White House responds to Gun Free Zone petition

ss3Shortly after the tragedy in Newton, CT last December a petition was started on Whitehouse.gov calling for a “Gun Free Zone” around the President and vice President.  Not just the typical run of the mill gun free zone but a completely gun free zone that would also prevent their security, including the Secret Service, from carrying firearms as well.

After all, if a gun free zone is good enough for our children, it should be good enough for our President…. right?

Not quite.  Apparently the White House feels that the lives of elected officials are more important the lives of children and while guns are necessary to protect one class of people, they can only kill our children.
Obviously I’m paraphrasing but the mantra speaks for itself in the official White House response.

“We live in a world where our elected leaders and representatives are subject to serious, persistent, and credible threats on a daily basis. Even those who are mere candidates in a national election become symbols of our country, which makes them potential targets for those seeking to do harm to the United States and its interests.”

So apparently guns can prevent an active shooter from succeeding and killing a politician but they won’t save our children from the very same would be murderer.  I say our children because theirs are protected by armed federal agents around the clock.  Even while at ‘gun free’ schools.

President Obama

Give up my bodyguards? I don’t think so.

The lack of logic from the anti self-defense crowd is astounding, but at this point it shouldn’t be surprising.  While I seriously doubt anyone thought this petition would result in a “gun free zone” it does allow us yet another peek behind the crazy curtain of the anti-gunner.


As an Oath Keeper Joe is known for his staunch, unwavering defense of Liberty and the Constitution. His background in medicine, from the streets as a FF/EMT to a level 1 trauma team, bring a unique perspective to TBS team. As a life long firearms enthusiast you may also recognize him from his work with MAC and as founder of 13C Gun Reviews.

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  • dsngatlin

    Makes all the sense in the world. I have no idea why you would think that the nations kids would be more important than ONE man. Of course I am being sarcastic. Never ceases to amaze me how contradicting they are.

  • Drmaudio

    Joe, they are not anti-gun, they are just against civilian ownership of guns. In other words, they don’t want to get rid of guns, they just want to get rid of OUR guns. See, if they are the only ones with guns, it makes it a lot easier to save us from our dangerous liberty.

    • wes

      ^^ This. Well put.

    • Timotheus

      Very true! They have an agenda, and as know, that is of a government in total control of the people. Democracy, historically and on paper, is always a short-lived and slippery slope from a republic to an oligarchy.

    • Philipp

      Well spoken!!! Couldn’t describe it any better!!!

  • Josh B

    Oh how not surprising at all. We actually live in a world where the real faces of the country, the ones that wake up everyday, go to work to make an honest living producing the goods and services that actually make it possible for this country to run and remain at the top of the world, are under constant threat from the elitist scumbags that think their lives are more important than everyone else’s. That’s the real threat.

    Politicians aren’t the symbols of my country. They are the symbols of arrogance, incompetence and ineptitude. I wish these people would get their heads out of their asses and start to even remotely care.

  • https://www.facebook.com/tdeschane1 Thor De Schane

    Because only politicians and celebrities are the victims of violent acts.

  • Isaac Johnson

    The responses to these petitions have really been pissing me off. They don’t allow for any kind of dialogue, it’s just ‘you’re wrong and we’re right so get over it’. Elitist pricks.

  • http://gravatar.com/kperryman777 Kevin

    The real bad guys haven’t been using guns for quite a while now. I think the lastest is ball bearing filled pressure cookers.

  • Reese

    Ill be the first one to cast a stone at Obama for being the most moronically radical president to hold office but this is and apples to oranges comparison. As my wife is a 6th grade English teacher you better believe I think that she should be able to carry her licensed concelaed carry firearm. But she’s trained and knows how to shoot and scoot and whether to barricade vs egress from an active shooter situation. Most teachers would have no training so comparing them to secret service is a stretch at best.

    • Ryan

      I wouldn’t put Obama anywhere near the top. He’s a lightweight compared to guys like Andrew Jackson, who actively engaged in genocide and ignored the Supreme Court, daring them to enforce their rulings. Not to mention his moral get-out-of-jail-free card, manifest destiny, or his love of solving arguments by killing others in duels.
      Your point of training is sound logic, and I don’t think anyone would disagree training is essential. However, the argument is for the right even to carry at all, much less getting training.

  • codifier

    I understand the need for increased security for figureheads, politicians, and their children. Hostile interests will target them before anyone else to make a statement. However that does not mean their lives or their children’s lives are more important than any of our own. I can appreciate the need for *increased* security due to the higher relative threat and the amount of resources used to create those threats, but that is no excuse for us to not be able to protect ours and our families’ or that they are somehow immune to being victims of violence.

    Gun grabbing Politicians and their allies engage in the doublethink of civilians should have no means of defending themselves except in very special circumstances under arbitrarily dictated means while the amount of protection the elite receives can never be too high. It is times like this that the sham of equality is ripped off to expose the naked hypocrisy that the ‘haves’ are entitled to have their lives protected, but the ‘have nots’ should pray police show up before they are victimized.

    This response from the White House has in a round-about way admitted that “gun-free” zones are not effective.

  • Jacen

    Realistically, we shouldn’t be trying to convince one man to go against his platform and his beliefs but to convince the audience, the people. The leaders of the anti gun and anti- self defense groups aren’t who we should win the argument over, but the people who follow them. The more anti gun supporters we get on our side invalidates the anti gun lobbies because they need support from the dumb masses

  • http://none Mary Tobey

    OK Reese, so we teach them.! How hard can that be? To teach someone who teaches for a living.!

  • http://gravatar.com/joeldt1 joeldt1

    But thats the whole point of the gun free zone! The president by their ideas of the gun free zone. No one would be allowed a gun near the President, so because no one is allowed to have one. The President will never come to any harm! Its GENIUS!… If its applied to civilians , then it should be applied to leaders. Otherwise do away with it!

  • Samuel Suggs

    Uh, where did the article about the .300 win magnum AR go I hadnt finished reading that what happended

    • Samuel Suggs

      No, seriously what happened

      • Ryan

        Seconded, what happened MAC?

        • Max

          Yeah, I was wondering where that was, I thought for a second that it wasn’t on here and I was mistaken to look for it. Give it back, Tim!

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  • Max

    “You’re expendable. We aren’t.” Is pretty much what they’re saying. I for one wholly disagree.