That “Blue Code Of Silence”, That’s Not…

Over the last several years, there has been a huge surge in hatred and distrust directed at law enforcement.  That sentiment has recently culminated in protests across the country, and in recent months, a HUGE increase in unprovoked assaults on officers around the country.  One of the cries I often see repeated by those denigrating […]

The Middle East is On Fire

Last week marked the 10th International Holocaust Remembrance Day commemorated by the UN. It is also the 70th anniversary of the Auschwitz concentration camp liberation by the Soviet Union. Auschwitz was the biggest concentration camp operated by the Nazis during WWII in Southern Poland, which camp suffered the largest “death toll” of more than 1.2 […]

Constitutional Carry: Indiana may be next, if you support it.

State Representative Jim Lucas has been a supporter of the Right to Keep and Bear arms for some time and now he is leading the charge to make Indiana the Sixth state to have “Constitutional Carry”. What is Constitutional Carry? It involves repealing draconian gun laws that place undo burdens on law abiding citizens who […]

Je suis… désarmé

Last Wednesday, January 7th 2015 was only a week after the fresh and happy beginning of the new year celebration; however it might be a day that millions people will unfortunately remember for ever like we still all do for 9/11. I know, “Je suis désarmé” (I am unarmed) is a very poor title choice […]

Chicago Mayor’s son is robbed near armed guards sign and CPD detail.

Last week notorious anti-gun mayor Rahm Emanuel’s son was robbed near the mayor’s home.  I wasn’t going to do a story on it because, well, it is Chicago and that’s fairly common… it’s also a public figures son and I don’t usually turn that into fodder for my articles… that is until a few more […]