Wolf Gold .223

I’ve been shooting Wolf .223 for pretty close to a decade. I’ve used it in every rifle I own that chambers the hotrod .22 caliber cartridge ranging from AR15’s to ACR’s and it has performed admirably. Some have expressed concern that the bi-metal bullets used in traditional Wolf .223 would increase wear on their barrel, and obviously it can increase wear to some degree as LuckyGunner confirmed with their in-depth testing. However, I’ve fired well over 50,000 rounds of the stuff in my life and I’ve yet to wear a barrel out with the Russian steel cased, bi-metal Wolf ammo of old.

Wolf Gold .223

The crimp on the case neck and primer pocket are visible in this image. Note the sealant used around the primer pocket. Click to enlarge.

Why do I say “of old”? Because there’s a new Wolf .223 in town called “Wolf Gold”. The Gold product line features boxer primed, brass cased, lead core bullets with copper jackets and it’s loaded a little hotter than the Russian steel cased stuff. Not only that, but the primers and bullets are sealed making this ammo great for long term storage or for use in hostile environments. It’s sourced from a manufacturer in Taiwan and seems to be of very good quality.

Firing the Gold .223 over the Chronograph produced impressive results. At 39 degrees outside and an elevation of 800ft above sea level, the “.223″ produced 5.56mm velocities out of my H&K MR556A1’s truncated 16″ barrel. Not only is the 55gr bullet moving at 5.56mm velocities, it’s also producing 1.5″ groups at 100 yards (10 shots).

Impressive specs, right? Now check out the price. AGS Armament is selling this by the case for $359 shipped to your door if you use the discount code MILITARYARMS. Considering the most affordable .223 on the market until this point has been Wolf steel cased Polyformance at around $300 a case, this is a heck of a deal.

Here’s a full review of the new Wolf Gold .223:


MAC is an avid shooter, former MCSF Marine, NRA member, Oath Keeper and is commissioned as a Colonel by the Governor of Kentucky. Known for his videos on the Military Arms Channel, he also writes for The Bang Switch, for Shotgun News (Be Ready!) and freelances for Guns & Ammo. MAC has been a life long shooter who has an interest in all things that go "bang" but gravitates towards military type firearms.

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  • Derrin Derrick

    Great review and thanks for brokering the free shipping.
    I’m wondering how long the good folks at AGS will run the free shipping discount as I will likely need to wait until after the Christmas shopping is done to grab a case,
    Great video, and nice editing. Always informative and entertaining. Keep it up.

  • Fishes

    Looks like pretty good ammo. Any word on the consistency of the ammunition? How many rounds did you chrono and what’s the variation on the velocity?

    On the video side, the background wail in the new song is really annoying.

  • Matt Huhn

    What was the deviation or standard deviation of the velocities?

    • http://www.military-arms.com MAC

      Good question, 22fps.

  • msrco cruz

    Would you buy a 223 or a 556 ar? For your first rifle. I have the S&W MP15-22. Lots of fun. That will be for my son. Whats your input, maybe do a video about, ty Tim. Your bud from NJ MarcoD’Plumber

    • http://www.military-arms.com MAC

      Most AR’s today that are marked .223 can in fact handle 5.56mm ammo safely. However, not all of them can. For this reason, I would stick with a well known brand such as Colt, Daniels Defense or BCM for a rifle. The higher end rifles like those offer from Knights or Noveske are good to go too, just considerably more expensive.

  • http://gravatar.com/wadizzle Jeremy

    If you’re an Indiana resident, add ~$25 tax to that “to-your-door” price (total to $384.13). Still an okay deal and a great review on some ammo I’ve seen, expecting the same Wolf performance. I’ll give it a try after this review.

  • John Terrell

    Meh, my kids don’t need to go to college anyway…because ammo!

    Thanks MAC!


  • rawmade

    Best deal to your door by at least $40 per case for brass cased .223

  • Tom Bryant

    MAC, what’s up with YouTube saying you don’t allow play on iPads?

    • http://www.military-arms.com MAC

      I do, I watch my own vids on the iPad.

      • Tom Bryant

        I don’t know what it is then…..it sometimes pops up and says its not allowed.


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  • Kevin

    68 cases sold out in a day. Look out Obama, MAC is coming for your Gun Salesman of the Year title!

    • http://www.military-arms.com MAC

      From what they tell me, they sold 2 pallets in a few hours…

  • me baby

    Well that didn’t last long. OOS already.

  • Roland

    They’re sold out, are they getting more

    • http://www.military-arms.com MAC

      Yes they will get more shortly and the code will be good through Dec 31.

  • BT

    Would you say it could be comparable to the GECO .223 55gr FMJ? I see that both this and geco is around (not close) the same price range.

  • Chris K

    Back in stock. Same discount applied. I missed out last time. I got me a case this time!

  • OEFVet06

    By local gun shop has Wolf WPA steel cased for $8. That’s nuts. This promotion beats that and its brass cased. I sure miss the good ol’ days of dirt cheap Wolf ammo. Now it’s just less expensive.

  • William Burke

    Any word on whether Wolf is going to offer this in a 62-grain bullet? Bubba is partial to 62 grains….

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  • David

    This ammo rocks, I’m seriously debating picking up another case before the free shipping code runs out. Thanks for the heads up MAC!

  • Jeff

    How about bringing back this coupon code MAC?

  • Gabe1972

    Very informative. A new LGS carries this, although being in NY state, and with most chain stores being sold out of almost all .223, they sell it for almost $13 for a 20ct box. Terrible, but it’s convenient. I snatched up two boxes of Tulammo at Walmart when they had it, not knowing it used bi-metal bullets, and now I can’t give the stuff away. I won’t use bi-metal in my gun as I’m nervous about what it will do to the rifling. I read that article at LuckyGunner about the test, as well. It’s scary what bi-metal bullets can do to a barrel. Too bad, as the Tulammo is dirt cheap. It’s great that Wolf now has these. They shoot very nicely and accurately.

  • SGT Fish

    dude. you really need to shop around for better prices. ammunitionstore.com and SGammo regularly have it for sub 300 a case for wolf GOLD.

  • Guido FL

    This article was written Dec 2013 and appears Aug 01 2015 ?