us further suppose that not only did you border a large country that resented your independence but was also currently occupying part of your country… what would be on your top “to do” list? If you answered: “Confiscate firearms from the citizens who helped put you […]

Confiscation Becoming a Reality

Anti-gunners are always pushing for registration of firearms and their owners for a reason, it sets the stage for future confiscations, although they vehemently deny this. They would have us believe their registration schemes are for public safety, although it’s never been shown that registration has reduced crime in countries in which it has been […]

Katrina “Gun Confiscation” – My Experience

Submitted by Brannon LeBouef Executive Summary: Yes, some guns were confiscated in New Orleans, LA (NOLA) following hurricane Katrina, but it was nowhere near as widespread as some would have you believe. They were isolated incidents and the majority of those were done by out of town LEO and MIL. What you are about to […]